Unveiling New York's Artistic Pulse: Join Super Future Kid for an Exclusive Digital Studio Journey with Munchies Art Club "One Week in One Day"

Super Future Kid Takes Center Stage In Our Latest Series, "One Week In One Day." Join Us As The Artist Unveils An Unscripted, Inspiring Glimpse Into Her World—Revealing The Intricacies Of Her Work, Artistic Practice, Daily Routines, And The Captivating Journey Of Her Daily Artistic Exploration.

Super Future Kid

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Welcome To A Fresh And Exciting Series On Munchies Art Club Magazine, Where We Open The Doors To Artists' Lives In 'One Day In One Week'.

super future kid, promising emerging contemporary artist and painter on munchies art club magazine
Super Future Kid: Join us as Munchies Art Club extends a warm invitation to experience the world of this promising contemporary artist and painter through her exclusive digital studio visit, 'One Week in One Day'. | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Lets Start the Journey with Super Future Kid and One Week in one Day!

Kicking Off This Engaging Journey Is The Incredible Super Future Kid, Offering Us An Exclusive Glimpse Into Her Daily Routine, Studio, And Artistic Practices.

super future kid, emerging artist steffi homa in her studio in brooklyn for an exlusive feature
Super Future Kid: The young fresh Artist shares wonderful insights from her daily practice and colorful adventure | Brooklyn New York | Image Courtesy the Artist

Super Future Kid's recent exhibitions include "Boss Fight" in November 2023 at OTI- Over The Influence Gallery, Bangkok, and a captivating display at Art Jakarta with Baik Art Gallery.

Super Future Kid - Over the Influence
Contemporary Art Galleries & Artists LA, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Paris

Super Future Kid - Over the Influence Gallery

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for upcoming events: "Spiritual Light", a Group Show At Mindy Solomon Gallery  Miami opents at 3rd of Dezember!

Super Future Kid – Mindy Solomon Gallery

Super Future Kid - Mindy Solomon Gallery

A virtual group show featuring small works on paper starting on December 2nd,a charity auction for 'Art on a Postcard' curated by Vanessa Murrell in March 2024, and an eagerly awaited solo show with Gana Art In Seoul spring of 2024.


Super Future Kid, born in East Germany in 1981, spent her formative years in the wake of the Berlin Wall's fall, initially oblivious to the western world.

The profound cultural impact of this event left an indelible mark, shaping her affinity for vibrant colors and a playful aesthetic.

What are you waiting for? Make it now: The Artist Super Future Kid, shares in " One Week in one Day" with the Munchies Art Club a week in her life.

Her work, characterized by bold shapes and a vivid palette, delves into a spectrum of themes revolving around self-exploration and the human experience.

Through emotionally engaging platforms, Super Future Kid invites observers to discover alternate realities within themselves.‍

The “Human” Figure Is The Main Subject In My Work, And By Using The Figure As A Personal Avatar, I’m Exploring A Range Of Ideas That All Circulate Around Questioning Ones Identity And What It Means To Be Human. - Super Future Kid

Having pursued education at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Academy of Art Berlin Weissensee, Super Future Kid graduated in 2008.

Since then, she has showcased her work in numerous group and solo exhibitions globally, spanning cities such as London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Seoul, and Miami.


Super Future Kid, Who Goes By Steffi Among Friends, Begins Her Creative Journey On October 21 Where She Went Out To See A Group Show With Works By Some Of Her Friends At The Hole Gallery At The Bowery In Manhattan.

Who is Super Future Kid?

Super Future Kid is the artistic alias of an emerging contemporary artist known for vibrant, playful, and imaginative works.

Their identity might not be widely known outside of artistic circles, as many artists choose to maintain a level of anonymity or pseudonymity in their practice.

Super Future Kid's art often incorporates elements of pop culture, nostalgia, and surrealism, creating visually captivating pieces that resonate with viewers.

They have gained recognition in the contemporary art world for their unique style and innovative approach to painting and mixed media.

A swift passage through the dynamic neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens.

Delving into the artistic process the journey continued with the exploration of new ideas and compositions.

Drawing, both on paper and digitally, served as the initial strokes in the creation of potential masterpieces—an intricate dance of creativity taking shape.

super future kid visits the hole gallery new york and stand in the middle of an great installation artist Andy Dickson
Super Future Kid in front of Andy Dixons artworks and Installation at the Hole Gallery New York -> he made these ginormous shirts

Meticulous preparation came into focus. Colors, pre-mixed in small pots, stood ready for the day's artistic exploration.

A test strip below them served as a playful preview, a harmonious symphony of hues waiting to dance across the canvas.


On October 23 th, with new stretcher bars en route to the studio, the canvas took its place on the wall, patiently awaiting its transformation into a work of art.

The evening that same day showcased the mesmerizing Manhattan skyline during the enchanting sunset—a daily spectacle that never fails to captivate.

Venturing through the studio route on October 24th, the Queens section embraced Halloween decorations, while the Brooklyn counterpart remained mysteriously void of such adornments...

A tiny car found its parking haven, adding a dash of charm to the surroundings.

