Exploring Pop Culture and Nostalgia: Jagoda Bednarsky's Artistic Journey

Jagoda Bednarsky, born in 1988 in Poland, is a contemporary artist renowned for her unique blend of pop culture and nostalgic references in her paintings.

She pursued her fine arts education at prestigious institutions, including the Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany and the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien in Austria.

jagoda bednarsky  at kunstraum potsdam , installation view, exhibition
Jagoda Bednarsky: Installation View | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Currently based in Berlin, Bednarsky's work has been showcased in numerous galleries, with notable exhibitions at Gaa Gallery and Philipp Pflug Contemporary.

Her art is characterized by a distinctive fusion of vibrant colors, layered textures, and elements drawn from both personal and collective memories. This approach not only captivates viewers but also invites them to reflect on the interplay between contemporary culture and historical context.

jadonda bednarsky installing a contemporary painting, artist portrait for munchies art club magazine
Jagoda Bednarsky With Her Work From Shadowland (Artemis) Oil Stick, Acrylic And Gouache | 200x160cm | 2020 | Photo Felix Kultau

Jagoda Bednarsky continues to make significant contributions to the art world, with her innovative style and thought-provoking themes establishing her as a prominent figure in contemporary art.

Join Us In This Artistic Rollercoaster Where Jagoda Bednarsky's Brushstrokes Add A Splash Of Humor To The Profound.

It's A Joyous Romp Through Her Shadowland Series, Where Even The Metaphorical Depiction Of The Female Breast Takes Center Stage, Reminding Us That Art Can Be Both Playful And Thought-Provoking.

kunstraum potsdam , installation view, exhibition by jagoda bednarsky
Jagonda Bednarsky: Shadowland (pan) Oil, Acrylic On Canvas | 200x310cm | 2020 Image by Hans Georg Gaul

From Frankfurt To The Worldwide Stage, Bednarsky's Canvases Are A Riot Of Color And Commentary, Inviting You To Laugh, Ponder, And Revel In The Delightful Absurdities Of Her Artistic Universe.

In our relentless pursuit of uncovering emerging artistic talent for our ongoing series, "Emerging Artists in Contemporary Painting, You Have To Follow," the keen-eyed team at Munchies Art Club Magazine stumbled upon the captivating work of the artist Jagoda Bednarsky.

jagoda bednarsky, book shadowland et all by dcv publishing and kunstverein oldenburg, 2024
Jagoda Bednarsky new Book via DCV – Artbooks and Kunstverein Oldenburg collaborates with the Contemporary Painter Jagoda Bednarksy. The comprehensive book presents Bednarsky's work from 2018-2023 with a unique conversation between Juliet Kothe and the artist. Foreword by Miriam Bettin | Photo courtesy the artist and Publisher

Intrigued by her unique visual language and artistic mastery, we extended an invitation to Jagoda to showcase her creative journey and delve into the compelling narratives that define her craft.

As a testament to her artistic depth, we are thrilled to recommend her latest book, "Shadowland," a Collaboration with DCV- Art Books and Kunstverein Oldenburg adding "Shadowland AT AL" another layer of intrigue to this exploration of Jagoda Bednarsky's enchanting world.

Jagoda Bednarsky - SHADOWLAND ET AL - DCV
Jagoda Bednarsky’s (b. Złotoryja, Poland, 1988; lives and works in Berlin) paintings are pop-cultural and nostalgic borrowings that she transfers into the grotesque register, with allusions to stereotyped role models between hypermasculinity and matriarchy. Unfurling pastel-colored hillscapes composed of breasts, breast pumps, vulvas, figures from Greek myth, and motifs from flora and fauna, Bednarsky’s Shadowland series interrogates traditional ideas of femininity and motherhood. The depiction of the female breast serves as a metaphor referring to the titular “Shadowland,” where this part of the body is still perceived as a sexualized object rather than as natural. The title, one might note, is borrowed from a culture magazine first published in New York in 1919 in which the artist spotted Art Deco illustrations that became a vital source of inspiration. Despite the dense aggregation of fraught symbols and referential gestures, the sensual, poetic, and richly imaginative works exude a lightness that stems from their translucency and subtle irony. The comprehensive volume presents Bednarsky’s works from between 2018 and 2023 and a singular conversation with the artist. Jagoda Bednarsky studied fine arts, first at Kunsthochschule Kassel (2008–2009), then at HfBK Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, with Michael Krebber and Monika Baer (2009–2014).

Jagoda Bednarsky- DCV Art Books

A notable addition that harmoniously resonates with Jagoda Bednarsky's artistic endeavors is the exhibition "Boobs In The Arts – Fe:Male Bodies In Pictorial History" at Gallery DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM.

jagoda bednarsky, artist, new faces in contemporary art,female artist and promising female painter
Jagoda Bednarsky: Kunstverein Heppenheim 2018 Image by Artist Felix Kultau

This exhibition, curated by Juliet Kothe and Natanja von Stosch, took place throughout the summer of 2023.

