This April, Vienna's art scene comes alive with the much-anticipated solo exhibition of Kristof Santy at the Christine König Gallery.

Christine König Galerie: Exhibition view Kristof SANTY | Epinal, Vienna 2024 -> Foto: / Manuel Carreon Lopez

Munchies Art Club first encountered Kristof Santy's engaging paintings at the Art Brussels two years ago, displayed by the Belgian gallery Sorry We're Closed, and were immediately captivated.

Santy’s like a magician turning the everyday, into something you just can’t stop looking at.

Inviting art lovers and the just-curious to dive into his world, showing us the usual stuff in unusually awesome ways.

Kristof Santy painting now new, colorful , Folklore, and Daily Life , promising contemporary artist and painter, Belgium
Kristof Santy: "Veevervoer" | Image Courtesy by the Artist | Photo: Steven Decroos

Kristof Santy's journey through the art world has been nothing short of an exciting adventure, marked by fruitful collaborations with galleries that deeply resonate with his unique artistic vision.

Kristof Santy, Playtime - Sorry We’re Closed
Kristof Santy, Playtime - Sorry We’re Closed | 23.03.23 → 20.05.23

Kristof Santy at Sorry we are Closed Belgium

One such gallery we hold in high esteem is Sorry We are Closed in Brussels, where Santy's exhibition "Playtime" initially caught our eye and left a lasting impression.

He has also graced the walls of the M+B Gallery, presenting "Home Sweet Home," a collection of artworks that beautifully reflect his creativity and talent. 

Also worth mentioning the Vienna-based Christine König Gallery, where Santy's art took center stage in the 2022 group exhibition "Tronie," exploring themes of identity and the human condition.

Kristof Santy , now and new on view at Christine König gallery, food, painting, figurative colorful
Kristof Santy: "Fourchette" | Image Courtesy by the Artist | Photo: Steven Decroos

As Santy gears up for his upcoming solo exhibition at the Christine König Gallery, he continues to make his mark in the contemporary art scene, adding another exciting chapter to his ever-growing portfolio.

Christine König presents an fresh emerging artist and painter in contemporary art, with stunning new works
Kristof Santy: "Schmink" Painting | Image Courtesy by the Artist | Photo: Steven Decroos

The upcoming exhibition, "Epinal," opens its doors on April 4, 2024, promising to further cement Santy's reputation as an artist capable of weaving complex narratives through his vivid and figurative portrayal of life.

From Factory Worker to Renowned Artist

Born in Belgium in 1987, Kristof Santy's journey into the art world is as compelling as his work.

Kristof Santy in hi studio with paintings in black and white artist portrait
Kristof Santy Artist | Image Courtesy by the Artist | Photo: Jorre Janssens

Transitioning from the life of a factory worker to that of an artist, Santy's journey is a compelling narrative of transformation and self-discovery.

Lacking a formal education in the arts during his initial years, Santy developed a raw and intuitive style of painting.

This self-taught mastery now speaks volumes, showcasing his unique perspective and undeniable talent.

new painting now, kristof santy on view at sorry we are closed gallery Brussels, Christine König gallery vienna
Christine König Gallery presents the Belgian Artist Kristof Santy in Vienna Image: "Bloemstuk met Handspuit" | Image Courtesy by the Artist | Photo: Steven Decroos

Kristof Santy masterfully weaves intricate layers of iconography and metaphor into his paintings, inviting viewers on a contemplative journey through the nuances of everyday life and the depths of the human condition.

Christine KÖNIG gallery presents Kristof SANTY, exhibition view
Christine König Galerie: Exhibition view Kristof SANTY | Epinal, Vienna 2024 -> Foto: / Manuel Carreon Lopez

His art a celebration of daily existence, reimagined through dynamic compositions and a palette rich in vivid colors, seamlessly blending into a captivating visual narrative.

Often depicting mundane subjects, his large-scale works, invite to find beauty and significance in the commonplace.

Drawing inspiration from folk tales, customs, and his own personal experiences, Santy employs a unique technique that straddles the line between expressive abstraction and meticulous realism, creating a captivating visual language that speaks to the complexities of life.

His work is influenced by artists such as Jean Brusselmans and also anonymous 19th-century painters, whose impacts resonate in Santy's choice of subjects and stylistic approach.

His choice of vivid color schemes and geometric edges carry an almost cubist quality.

By doing so, he brings a fresh perspective to traditional themes, blending the real with the surreal and infusing his works with a sense of wonder and introspection.

Through the use of symbolic elements such as clocks, mirrors, and fragmented figures, his paintings delve into themes of identity, the passage of time, and the transient nature of human experiences, serving as metaphors for self-reflection, the fleeting moments of existence, and the multifaceted nature of the human psyche.

Kristof Santy, new exhibition in vienna now, at Christine König gallery
Kristof Santy: "Cours De Dessin serie 2 #12" | Image Courtesy by the Artist | Photo: Steven Decroos

His art a bridge between the visible and the invisible, inviting the viewer a deeper understanding of the self and the surrounding world, thereby highlighting the beauty of human experiences.

The upcoming exhibition at Christine König Gallery offers a unique opportunity to explore Santy's latest works, delving into the narratives intricately woven into each canvas.

Kristof Santy, contemporary painting now, on view in vienna at Christine König gallery
Kristof Santy: "Bureau" | Image Courtesy by the Artist | Photo: Steven Decroos

Whether you're an art aficionado or simply someone who appreciates visual storytelling, this exhibition promises a captivating journey through the lens of an artist with a distinct perspective on the world.

Christine König Galerie: Kristof SANTY | Epinal – Christine König Galerie

More about the Exhibition with Kristof Santy at Christine König Gallery

If you're in Vienna, seize the chance to behold Santy's work at Christine König Gallery, where you can appreciate in person the unique blend of technique, influence, and inspiration that characterizes his art.

art now vienna, the best exhibition spring, Christine KÖNIG gallery, Kristof SANTY Epinal on view
Christine König Galerie: Exhibition view Kristof SANTY | Epinal, Vienna 2024 -> Foto: / Manuel Carreon Lopez

Kristof Santy – visual artist

Explore Kristof Santy -> Website

Dive deeper into the world of Kristof Santy, for upcoming projects, paintings, studio views on his Instagram Account.

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