A new chapter unfolded with the completion of a vibrant painting.

The canvas, brimming with creative energy, was carefully wrapped, awaiting its moment to shine at the upcoming group show hosted by the Mindy Solomon Gallery in December.

Mindy Solomon Gallery on Instagram: “Portals, feminine energy, spirituality…all on view in “In Spiritual Light” @superfuturekid @sahanabanana @ornellapocetti @lanise_howard_studio #theworldisfemale #feminineenergy #spirituality #groupexhibition #contemporaryart #narrativeart #mindysolomongallery #allapattah”
192 likes, 3 comments - mindysolomongallery on December 26, 2023: “Portals, feminine energy, spirituality…all on view in “In Spiritual Light” @superfuturekid ...”

Messag from Mindy Solomon Gallery on Instagram

‍The journey is not over as fresh paintings take shape on canvas, the artists story continues.

Having gained a glimpse into the artist's life over the week, we now feel a better understanding and connection.

super future kid, contemporary emerging promising artist
Super Future Kid: Promising emerging Artist in New York with "One Week in one day" a digital Studio visit with Munchies Art Club Magazine | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Now we can envision the artists studio resonating with the anticipation of a fresh narrative. Surrounded by her drawings acting as captivating prologues to an enchanting stories, seamlessly brought to life on canvas. We are excited to follow this artistic journey, and we invite you to join in.

Culminating in the studio's heart, a finished painting on the right radiates a sense of accomplishment, while an unfinished piece on the left hints at the anticipation of completion.

In the midst of it all, a drawing for a third painting awaits its turn, forming a visual triptych that encapsulates the essence of her creative process.

super future kid, artist
Super Future Kid in her Studio with "One Week in one Day" Munchies Art Club digital Studio visit | Image Courtesy by the Artist


Kicking off the adventure, friends from Germany brought a touch of international flair, converging in a pizza-making extravaganza.

The aroma of creativity and camaraderie wafted through the air as the dough spun.

Transitioning seamlessly into October 27th, the day took a heartwarming turn with a visit to a friend's printing studio.

Amidst the whirr of printing machines, a furry bundle of joy named Soy stole the spotlight.

And on October 28th, the art journey continues as Steffi traversed the city to witness captivating shows, the mantra was simple: Walk, absorb, and revel in the artistic symphony surrounding every step.

Because in this universe, the journey is as enchanting as the destination, Andy Dixon's exhibition opening at The Hole.

The Hole on Instagram: “EXTENDED! Andy Dixon’s solo show 𝑱𝒐𝒚 will be on view till December 30th at 312 Bowery! We are open Wednesday- Saturday, from noon - 7pm this week & NEXT week for even more Joy. Closed Dec 24,25,26 #joy @andy.dxn #andydixon #thehole #🕳️”
theholenyc on December 19, 2023: “EXTENDED! Andy Dixon’s solo show 𝑱𝒐𝒚 will be on view till December 30th at 312 Bowery!...”

Super Future Kid visited The Hole Gallery with works by Andy Dixon

The spotlight, however, wasn't solely on his traditional paintings  but on his larger  than life shirts stealing the scene — proof that art extends beyond canvases into the realm of fashion.

Expressing a profound love for our four-legged companions, became a day of canine appreciation.

Steffi´s heart brimming with love for our furry friends.

new york tube during helloween, with a lot of costumes
28 October - just some princess, park ranger and pastry chef riding the subway together

Returning back home, Steffi, embarked on a subway escapade along with a princess, park ranger, and pastry chef.

Summing up the week is like capturing a burst of fun, a dash of canine affection, a sprinkle of oversized fashion, and the rhythmic cadence of art-filled strolls.

Super Future Kid's world is a living canvas of creativity, where every moment is a masterpiece! 🎨✨

(✿◠‿◠) on Instagram: “This painting is titled ’Betelgeuse’ after the red supergiant star in the Orion Constellation which is expected to go supernova “soon”. Pretty much everything around us including ourselves is made up of elements that were once created in the life and death of stars. In my recent work I am thinking about the finite existence of our world and us within it, that all will break and crumble at some point: creatures, buildings, mountains, even stars. But also that from that decay new things and life will always re-emerge. So that when this star will eventually explode it will release and create the power and material for new formations and thus continue to exist in an uncountable amount of new structures and arrangements, just as we all and the stuff around us do on this planet. 💫🌟💫✨⭐️ This piece is part of the ‘Dream Group Show’ at @galeriezberro opening today. Thursday, March 7th from 5pm to 8pm at 23-25 Jean Mermoz Street With: Timm Blandin, Delphine Denereaz, Annabel Faustin, Jari Genser, Kean, Jenna Krypell, Leo Nataf, NIACK, Super Future Kid, Johanna Tordjman”
superfuturekid on March 7, 2024: “This painting is titled ’Betelgeuse’ after the red supergiant star in the Orion Constellation...”

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Super Future Kid as we delve deeper into her captivating artistry, explore her diverse portfolio of artworks, projects, and discover exciting upcoming exhibitions!

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