Felix Stöckle: Redefining Art with Tradition and Modern Insights

Discover the captivating world of Felix Stöckle, a promising artist whose work delves into the rich tapestry of cultural traditions, political commentary, and modern societal issues.

felix stöckle, artist, work horse and ceramics, promising art from Switzerland
Felix Stöckle: Chien ou Ours, 2022, Carved lime wood and painted blue, ceramic and rope, 160cm x 130cm x 30cm, HILTIBOLD, St.Gallen (CH) | Photo: Marianne Rinderknecht

Through his masterful use of diverse materials and his unique artistic voice, Stöckle invites us to explore a realm where tradition meets contemporary thought, urging a reevaluation of our cultural narratives.

In this deconstruction, the artist creates space for something new. For a poem? A love letter? They hang as framed pictures over a candyfloss-coloured chequered pattern. This type of pattern is also ambiguous: while it appears petty bourgeois on tablecloths or picnic blankets, a scarf with chequered tassels can also be an expression of resistance and rebellion , Quote from the Saaltext von Katrin Spery, PINK HAWK DOWN

Born in 1994 in Rotmonten St. Gallen, works and lifes in Biel/Bienne Switzerland, Felix Stöckle is rapidly emerging as a significant voice in contemporary art.

felix stöckle, exhibition view, kunsthalle ziegelhütte, with woodcarvings, great installations, ceramics and more
Felix Stöckle: F5 Le Tigre, 2021, Exhibition view Heimspiel 2021, Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte Appenzell (CH)
felix stöckle, exhibition view, war in contemporary art, mythological questions, and promising artworks
Felix Stöckle:F5 Le Tigre, 2021, Exhibition view Heimspiel 2021, (v.l) Beech wood panel carved and painted red, 220cm x 133cm x 2cm, Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte Appenzell (CH)
Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte, Switzerland, exhibition view
Felix Stöckle: F5 Le Tigre, 2021, Exhibition view Heimspiel 2021, (v.l) Beech wood panel carved and painted red, 220cm x 133cm x 2cm, Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte Appenzell (CH)
His work, characterized by a profound engagement with cultural traditions and the exploration of socio-political themes, bridges the gap between the past and present. 

felix stöckle, artist, profile and portfolio
Felix Stöckle: "I AM Felix ( Human! Not Tiger) From his Portfolio. Munchies Art Club loves this work and is part of Felix stöckles Portfolio

Stöckle's innovative approach to using materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, and textiles not only highlights his versatility but also emphasizes the thematic depth of his pieces.

Felix Stöckle has left an indelible mark on the art scene through his engaging solo and group exhibitions across Europe.

felix stöckle, exhibition, KunstZeug haus, Rapperswil, Switzerland
Felix Stöckle: Kunst(Zeug)haus, Rapperswil (CH) | Photo: Jerlyn Heinzen

His current showcase, BASSSSELISK at Kunst(Zeug)Haus in Rapperswil-Jona, spans from February to August 2024 and is a highlight of this year's art calendar.

Earlier in the year, his work was also on display in PINK HAWK DOWN / MISS DMZ at KRONE COURONNE.

felix stöckle, artworks, pink and carvings, modern art now
Felix Stöckle:Der grosse Tanz und ein Flusskrebs , 2024, Anodised and engraved aluminium, Krone/Couronne, Biel (CH) 55x75 cm | Photo: Jerlyn Heinzen
... the two anodised aluminium plates with a pink background seem to open up the horizon and lead us into a world full of symbolically charged motifs: here, day and night merge under a passionately burning heart. While the lobster on the carpet appears majestic, in real life the animal is often subjected to an agonising killing as a delicacy.

Holding the bird towards the sky, a kind of sacrificial offering is made and while individual rays of sunlight almost touch the ground, a helicopter flies dangerously close to it, like the myth of Icarus. There are certainly other or contradictory references to be found.

The artist is not interested in telling a particular story. Rather, through the anachronistic composition of the motifs, Stöckle creates a whole range of possible correlations that completely elude a tangible categorisation of good and evil.
-Katrin Sperry (Exerpt Text from Krone/Couronne Exhibition)
felix stöckle, coper works, installation view, wall pieces, ceramics
Felix Stöckle: Exhibition View -> Kunst(Zeug)haus, Rapperswil (CH) |

This exhibition demonstrated his keen ability to use art as a platform for global commentary. For more details on these exhibitions, you can visit Artviewer.


