Additionally: 'Off the Cuff' – A Showcase of Tobias Izsó's Newest Creations at KOENIG2

Tobias Izsó, born in 1997 in Vienna, is quickly making a name for himself in the contemporary art scene.

His unique approach combines traditional craftsmanship with modern artistic techniques, earning him recognition from art lovers and critics alike.

tobias izo, exhibition view at Christine König Galerie, wien, Robby Greif
Tobias Izsó: | Exhibition View: Off the Cuff KOENIG2 by_robbygreif, Wien 2024 Fotos: Simon Veres

Tobias Izsó's artistry is prominently featured in two distinct exhibitions, showcasing different stages of his artistic evolution.

His solo show "Off the Cuff" at KOENIG2 by Robby Greif in Vienna, highlighted in Munchies Art Club Magazine, marks a significant milestone in his career.

Tobias Izsó, sculpture now, wood, modern art, now
Tobias Izsó: | Artwork "Cuff" -> Off the Cuff KOENIG2 by_robbygreif, Wien 2024 Fotos: Simon Veres

This exhibition delves into his artistic processes and the philosophical drives behind his work, offering an intimate view of his creative landscape.

Concurrently, Izsó's contributions to the group show "The Underbelly of a Lost Hat" at Garage Gallery, Prague, further reveal his thematic depth and versatility as a contemporary artist, exploring new dimensions of his oeuvre.

Educational and Artistic Beginnings

Tobias Izsó's journey into the arts began when he enrolled at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2016, initially concentrating on photography.

Tobias Izsó, contemporary photography, talents, detail of an artwork
Tobias Izsó: Artwork „Kartoffelbild“ from the series „nourish & cherish“, 2021| Image Courtesy by the Artist

His path took a transformative turn during his Erasmus exchange in Prague between 2021 and 2022, where he ventured into sculpture and broadened his artistic skill set.

Exploring Artistic Techniques in Tobias Izsó's Work, christine König gallery view
Tobias Izsó: Artworks from the series "Taking Cover" 2023 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This phase significantly refined his approach to materials and form, enriched by diverse cultural interactions and experiences during his studies.

His participation in international forums, such as Documenta 14 in Athens, and exhibitions like "Propeller" at Fotogalerie Wien, further sharpened his artistic sensibilities.

Artistic Practice and Philosophical Underpinnings

In his sculptures and installations, Izsó often employs a combination of wood and textiles, materials he manipulates to create assemblages that are both tactile and visually dynamic.

These elements are intricately carved, bent, oiled, or lacquered, then adorned with colorful fabrics that drape over them like a new skin.

Tobias Izsó, Wood and Textile Hybrid Sculpture
Tobias Izsó: Artwork -> “Gabel“ from the series „nourish & cherish“, 2021 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This interaction between the hardness of wood and the softness of textile challenges the viewer's perception of material and form, creating a dialogue that delves into the metaphysical aspects of art.

His series "Taking Cover" exemplifies this approach. Comprising eight individual pieces, the installation manifests as a unified spatial exploration, drawing on mundane objects of domestic life to question the narratives we attach to personal spaces and belongings.

Tobias Izsó,  Impact on Vienna's Art Scene
Tobias Izsó: "Father figure“ from the series „The Wooden Attempt to Create a family constellation" Image Courtesy by the Artist

The accompanying text, "Das Du, das Dir Jemand in den Raum stellt," offers an immersive narrative that complements the physical experience, inviting the viewer into a contemplative interaction with the objects.

Exhibition Highlights and Career Achievements

In his artistic endeavors, Tobias Izsó masterfully combines wood and textiles to craft sculptures and installations that are both tactile and visually compelling.

 Tobias Izsó, Interior of KOENIG2 Gallery During 'Off the Cuff'
Tobias Izsó: | Off the Cuff KOENIG2 by_robbygreif, Wien 2024 Fotos: Simon Veres
Tobias Izsó, Innovative Exhibit Design in 'Off the Cuff' by promising artist,
Tobias Izsó: | Artwork Detail "Stoffmusterkatalog"Off the Cuff KOENIG2 by_robbygreif, Wien 2024 Fotos: Simon Veres

He skillfully carves, bends, oils, or lacquers these materials, then enhances them with vibrant fabrics that envelop the forms as though clothing a new skin.

This juxtaposition of the rigid qualities of wood with the pliancy of textiles provokes a reevaluation of material and form, fostering a conversation that taps into the deeper, metaphysical layers of art.

Robby Greif, christine König ,Contemporary Sculptures by Tobias Izsó at 'Off the Cuff,
Tobias Izsó: | Off the Cuff KOENIG2 by_robbygreif, Wien 2024 Fotos: Simon Veres

His series "Taking Cover" is a prime illustration of this methodology. The work features eight distinct pieces that coalesce into a cohesive exploration of space, using everyday objects to interrogate the stories we associate with our personal environments and possessions.

Accompanied by the text "Das Du, das Dir Jemand in den Raum stellt," the series not only enriches the spatial experience but also engages viewers in a reflective dialogue with the artwork, encouraging a deeper contemplation of the interplay between the physical and the conceptual.

Influences and Future Directions

Philosophically, Tobias Izsó's art delves into themes of perception, the construction of reality, and the relationship between the observer and the object.

"While beneath the skin things are bubbling away, the surfaces of objects seemingly remain in representative calm. Yet as soon as one is not looking, hidden forces come to light: paternal shirt sleeves emancipate themselves from the rest of the fabric and deliver a trivial, quasi improvised speech."- About Tobias Izso Work Quote from the text by Andrea Kopranovic

His installations offer more than visual stimuli—they are immersive environments where introspection and identity unfold.

The richness of his creations fosters a dialogue, inviting viewers to engage deeply with the nuanced textures and underlying meanings.

As Izsó continues to evolve and refine his craft, he captivates the art community with his progressive use of materials and profound engagement with philosophical themes.

christine König gallery,  Highlights from  'Off the Cuff' Exhibition
Tobias IZSÓ | Off the Cuff KOENIG2 by_robbygreif, Wien 2024 Fotos: Simon Veres

His position as a vanguard in the realm of contemporary art is solidified by his commitment to exploring the dynamic interplay between art and materiality, offering audiences a fresh and invigorating viewpoint.

Experiencing his latest exhibition in person or exploring his works online provides valuable insights into his artistic journey and the depth of his creativity.

Tobias Izsó, art now, vienna, Exploration of Artistic Identity
Tobias IZSÓ | Off the Cuff KOENIG2 by_robbygreif, Wien 2024 Fotos: Simon Veres

In the contemporary art scene, Tobias Izsó is more than a participant; he is a pioneer, constantly challenging the traditional boundaries of art and its interpretation.

Tobias Izsó, Christine König gallery, vienna, exhibition view now
Tobias IZSÓ | Off the Cuff KOENIG2 by_robbygreif, Wien 2024 Fotos: Simon Veres

Additional Infos: There is a lot more to discover

For those eager to explore Tobias Izsó's creative world more closely, following his Instagram . His Account provides a glimpse into his ongoing projects and developments, showcasing his continuous influence on the art world.

KOENIG2 by_robbygreif: Tobias IZSÓ | Off the cuff – Christine König Galerie

König2 by Robby Greif -> Tobias Izsó

KOENIG2 by_robbygreif - Tobias IZSÓ | Off the Cuff
4. April - 18. Mai 2024 on view 24/7, open by appointment
Margaretenstraße 5, 1040 Wien 

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