Explore Eva Krause's solo debut at Galerie Mellies, Detmold,  blending nature and tech in her art.

Eva Krause, a distinguished artist born in Düsseldorf in 1970, marks a significant milestone in her career with her debut solo exhibition at Galerie Mellies in Germany.

eva krause artwork painting galerie mellies
Eva Krause Artwork – Surprise – 2022 – oil on canvas – 100cm x 130cm | Image Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Mellies

Titled "Fuchsschwanz und Perenboom," this exhibition opens the new year and introduces audiences to a painter whose work has largely flown under the radar, despite her extensive exhibition history predominantly in the Netherlands.

Artistic Journey and Background

Eva studied graphic design with a focus on illustration in Krefeld and Düsseldorf before transitioning to the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 1998.

galerie mellies, presents eva krause, new paintings, fuchsschwanz and perenboom, exhibition title
Eva Krause: Nightshift – oil on canvas – 2023 – 180cm x180cm | Image Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Mellies

Over the past 25 years, Krause has showcased her work extensively across the Netherlands and made notable appearances in exhibitions in Madrid, Bologna, and Antwerp. Her education and experiences across Europe have deeply influenced her artistic style and thematic focus.

"Fuchsschwanz und Perenboom" Exhibition

The exhibition's name, "Fuchsschwanz und Perenboom" ("Fox Tail and Pear Tree"), itself evokes a sense of whimsy and intrigue, elements that are palpably reflected in Eva's work.

new painting now germany, with eva krause, and her stunning new artwork, at gallery mellies
Eva Krause: Over de Natuur (Ricky) - 2024 – oil on canvas, wooden construction, imitation leather and soft filling – 70cm x 55cm (canvas) | Image Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Mellies

Krause’s ability to fuse realism with surrealism bridges a gap between these two distinct styles, offering viewers a visual feast that challenges their perceptions and invites deeper reflection.

"I sneak into a picture like a traveler into an unknown world. If I follow a path, a new path opens up, a new door; if I enter, there is no going back, but again a new path, a new door. The most wayward paths are my favorite on the journeys into the pictures, the unexpected paths the most exciting." Die Augenfalle - Eva Krause

Her paintings are a complex web of reality and imagination, a playground for the viewer’s eyes and mind, engaging them in a continuous dialogue with the artwork.

Eva Krause’s artwork is an intriguing blend of magic realism and modernity, where layered, semi-botanical forms seem to multiply from within themselves, suggesting a continuous, self-generating life cycle.

eva krause, artist
Eva Krause: Transformer – oil on canvas - 2024- 120cm x 95cm | Image Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Mellies

Her pieces reflect a unique interplay between nature and technology, hinting at a latent future that might explode into reality at any moment. This intersection creates a dynamic visual narrative that feels both timeless and intensely contemporary.

Exhibition Info: Eva Krause with Fuchsschwanz and Perenboom" at Galerie Mellies from 17. März 2024 - 12. Mai 2024. Waldheidestr. 24, 32758 Detmold !
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"Fuchsschwanz und Perenboom" is not just an exhibition; it is a profound exploration of the delicate balance between organic growth and technological advancement, as envisioned by Eva Krause.

Galerie Mellies, by hosting this exhibition, provides a perfect setting for Krause’s complex and layered artworks, offering an immersive experience for all who step into this mesmerizing world.

EVA KRAUSE - Schilderijen, Projecten, Workshops
EVA KRAUSE, beeldend kunstenaar - Schilderijen, Projecten, Workshops

Eva Krause -> official Website

Explore more of Eva Krause’s work on her website or stay updated on her upcoming projects and artistic practices by following her Instagram Account.

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