Kristin Romberg with Space is the Place

Artist on Reels

Introducing Kristin Romberg, a Norwegian visual artist with over two decades of experience since her debut in 2001. She cultivated her artistic skills through academic pursuits at the University of Sydney, Westerdal Advertising School, and Einar Granum Art School, consistently exhibiting her creations on a global scale. Recently, Kristin has embarked on a transformative journey into installation art, where her paintings hang in free-spirited, layered compositions. Her art radiates with a vibrant spectrum of colors, constructing an immersive space that invites viewers to embark on a journey of contemplation, curiosity, and escapism. Kristin Romberg's artistic expression serves as an open invitation to a realm where the boundaries between imagination and reality blur harmoniously. Her captivating creations beckon viewers to pause, breathe deeply, and immerse themselves in the evocative experiences she unfolds
September 28, 2023

Interdisciplinary Artist Karl Karner: Redefining Boundaries of Expression

Karl Karner | Sculpture and Installation

Karl Karner (b. 1973, Feldbach, Austria) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Feldbach, Austria. He studied under Professor Heimo Zobernig at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Karner's art spans visual arts, performance, and dance theatre. He explores bodily perception and corporeality, extending these themes to encompass objects, materiality, and space. His installations invite viewer participation, adding an interactive layer that underscores the irony in his work, challenging traditional notions of art and spectatorship.
September 28, 2023