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Our Observatory Art Association commences its tale by showcasing and providing a platform to budding artists. This year, we discovered upon the outstanding creations of Korean artist Seung Yeon Jung during the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna's "Rundgang 2023" exhibit. We were not only struck by her artwork but also deeply impressed by her professionalism. We begin by presenting our inaugural artist feature to our audience and extend a warm welcome to Seung Yeon Jung!

Seung Yeon Jung

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seeing yeon jung, emerging artist and student of academy of Fine arts Vienna shows ceramics, paintings and performative arts at munchies art club magazine talents
Outer space | 26×50×40cm | modeling clay, resin, acrylic paint, markers | 2023 by Seung Yeon Jung

All Eyes on Seung Yeon Jung ! Fresh and worth to follow her!

Seung Yeon Jung is a Korean artist whose practice encompasses painting, performance, and installation work, with a focus on exploring themes such as identity and the ecology of interpersonal connections within communities.

After moving to Berlin in 2016, she began her artistic investigations, and later pursued studies at HBKsaar in Saarbrücken from 2018 to 2019, before continuing her studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna.

Inspired by the people and places that surround her, Seung Yeon Jung creates artworks that reflect the ever-changing ecology of the spaces and situations we inhabit and cohabit.

Her work also explores the impact of her experiences as a Korean foreigner living in Europe, both in the short term and in the long run, good and bad.

Through her art, Seung Yeon Jung finds a liberation from these struggles, allowing her to regain self-agency by reshaping and reconstructing her experiences on her own terms.

Her artworks are a reflection of this process, and offer viewers a unique perspective on the complexities of identity and connection within modern communities

If you're interested in Seung Yeon Jung's work, be sure to follow her on Instagram to discover more of her art practice and stay updated on her latest projects and exhibitions.

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