Delve Into The Unique Fusion Of Design, Fabrication, And Collage That Defines Mikey's Innovative Approach To Artistic Expression. Join Us Now To Discover The Distinctive World Of Mikey Mosher.

Embark on a visual journey with Mikey Mosher, an interdisciplinary artist hailing from Massachusetts and currently making waves in Chicago's vibrant art scene. 

Armed with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mikey's work intricately weaves themes of spirituality, political turmoil, and play. 

mikey mosher's spotlight in contemporary art now magazine
Mickey Mosher in his studio in Chicago

‍Mikey Mosher's eagerly awaited group show at Positive Space Studios on December 9th is just around the corner. 

We are a Chicago based creative workspace and community offering personal art studios, event space and outside events. We build and foster a diverse community of artists that are inspired to create and celebrate their work. We are passionate about bringing positive vibes, new art, and creative event

Mikey Mosher at Positive Space Studios

‍Following this, mark your calendars for the dynamic Duo Show, "God and Everybody," in collaboration with Emma Beatrez at LVL3 Chicago, running from January 13th to March 3rd, 2024.

For those eager to bring a piece of Mikey Mosher's art into their homes sooner, explore and acquire his Available Artworks On Testudo

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mfa graduate mikey mosher showcases religious studies-inspired art
Mikey Mosher: Art Installation; Biofeedback, Laser engraved plywood, acrylic paint, projection, VHS camera, found objects, velvet, vellum by Mikey Mosher | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Mikey's artistic evolution spans mediums like photography, sculpture, design, and digital fabrication, reflecting a deep engagement with labor and a quest for a meaningful relationship with it.

The Pleasure At Being The Cause-Quote By Karl Groos

Join us as we delve into Mikey's creative universe, where each piece is a playground built before it's played in, challenging traditional artistic hierarchies and celebrating the joy of being the cause. 

reliquary group show: mikey mosher's positive space studios art
Mikey Mosher: Artwork: ON THE GRID, Collage, laser engraved plywood, acrylic paint, plexiglass, MDF by Mikey Mosher | Image Courtesy by the Artist


‍Mikey’s practice attempts to engage with the tension between themes of spirituality, political turmoil, climate change, alienation, nostalgia and play through the process of collecting, curating, arranging, designing and building. 

mikey mosher, religious study an wall piece, object on view and emerging artist chicago
Mikey Mosher with "The End of the World" | Promising Artist form Chicago | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Beginning with a focus on collage his practice has expanded out into a variety of mediums including photography, sculpture, projection, design and digital fabrication. 

His most recent work explores the relationship between the frame and the work, the container and the object, the box and the trinket. 


mikey mosher, artwork, contemporary artist feature at munchies art club magazine
Mikey Mosher: The wheel inside, Collage, laser engraved plywood, acrylic paint, plexiglass, MDF | Image Courtesy by the Artist
mikey mosher artist, profile, muchies art club
Mikey Mosher: A Seat at the Table, Found objects, metal grid, enamel spray paint, pegboard, zip ties, cloth Contemporary Art by Mikey Mosher

Reflecting on the tradition ofreliquaries in the Catholic tradition, Mikey began exploring digital fabrication as a method o creating elaborate housings for collected objects, collaged images, and disparate materials like mesh cloth and metal grids. 

‍This attention to the frame or container became a practice of its own, allowing Mikey to play with the hierarchy between the two. 

What if the frame came before the artwork? 

‍What if the contained thing was responding to its container? 

mikey mosher chicago based emerging artist with a feature and about his art practice at munchies art club magzine
Mickey Mosher: Biofeedback -> Laser engraved plywood, acrylic paint, projection, VHS camera, found objects, velvet, vellum | Image Courtesy by the Artist
mikey mosher wall piece , contemporary artwork by emerging artist mikey mosher
Mikey Mosher: Reflecting pool, laser engraved plywood, collage, resin, plexiglass, acrylic paint | Image Courtesy by the Artist Mikey Mosher

‍It’s like building a playground and then playing in it.

This interest in play also has a lot to do with labor and fostering a healthy relationship with it. Ina capitalist society, it’s difficult to come upon a relationship with labor that isn’t deeply alienating.

Much of Mikey’s practice revolves around the idea that having a physical, tactile, and immediate relationship with labor and the fruits of it is a rare and special opportunity. 

mikey mosher god and everybody duo show: mikey mosher and emma beatrez at lvl3
Mikey Mosher: Within & without, Collage, CNC poplar, found objects, beeswax, acrylicpaint, plexiglass, MDF | Image Courtesy by the Artist Mikey Mosher

To borrow from German psychologist and theorist of play, Karl Groos, it’s “the pleasure at being the cause” that is the basis of play, the simple, but increasingly rare joy of feeling that your actions are having a measurable impact on the world around you.


‍To stay connected with Mikey Mosher evolving body of work and join the conversation on contemporary art, be sure to discover Mikey Mosher's Instagram Account

Dive deeper into the intricate layers of his practice, and embark on this artistic odyssey by following him today. 

nostalgia and play in mikey mosher's contemporary artwork
Mikey Mosher Artwork: Forever, Found objects, CNC plywood, metal grid, enamel spray paint | Image Courtesy by the Artist

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Additionally, prepare for the exciting Duo Show alongside Mac Pierce at Bert Green Fine Art, scheduled from January 20th to March 22nd, 2024. 

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Further, anticipate another captivating Duo Show with Christian Gutierrez at Free Range Albany Park in March 2024.

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