We have invited Milly Aburrow and the curatorial team, including Daisy-Drew Smith (Founder Phantasmal Gallery) and Lilly Foster-Eardley, to present their project and exhibition "Potluck" at the 44AD artspace, organized by Phantasmal Gallery.

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This event is featured in an article and series at Munchies Art Club under "Art Observatory"—a channel dedicated to art students and young and fresh emerging artists, showcasing their exhibitions and artworks.

exhibition view artworks, ceramics by louise Hapton, Diana zrnic, louise haptonh
Exhibition View "Potluck": (from left to right) ‘Alfie et Alfonse’ by Louise Hapton, ‘One Too Many’ by ne Too Many’ by Diana Zrnic and ‘The Witch’s Bowl’ by Louise Hapton | Photo Credit: Daisy-Drew Smith

The "POTLUCK" exhibition at the 44AD artspace in Bath, UK, serves as a vibrant showcase of forty eight artists, each bringing their unique vision to the floor through a myriad of mediums including sculpture, painting, installation, and film.

artwork by milly aburrow for the exhibition potluck, chips bag, colorful, sculpture work
Potluck Exhibition View: ‘Halver’s Crisps by Milly Aburrow Photo Credit: Ashley Cerrino

This gathering of talent reveals a collective pursuit of the uncanny, the mysterious, and the profound, allowing us a glimpse into the diverse explorations of the strange and the beautiful.

Some of the Participating Artists include: Isobel Aarosin, Milly Aburrow, Tess Bacon, Frinin & Bok (Jonny Pert), Libby Bove, Sam Bryan, Leonor Canelas de Castro, Poppy Cauchi, Liberty Cheverall, Jade Clarke, Charlie Coe, Lucy Davies, Lydia Durnall, Ramona Eve, Lilly Foster-Eardley, Stephen Foy-Philp, Alicia French, Sav Goldman, Jeanne Gourlaouen, Louise Hapton, Tess Tallula.

Participating Artists and their view:

Isobel Aarosin constructs sculptures that explore natural resources and their creative potential.

Tess Tallula: A woodland walk through the sublime dreamscapes
Nostalgia and grief, celestial artefacts of ritual and play… Join us as we explore Tess Tallula’s captivating world of color, craft, and character.

Tess Tallula -> Read more

Milly Aburrow challenges societal norms and consumer culture through her sculptures and installations, dissecting the symbolism of everyday items and their broader societal implications.

Traf-Alger, or Pablo, infuses his memories and heritage into drawings and sculptures, capturing the essence of personal evolution and the passage of time.

Tess Bacon blends vibrant imaginations with real-world inspirations in paintings that narrate surreal yet familiar stories, engaging viewers in a dialogue between the canvas and their own experiences.

surreal painting by stephen foy-philip, contemporary art
Potluck Exhibition View: ‘Untitled’ by Stephen Foy-Philip | Photo Credit: Daisy- Drew Smith

Frinin & Bok, a collaboration led by Jonny Pert, transforms performance poetry into surreal film, discussing societal influences and personal development through visually arresting narratives.

Libby Bove draws on folk culture and the occult, creating enchanting works that explore the magical and joyful aspects of the human condition, while hinting at darker, dystopian undercurrents.

Sam Bryan uses vibrant oil pastels to depict animals as vessels for social commentary, exploring our deep and spiritual connections with the creatures we share our lives with.

Leonor Canelas de Castro reflects on the impact of digital culture and artificial intelligence through photography, offering a critical examination of how technology shapes our understanding of reality.

Poppy Cauchi turns personal trauma into powerful sculptural narratives, using her art to navigate and discuss themes of recovery and visibility.

Liberty Cheverall employs bright colors and playful shapes in her tufted textiles to comment on everyday struggles, from heartbreak to economic hardship, inviting empathy and recognition through humor.

Jade Clarke creates otherworldly characters and scenes in mixed media installations that challenge our perceptions of existence and encourage discussions on mental health and personal narratives.

Charlie Coe explores identity and body through sculpture and photography, addressing societal biases and personal perceptions with a distinctly feminist lens.

Lucy Davies intertwines discomfort and humor in her sculptural and video work, using bodily themes to provoke and engage viewers in a conversation about physicality and emotion.

Lydia Durnall uses painting to critique and subvert commercial imagery, exposing the misogyny embedded in digital and real-world landscapes, challenging viewers to reconsider their own gaze.

Ramona Eve engages the community with playful installations that use bright colors and simple patterns, creating art that empowers and fosters a sense of collective well-being.

nicolaas victor, artwork, wallpiece, textile sculpture
Exhibition View: ‘Huisje Boompje Beestje’ by Nicolaas Victor | Photo Credit: Ashley Cerrino

Lilly Foster-Eardley imagines a world where animals adapt to urban environments, using sculpture and animation to explore the parallels between natural and human-constructed worlds.

Stephen Foy-Philp creates immersive installations that blend various forms and mediums, inviting viewers to become part of the artwork, challenging their perceptions and engaging them in interactive narratives.

Alicia French delves into the uncanny aspects of everyday life, using diverse mediums to provoke discomfort and curiosity, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

Sav Goldman employs humour and satire to critique societal norms, using installation art to subvert everyday settings and challenge viewer perceptions with playful yet pointed commentary.

Jeanne Gourlaouen's sculptures combine elements of reality and imagination to critique environmental and cultural interactions, using humor to invite viewers to reflect on complex global issues.

Louise Hapton channels her diverse experiences into a practice that spans painting, sculpture, and writing, exploring deep personal and societal themes through her art.

Together, these artists form the core of the "POTLUCK" exhibition, each contributing their unique perspectives and transforming the gallery into a collective exploration of surrealism and the unconscious.

 frinin and bok, artist jonny pert, video work for potluck exhibition
‘The Wall’ by Frinin & Bok (Jonny Pert)Photo Credit: Ashley Cerrino

Their individual statements and works encourage us to question, to feel, and to see beyond the ordinary—inviting us into a world where the strange becomes the norm, and the uncanny becomes captivatingly familiar.

Additional Infos:

To See more about the Artists and please follow and go through the curators Instagram Accounts for more images, infos and artists.

Milly Aburrow, Daisy-Drew Smith and Lilly Foster-Eardley on Instagram.

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Art | Milly Aburrow
Milly Aburrow creates representations of food substances. The naive, tacky and flamboyant disposition of her sculptures scrutinise the superfluous associations within our everyday sustenance.

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