Munchies Art Club  invited Kottie Paloma to share his experiences from his artist residency at Alzueta Gallery.

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Alzueta Gallery: Resident Artist Kottie Paloma in Action | Photo Credit: Judit Bou Comas

Situated in the peaceful Empordà, close to the beautiful Costa Brava and right next to Palau de Casavells, a countryside gallery also part of Alzueta, this residency gave Paloma a valuable opportunity to broaden his artistic horizons and deeply engage with the vibrant local culture.

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Kottie Paloma's Workspace During Residency in Empordà by Alzueta Gallery | Photo Credit: Judit Bou Comas
alzueta gallery, barcelona, art practice of kottie paloma in a great studio view,2024
Alzueta Gallery Residency in Empordà near Barcelona | Featuring Kottie Paloma's Art Practice | Photo Credit: Judit Bou Comas

Paloma provides a window into his contemplative thoughts, skillfully capturing his artistic growth against the tranquil and enchanting backdrop of Spain.

Who is Kottie Paloma?

Kottie Paloma, born in 1974 in Los Angeles, USA, is a versatile artist and painter currently based in Vienna, Austria.

His artistic journey through San Francisco, New York, and Berlin has shaped his diverse work, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. Known for his incisive societal critiques, Paloma blends humor with a gritty examination of modern life.

His unique style, inspired by archetypal symbols and raw 20th-century cave art textures, infuses his work with a powerful, primitive energy.

Acclaimed for merging personal and political narratives, his pieces are featured in prestigious collections worldwide, such as MOMA in New York and the Tate Modern in London.

The culmination of this residency is the striking debut of his latest exhibition at Alzueta Gallery, entitled "A Melody of Madness."

This show invites audiences to engage with the evolving narrative of an artist deeply immersed in his creative voyage.

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Kottie Paloma Artwork for the Exhibition , A Melody in Madness, at Alzueta Gallery Barcelona | Image Courtesy by the Gallery | Photo: Judit Bou Comas

Born in 1974 in Los Angeles, Kottie Paloma has carved a distinctive trajectory through the vibrant art scenes of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, and Alzenau, Germany.

Recently, he has settled in Vienna with his family, a city he now embraces as his home.

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Kottie Paloma Installation View at Alzueta Gallery, Melody of Madness, in Turó Park, Barcelona | Photo: Judit Bou Comas | Image Credit by the Gallery
alzueta gallery, a melody of Madness, exhibition view, artworks by kottie paloma
Alzueta Gallery, with Melody of Madness by Artist and Painter Kottie Paloma at Turo Park Barcelona | Photo: Judit Bou Comas | Image Credit by the Gallery

His art, characterized by thoughtful and sober reflections on societal issues, captures the gritty realities of life.

Drawing inspiration from primitive cave paintings and incorporating personal symbols, Paloma weaves intricate stories that tackle everything from political unrest to the intricacies of personal interactions.

Art historian Larissa Kikol describes his style as a vibrant clash of forms and concepts—a chaotic yet profound amalgamation that challenges observers to think deeply.

Throughout his career, Paloma has nurtured significant connections with leading galleries, including his primary representation at Saatchi Yates Gallery in London.

He has also been involved in innovative collaborations with Definition of Done (DOD) Gallery and Nightgallery, further enriching his artistic endeavors and broadening his impact within the art world.

Personal Notes: The Residency Diary written by Kottie Paloma

It was the first week of September 2023 and I had just moved from our boring countryside village in Bavaria to Vienna when I was contacted by Alzueta Galery in Barcelona to take part in the New Portraits exhibition they were curating for March of2024.

I accepted the invitation and upon so they offered me to be their first artist in residence of 2024 at Brava Arts in La Bisbal d’ Emporda, Spain.

Over the next few months I would be preparing for the residency, researching new ideas and prepping my materials to be shipped to the studio to be waiting for my arrival.

The studio at Brava Arts was the biggest studio I have ever worked in, actually, the biggest I have ever even been in.

alzueta gallery, artist residency program, contemporary painter, kottie paloma with his stunning new works
Alzueta Gallery Recidency: Workspace and Studio for the Artist Kottie Paloma with works in progress | Photo credit Judit Bou Comas

I even had a support staff there if I needed it. Brava Arts is located in La Bisbal, which is an agricultural region of Costa Brava near Girona.

It's only about a twenty-minute drive to the ocean. Over the month of March, I created around twenty-seven new paintings on canvas and paper.

Kottie Paloma - Alzueta Gallery
Los Angeles, US, 1974

Alzueta Gallery -> Kottie Palom

I wanted to make sure I had a nice range of works for the gallery to curate my solo show with at their Turo Park location in Barcelona.

In the end, they decided on 12 of the Twenty-seven paintings that would best fit the space.

artist in residency, kottie paloma, studio
Studio Apartment | Image Courtesy by the Artist

In addition to the studio, the gallery provided me with a palace of an apartment with 8 rooms, two bathrooms, three balconies, more than I needed being there by myself, It was truly luxurious.

The first day of the residency, I woke up at 2:30 Vienna time to catch a 6am flight to Barcelona, Once I arrived to Barcelona, I picked up my rental car and headed north, two hours to the studio.

kottie paloma, studio visit, alzueta gallery, now and new, studio, paintings, art practice
Studio Visit at Alzueta Artist in Residency Location with works by Kottie Paloma | Photo credit Judit Bou Comas

I arrived at 11am and immediately went to work despite how exhausted I was.

I worked almost every single day in the month I was there, I was nonstop, I felt more free, clear headed, and on top of my game than I had ever felt before.

By April 2nd, I was settled into my rental apartment in Barcelona to get ready for my solo presentation A Melody of Madness to take place from April 4th-19th, 2024.

On April 6th, I was already back in Vienna. Five weeks away from my wife and kids, but it was worth it!

Additional Infos:

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Kottie Paloma Website

Last chance to visit his exhibition in Barcelona „ A Melody of Madness“ on view at Alzueta Gallery till 19. Of April. 

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