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Discover How He Crafts "Neuroaesthetic Prescriptions" That Bridge Diverse Cultures And Eras, And How He Seamlessly Melds Symbolism With Contemporary Concepts To Probe The Depths Of Our Psychological Boundaries And Cultural Divisions.

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Duyi Han

In The Realm Of Art And Design, There Are Individuals Who Transcend Traditional Boundaries, Pushing The Boundaries Of Creativity And Aesthetics.

One Such Luminary Is Duyi Han, A Visionary Artist And Designer Born In 1994, Whose Work Stands As A Testament To The Boundless Possibilities Of Human Imagination.

With A Background In Architecture And A Wealth Of Experience Acquired At Renowned Firms Like Herzog & De Meuron In Switzerland, Duyi Han's Creative Journey Has Taken Him On A Remarkable Odyssey Through The Worlds Of Art, Design, And Culture.

three angst project by the designer duyi han , black trees with light , best of
Duyi Han presents Three Angst | Image by the Artist

Duyi Han, born in 1994, is an artist and designer with a profound focus on the exploration of aesthetics.

‍He holds a degree in architecture from Cornell University and gained valuable experience at Herzog & de Meuron in Switzerland.

‍Duyi Han's creative endeavors encompass both personal artistic expression and collaborative projects spanning Asia, Europe, and the US, often involving fellow creators.

vienna design week artist  duyi han infront of his object
Duyi Han infront of his work at Vienna Design Week Vienna 2022 | Image Courtesy by the artist

Since 2019, Duyi Han's work has garnered recognition from various multidisciplinary awards and media outlets in over 20 languages.

the most interesting designers of the year at munchies art club magazine

This acclaim includes prestigious honors like the Dezeen Award, Créateurs Design Award, AZ Award, Architizer A+ Award, and ADC Award, as well as features in renowned publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Vogue, CNN, Vice, and acknowledgment from the US National Academy of Sciences.


Notably, his installation "Ordinance of the Subconscious Treatment" was highlighted as one of the top 12 installations at Milan Design Week by Architectural Digest.

Duyi Han has also contributed to the fight against Covid-19 by selling prints of "The Saints Wear White" and donating the proceeds to the WHO.

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‍His work has graced exhibitions at prominent venues like the Sifang Art Museum in Nanjing, Milan Design Week at Alcova, the World Trade Center in New York, Venice Design Biennial, European Cultural Centre in Venice, Vienna Design Week, Lake Como Design Festival, and even within the metaverse.

sifang art museum with artist duyi han and his renaissance of design and art
Exhibition: 流光 Projection, Sifang Art Museum 四方当代美术馆, Nanjing 南京 Image Courtesy by the artist

Additionally, Duyi Han has served as a judge in international design competitions and as an advisor at leading art and design institutions.

Duyi Han's creative approach revolves around crafting a comprehensive aesthetic encounter, which he describes as "neuroaesthetic prescriptions."

Atelier Duyi Han
Atelier Duyi Han for Aesthetic Research

Duyi Han | official Website

He draws inspiration from diverse cultural sources across various eras, seamlessly blending symbols and ideas to probe themes such as psychological boundaries and cultural divisions.

Informed by Eastern philosophies like Taoism and contemporary pharmaceutical concepts, his approach takes on an abstract nature but materializes into distinct visual forms.

art and design today wiht duyi han at sifang museum best of
Duyi Han infront of his work for the Sifang Art Museum

Duyi Han effectively "projects" the human psyche and its values while "prescribing" specific visual elements to evoke emotions, both individual and collective.

art installation cardiac prayer, design by duy han atelier
Cardiac Prayer by designer and artist Duyi Han | Image Courtesy of the Artist

‍Operating on the boundary between art and design, Duyi Han's portfolio spans sculpture, furniture, scenography, and digital art.

His work transcends aesthetics, venturing into domains like mental health and contemporary belief systems.

In recent times, he has developed a keen interest in textile objects, viewing them as an underexplored facet of traditional East Asian architecture.

duy han´s artist and designer feature at munchies art club magazin e

They told me Chair by Duyi Han | Image Courtesy by the artist

atelier duyi han with his objekt and design project three angst
Three Angst by Duyi Han | Contemporary Art and Design | Image by Duyi Han

These textile objects hold immense potential, serving as conduits for cultural expression, emotional resonance, and the recording of societal values.

Duyi Han's research delves into art history, exploring the evolution of aesthetics and form and their intricate connections with human emotions, the spirit of the times, and the underlying mechanisms of the universe.

architectural digest with duyi han and his immersive residential project
Architectural Digest: Inside Duyi Han’s Totally Immersive Residential Project | Courtesy of the image : The artist

‍Duyi Han's remarkable presence and work have been showcased in a multitude of prestigious publications and platforms across more than 20 languages.

Notable mentions include Forbes, The New York Times, CNN, Vice, Architectural Digest, Vogue, and many others. In addition to media recognition, he has earned various awards and nominations, such as the Créateurs Design Award in 2023 for "Ordinance of the Subconscious Treatment."

Duyi Han's creative journey has also led to participation in significant exhibitions worldwide, from Sifang Art Museum in China to the European Cultural Centre in Venice.

His contributions to the realm of design and art are further highlighted in Ken Sander's book "Voices of Design Leadership" for 2022.


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