Boobs in the Arts – Fe:male Bodies in Pictorial History — Dittrich & Schlechtriem
Dittrich & Schlechtriem gallery was founded in 2011 by Lars Dittrich and André Schlechtriem in a space on Tucholskystraße in Berlin-Mitte, where they premiered with the first solo show by Julian Charrière.

Boobs in the Arts: Fe:Male Bodies in pictorial history

Additionally, a recent development includes the release of a new book associated with the exhibition, titled "Boobs In The Arts – Fe:Male Bodies In Pictorial History," published by Distanz Publishing



Jagoda Bednarsky, a renowned contemporary painter, originates from Poland.

Born in Zlotoryja in 1988 and currently based in Berlin, her paintings form a captivating blend of pop-cultural and nostalgic references.‍

Jagoda Bednarsky
Jagoda Bednarsky (geb. 1988 in Goldberg in Polen) absolvierte ihr Studium der freien Kunst sowohl an der Kunsthochschule in Kassel als auch an der Hochschule für bildende Künste in Frankfurt am Main.

Jagoda Bednarsky Online: Official Website

In her Shadowland series, Bednarsky adeptly translates these influences into the realm of the grotesque, alluding to clichéd role patterns that oscillate between hyper-masculinity and matriarchy.

jagoda bednarsky, artist, office impart, gallery, showcase new faces in contemporary art, 2024
Office Impart: "Holy Mountain Real Estate" | Image by Marjorie Brunet | Plaza-Office Impart


 jagoda bednarsky, new faces in contemporary art, female artist, painting figurative, 2024
Jagoda Bednarsky Painting: Shadowland (Artemis) Oilstick, Acrylic and Gouache | 200x160cm | 2020 | Photo courtesy the artist

‍Bednarsky explores these themes through pastel-colored hillscapes adorned with breasts, breast pumps, vulvas, figures from Greek mythology, and motifs from flora and fauna.

The World Is Made Of Images And Images Are Never-Ending. We Think In Images And All Conceivable Knowledge Communicates Itself To Us In Images.

Jagoda Bednarsky's Painting Feeds On This Immense 'Archive' Of Past And Possible, Impossible, Invented And Actual Images. She Delves Into History And Brings It Into The Present, But With A View To The Future...

Her Tying-Together Is A Re-Tying-Together Of The Images She Appropriates And Makes Her Own. - By Christian Malycha

Christian Malycha, an art historian and curator, serves on the executive board of Kerber Artbook Publishers and contributes to Gagosian Art Quarterly.

Through this rich tapestry, she challenges conventional images of women and mothers, using the metaphor of the female breast to delve into the complexities of perception in "Shadowland," where this part of the body is still often relegated to a sexualized object rather than being embraced as natural.

kunstverein oldenburg , installation view
Jagoda Bednarsky-> Shadowland (Scape) Oil, Acrylic On Canvas | 200x310cm 2020 | Photo By Hans Georg Gaul
munchies art club magazine presents the emerging artist jagoda bednarksy a female contemporary painter
Jagoda Bednarsky: Kunstverein Oldenburg 2021 Exhibition with Artist Felix Kultau entitled "HEAVY META / SHADOWLAND" | 2023 | Image by Foto Roman März

About Jagoda Bednarsky work by Annika von Taube:

There is an almost comical beauty in these soft pink breasts caressed by gently undulating waves, a level of perfection just ever so slightly too much to bear.

But isn’t perfection what is wanted? Surely it is, from an artist, from a mother?

A recurrent motif in Jagoda Bednarsky’s work, the female breast is often shown completely detached from the female body to highlight its sculptural qualities while also infusing it with a sense of otherworldliness and elevating it to a symbol of genesis, the fountain of life, the root of inspiration, utterly desirable yet entirely inaccessible…

Annika von Taube, a seasoned art historian and brand strategist, previously served as the editor-in-chief of the independent art and fashion magazine Sleek.

boobs in contemporary art by jagoda bednarsky , studio view , contemporary colorful paintings
Art Practice of Jagoda Bednarsky | Artist Studio Berlin | Photo Courtesy the Artist


Until March 2024, she is captivating audiences at "Family Affairs" alongside Felix Kultau and Dominika Bednarsky at Salon Kennedy in Frankfurt/M., Germany.

Simultaneously, her work is on display at the "Ball Berlin" group show hosted by Galerie Roberta Keil in Vienna, Austria, until December 22, 2023.

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Looking ahead to 2024, mark your calendars for her upcoming solo exhibition, "Hokus Pokus Hyper Fokus," set to take place at Office Impart In Berlin this Februar 2024.

art practice from the female painter and emerging artist jagoda bednarsky in her studio berlin
Working on a Shadowland Painting | View into Jagoda Bednarsky´s Studio | Photo Courtesy the Artist

‍Support the Jagoda Bednarsky by following her, to delve deeper into her work, stay updated, and discover more about her past and future works and exhibitions.

Jagoda Bednarsky
Jagoda Bednarsky (geb. 1988 in Goldberg in Polen) absolvierte ihr Studium der freien Kunst sowohl an der Kunsthochschule in Kassel als auch an der Hochschule für bildende Künste in Frankfurt am Main.

New faces in contemporary art -> Jagoda Bednarsky

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