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vienna art week, 2020 angela stief

Vienna Art Week | 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this year's Vienna Art week moved their program online. Talks, screenings, tours, panels and performances were digitally presented on their platform. Offering video tours of the events, galleries had virtual tours through their preamises and artists showed walk-throughs of their art studios, and performances were screened for the online viewers. The collaborators adapted to these difficult times perfectly ,and in the end they broadened their accessibility, offering for the first time in this form, a global participation of their event.
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Viewing Room
what is an online viewing room, art, gallery, exhibition, digital, description, answer

What is an online viewing Room?

Viewing Rooms have always existed. They have become hyped now since well known international art fairs and galleries are offering online viewing rooms and making enormous sales. It's a close up and private viewing of a certain artwork or a collection of artworks. A cyber viewing room offers all the information pertaining to the work and artist. Prices, related links, interviews, text, Dive into the Topic with Munchies Art Club we show you exhibitions and artworks from all around the world.
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Art Fair
frieze, art fair, online viewing room, digital, covid, alternative, exhibition, international artists, galleries, london, basel, hong kong, new york

Frieze Art Fair

The Frieze art fair that normally takes place in October in large white tents, has been cancelled due to Covid-19. Frieze decided to move the main part of their fair online. In their online viewing room you can virtually explore the highlights of the galleries and their artists on view as well as artist projects, performances and installations.

behind Artists, collectors and galleries

christine koenig, gallerie, vienna
Art Fair Both | Gallery

This year at Parallel we are showing our global audience one of the major galleries in Vienna: Christine König ant König2 by Robby Greif with two awesome artists: Marusa Sagadin and Thilo Jenssen . It was a blast ...

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parallel art fair, vienna, Nicole gnesa gallery, review
Gallery and her Artist
Parallel Vienna | Nicole Gnesa Gallery | Portrait |Philip Grözinger

We love art, I guess you can see that. There are days when we fall in love hard. This happened at this year's Parallel Art Fair. We entered the dark walled space of Nicole Gnesas' room. There hung the artworks of artist Philip Goezinger. It's such an incredible feeling to see artwork you want to have. You want to see it over and over again, you want to know who is behind it and take that beautiful large piece off the wall and run. I didn't. Instead I had the chance to meet the lovely Gallerist Nicole and have since connected virtually with the artist Philip Goezinger and feel very lucky to have done so. Enjoy!

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galleries in vienna, review
Gallery Tour | Vienna
7 Galleries in Vienna | Munchies Art club

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sometimes you forget just how impressive it is when you are going on with daily life. We always look forward to city walks combined with an artistic program. The gallery festival "curated by" is one of our favorites. We sit excitedly before maps of Vienna, drawing with red pencils the paths we will take, connecting the dots between the Galleries, planning to get lost on the way.

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