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Founded 2020 by Dominique Foertig

The Munchies Art Club
presents a selection of curated and hand-picked contemporary up-coming and emerging artists, sharing events, exhibitions, art shows, and fairs from around the world, connecting globally and digitally.

Visit our online store and browse original and unique artworks from our artists.
If you can not find in our store works from the featured artist of your choice, you can contact us, and we will be happy to connect you.

Viewing Room | Munchies Art Club

“Till we have faces” | Gallery AAAA | Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod
Viewing Room
Munchies Art Club offers Online viewing rooms to visit exhibitions digitally. We present curated selections of international exhibitions and contemporary art shows from around the world. If you want to participate in our curated selection. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to review your proposition.

Featured Artists |
Munchies Art Club

The Munchies Art Club presents a wide range of international artists. From outsider artists, art
students to emerging and established contemporary artists. We support them with more reach
and visibility, generating more awareness.

We offer our viewers and followers a deeper insight into the artists, where they are coming from,
their work, inspiration, art practice, sharing their stories, and their work through us.
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art fair | Vienna 2021

Spark Art FAir Vienna Review | Munchies Art Club

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What is Munchies Art Club?

The Munchies Art Club is a global international art platform and online gallery dedicated to the young contemporary arts, artists, galleries, art fairs, and all others in the arts field. The Munchies Art Club presents emerging and established featured artists, top exhibitions, and selected shows in their online viewing rooms and art news sections.

Its founder Dominique Foertig and her curatorial and adviser team support new talents and established artists and feature them on their social media channels and their art platform, with a strong focus on Instagram.

The Munchies Team is open to working together with galleries and artists on exciting projects and can be contacted at any time to discuss options of support for any ideas or upcoming events.
Artpeople | Dimitros Antonitsis | Hydra Greek

School Project | Hydra island Greece

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presenting contemporary artists mark bradford, mike kelley, richard woods, erwin wurm, serge gainsbourg, danny palillo, thomas diotis, versaweiss, dimitris papaionannou and Euripides Laskaridis.

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latest spotlight artists

Explore our summer selection made up of great contemporary artists we discovered on Instagram and other social media channels.
These exceptional emerging and established talents deserve our support and yours!

Available Artworks | Domino Exhibition |
Raum mit Licht Gallery

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