Discover Kaylie Kaitschuck, A Visionary Textile Artist Whose Psychedelic Embroideries And Vivid Fiber Works Capture The Essence Of Dreams, Anxieties, And Whimsical Realities.

A Rising Star In Contemporary Art, Her Unique Blend Of Yarn And Machine Embroideries Offers A Captivating, Relatable Glimpse Into The Human Experience

Kaylie Kaitschuck's work is a fascinating amalgamation of psychedelic embroideries and colorful fiber works, each piece a window into her dreams, anxieties, and humorously idealized notions. 

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Kaylie Kaitschuck: Explore the vibrant narrative of emerging contemporary artist Kaylie Kaitschuck in Munchies Art Club Magazine. It all commences with her enchanting tale of falling in love with a scarecrow, offering deep insights into her creative universe and a glimpse into her upcoming exhibitions.

 This unique approach has led to her participation in exhibitions across prominent galleries, including Goldfinch Gallery In ChicagoLauren Powell Projects In Los Angeles, Gaa Gallery In CologneNADA In New York, Library Street Collective in Detroit, and Hiromart Gallery in Tokyo.

‍Kaylie Kaitschuk was born in 1995 in Dearborn, Michigan, is a flourishing Textile Artist, known for her dynamic and vibrant approach to fiber art. 

She honed her craft and vision at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, where she received her MFA in 2021. 

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Kaylie Kaitschuck:teardrops on my guitar | Studio shot | Image Courtesy of the Artist

‍Her educational journey laid a strong foundation for her distinct style, characterized by a blend of stylized drawing, 'low-brow' aesthetics, and meticulous construction.


Kaylie Kaitschuck: Artist Studio and a work in progress | Image Courtesy by the Artist


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Kaylie Kaitschuck: Birthday Party Performance | Image Courtesy of the Artist
Text by Kaylie Kaitschuk (Artist)

“Over recent years, my practice has revolved around a meticulous act of counting. Each morning, upon waking, I engage in the ritual of tallying the days that have constituted my existence. As of January 9th, 2024, the sum of these counted days reaches 10,276. 

Within this ongoing enumeration, each day takes on a newfound significance, transforming into a unique address for the homes I meticulously embroider."The act of counting serves as a meaningful tool for me, fostering a connection to the passage of time and offering a tangible reflection on my journey. 

The numerical representation becomes a framework, a thread that weaves through the fabric of my artistic expression. In this ongoing process, counting becomes a meditative practice, grounding me in the present moment while concurrently stitching together the narratives of my past.”

Kaylie Kaitschuck: whatever 4ever | Image Courtesy of the Artist

The Work Is Stitched In Layers- Girl Scout Vests Garnered With Badges, A Jean Jacket Thickly Patched, Safety-Pinned, And Embroidered, A Skateboard Deck Plastered In Stickers. 

They Are Images Derived From Hanging Out At A Walmart Parking Lot. — Erin Woodbrey (Gaa Gallery)

gaa gallery colone, exhibition view currently
Kaylie Kaitschuck: Solo Show at Gaa Gallery Colone | Image Courtesy by the Artist

"Reminiscent Of I Spy Books, Puzzles, And Comics, While Engaged In A Deep History Of Craft And Technique, Kaitschuck’s Works Are A Balancing Act Of Kitsch And 'Low-Brow' Aesthetics And Meticulous Construction, Stitch By Stitch." – Elizabeth Lalley (Goldfinch Gallery)

kaylie kaitschuck art profile in front of her stunning textile artist. a revelation gallery Germany exhibition view
Kaylie Kaitschuck: Installation at Gaa Gallery (Cologne, Germany) - Skateboard wall (Photo from Gaa Gallery) | Image courtesy of the artist

Kaylie has received prestigious awards, including the 2022 Detroit Artist Talent Fund and a 2021 Red Bull House Of Art Microgrant. These honors reflect the impact of her work in the contemporary art scene.

Recently Kaylie had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the renowned brand Salomon For The Creation Of Their 2024 Abstract Line Snowboards, which showcases her unique graphics.

Kaylie Kaitschuck stands as a promising young emerging artist to the evolving landscape of contemporary textile art. 

Her ability to weave together elements of her personal experiences with a wider, more universal narrative makes her work not only visually striking but also emotionally resonant. 

As she continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with yarn and embroidery, she remains a name to remember and celebrate in the ever-changing world of contemporary art.

Follow Kaylie Kaitschuck on her adventure, new projects and exhibitions on Kaylies Instagram or bookmark Her website for updates!

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Kaylie Kaitschuck | Official Website

Munchies Art Club extends its gratitude to Kaylie Kaitschuck for sharing with us to share with you and, of course, to Superfuture Kid for recommending her.

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