Felix Stöckle on Art Viewer

Beyond his exhibitions, Stickler's dedication to the arts extends to his roles in creating prints, lithographs, copper engravings, etchings, and woodcuts, realized in collaboration with Gravour Moutier and the printer & illustrator Simon Beuret, as well as at TURBO PRESS.

As a co-founder of the screen printing workshop Turbo Press and an active member of various art organizations in Biel/Bienne, he plays a crucial role in fostering the local art community.

Residency-2024 | TURBO PRESS

Project by Felix Stöckle -> Turboprops

Artistic Foundations and Philosophical Underpinnings

Felix Stöckle’s journey into art began with his studies in Fine Arts & Education at HSLU in Luzern and a foundational course in Polydesigner 3D in Zurich. 

This education introduced him to a range of craft techniques that now define his distinctive style. 

His artwork deeply explores themes of cultural identity and global influences, incorporating mythological elements and portrayals of both historical and contemporary figures.

Through his straightforward yet expressive imagery, Stöckle makes strong statements that resonate widely.

Themes and Motifs: A Closer Look

Central to Felix Stöckle's art are the recurring themes of tradition, customs, and rituals.

Felix Stückle built his own oven for his artist residencies in different locations: That was at the Sasso Residency in Tessin. Artist Residency Tuscany, Residency Balabiott Museum Tessin / La straordinaria

He intricately weaves elements from Celtic symbols to modern digital icons, creating a dialogue between historical artifacts and contemporary pop culture. 

His exhibitions often feature items like military paraphernalia intertwined with cartoon and emoji motifs, challenging viewers to reconsider their perceptions of cultural symbols.

felix stöckle, ceramic works, war machines, mythological and contemporary art
Felix Stöckle: Ceramic work -> bum swiss III
best of contemporary ceramics, Felix stöckle, plane , simple
Felix Stöckle -> Bum swiss I / PILATUS

Stöckle's works transcend simple visual appeal, embodying narratives that highlight the fragility of human relationships and the unstable nature of our world.

The diverse materials he uses not only add a tactile quality to his work but also serve a deeper metaphorical purpose. 

felix stöckle, presents, ceramics, exhibition view, basic and easy war related art
Installation View -> Felix Stöckle Exhibition View, Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte Appenzell, HEIM- SPIEL

For instance, his choice to construct weapons from fragile ceramics critiques their inherent violence, subtly transforming their symbolism and inviting viewers to reflect on the contrasts between material frailty and the concepts of power and destructiveness.e, his use of fragile ceramics to construct weapons critiques their inherent violence, transforming their symbolism.

Looking Ahead: Felix Stöckle's Impact on the Future of Art

Felix Stöckle's work is steadily shaping the future of art. His unique approach blends traditional and contemporary styles, attracting attention from art lovers and critics alike.

felix stöckle, ceramics work, white and with color, new contemporary ceramics
Felix Stöckle:Monsieur Triste, 2022, Keramik,ca. 40 x 35 cm, AURA Düsseldorf (DE) | Photo: Johannes Bend- zulla

By stirring emotions and sparking thought, Stöckle’s pieces invite us to see and think differently about the world around us. 

felix stöckle, war zippos, carvings, funny
Felix Stöckle: WAR ZIPPO, Ausstellungs An- sicht Lokal-Int, 2021 Photo by: Thalles Piaget

His art not only challenges our perceptions but also engages us in essential conversations about culture, identity, and the human condition.

felix stöckle, promising contemporary art from Switzerland, now on view at munchies art club magazine
Felix Stöckle:Exhibition view, 2023, Die grösste Enttäuschung im Leben ist das Leben, mit Pauline Stopp, AURA Düsseldorf (DE) | Photo: Johannes Bend- zulla

As he continues to innovate, Stöckle’s influence on the art world looks set to grow, marking him as a significant figure in shaping how art will evolve in the years to come.

Follow Felix Stöckle on Instagram for more artworks, projects and exhibitions or visit his Website.

Felix Stöckle

Felix Stöckle Website

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