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munchies art club
Founded 2020 by Dominique Foertig
AAAA Gallery presents Albin Bergström & Julia S. Goodman | Mz* Baltazar´s Laboratory presents Julia Frank

Art, chickens and shawarma in the 20th Viennese district

The weather beautiful and the time ripe to leave the comfort zone of our home and explore again this beautiful , exciting morphing city. We headed to the 20th Viennese district. We were early and only were able to visit 2 spaces, but these two were definitely worth our time. Read more about what we saw...
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Kunstverein Siegen present Eva Berendes & Alexandra Leykauf | Window shopping
Viewing Room
Iris Andraschek | Domino Exhibition
Viewing Room

Available Artworks | Domino Exhibition

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