carlos vergara, contemporary art at parallel vienna 2024 art fair detail
Carlos Vergara with his Artist Statement on this years Parallel Vienna at Otto Wagner Areal

Carlos Vergara: Presents his new work during the Parallel Art Fair Vienna

Munchies Art Club Magazine Is Excited To Introduce You To Carlos Vergara, A Talented Artist Whose Work Is Making Waves At This Year's Parallel Vienna Art Fair. 

Parallel Vienna: The Annual Convergence of Contemporary Art Fair in Austria
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Parallel Vienna 2024 - Open Call

Born In Barranquilla, Colombia, In 1989, Carlos Has Found His Creative Home In Vienna, Austria.

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Currently Pursuing Fine Arts Photography At The University Of Applied Arts Since 2016, Carlos Vergara's Art Is A Captivating Exploration Of The Self, The Other, And The Dynamic Interplay Between Here And There.

His Multidisciplinary Approach Encompasses Photography, Collage, Sculpture, And Installation To Grapple With The Ever-Evolving World And The Embodiment Of Abstract Concepts Like Emptiness, Absence, And Identity.

Carlos Vergara,art installation with colorful parrots on a fence by artist carlos vergara for parallel art fair vienna 2023
Carlos Vergara: "Room of Separation", Detail of the Installation | Image by Kaja Klara Joo

Through Techniques That Involve Concealing, Revealing, Layering, And Erasing, Carlos Invites Viewers Into His World, Where Interpretation Takes Center Stage.

Join Us As We Delve Into Carlos Vergara's Solo Presentation, "Room Of Separation," And Discover The Profound Narratives Woven Into His Captivating Artwork.

Carlos Vergara, artist statement and solo exhibition by carlos vergara for contemporary art parallel vienna
Carlos Vergara: Discover Room of Separation by Carlos Vergara at Parallel Vienna 2023 | Image by Kaja Klara Joo


Explore Carlos Vergara's "Room of Separation" at this year's Parallel Vienna art fair.

In this deeply personal project, you'll find a departure from his previous work, combining two distinct elements: the architectural symbolism of fences and the narrative of personal memories.

a solo presentation booth, by artist carlos vergara entitled room of separation, consists of metal fences and photography of parrots
Carlos Vergara: "Room of Seperation" for Parallel Vienna | Artist Statement | Image: Kaja Klara Joo

The project takes its roots from a photograph captured in Vergara's childhood room in 2011.

In this image, a young man sits before a fenced window, serving as both a record of the window fence and a poignant insight into the subject's melancholic emotions, which lie at the heart of this endeavor.

carlos vergara, contemporary art at parallel vienna 2023 art fair detail
Carlos Vergara Detail of his artist statement | Photo: Kaja Klara Joe


booklet from the work of carlos vergara with text, images and scetches, colorful and blue
Carlos Vergara | Booklet of Room of Separation | Parallel Vienna Art Fair

Inside Vergara's childhood room, a vast window stretches from wall to wall, obstructed by a massive black metal fence.

This unusual placement is intriguing, symbolizing not the repulsion of external threats, but the artist's voluntary self-confinement—an inverted cage of his own choosing.

Carlos Vergara, very privat image as a starting point of the childhood room of the artist
Carlos Vergara: Image by the Artist of his childhood Room

As you peer through the metal and glass each evening, you'll observe brilliantly colored parrots alighting on the tree outside his window.

They fly freely, while he inadvertently confines himself, humorously subverting the cliché of the caged bird.

artist portrait of carlos vergara taken from kaja clara joo
Portrait of the Artist between his Installation "Room of Separation" for Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2023 | Image by Kaja Clara Joo

In Barranquilla, Colombia, where Vergara hails from, the practice of fortifying homes and windows with fencing has become commonplace. Initially a security measure in affluent areas, it has evolved into a status symbol, fundamentally altering the concept of fencing.

"Room of Separation" unravels memories of a secure space, prioritizing isolation. Through fences and photographic representations of parrots on aluminum sheets, it metaphorically dismantles walls, inviting the external world inside, reaffirming connections beyond personal spaces.

Artist Carlos Vergara contemporary art installation now on view, fence with parrots and detail of the work
Artist Carlos Vergara: Installation view: Parallel Vienna 2023 | Image by Kaja Clara Loo

Fences stand as remnants of isolation, while parrots on various fences become monuments of proximity, though upon closer examination, they are two-dimensional representations, emphasizing the ambiguity of photography.

parrots on a metal fence by artist carlos vergara for parallel vienna detail
" Room of Separation" | Parallel Vienna Art Fair

At its core, "Room of Separation" invites you to explore Memory, Isolation, and Landscape, navigating identity politics, socio-economic contexts, and environmental symbolism. It encourages you to break free from secluded spaces, fostering a connection with the environment as a countermeasure to isolation masquerading as safety and security. Dive into this evocative narrative and experience Carlos Vergara's artistic journey firsthand.


Room of Separation is on view during Parallel Vienna in Pavillion 22 (Room 012) at the Otto-Wagner-Areal from the 5th—10th of September 2023.

Follow the Artist on Instagram: Carlos Vergara Lab or visit his Website Carlos Vergara Official for further Information or read more about the Art Fair:

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