Sebastiaan Schlicher: Redefining Boundaries through Gestural Constructs

Artist Name
Sebastiaan Schlicher
puplished on
May 15, 2023
Sebastiaan Schlicher, contemporary art, artist feature

Sebastiaan Schlicher

The Concept of Noise: Merging Self and Surroundings in Art

Sebastiaan Schlicher, contemporary artist, about his work:

The core element that informs my practice is the concept of Noise.

Noise as a fundamental principle of randomness and uncertainty, and metaphorically, as a state of consciousness in which the self is merged with its surroundings and all sensory information is treated as equally important.

My drawings, sound performances, and electronic prototypes are different constructs addressing complex emotional and sensory experiences of everyday life.

I use the simplest and most fundamental means to construct complex images; there is no preparatory work, and no post-process of editing or refinement.

Immediacy takes center stage.

Through stacking and combining gestures, and following up on their existence as directives, I am trying to figure out what the image wants and forget what I want - This way I allow the image to become ever more complex in unpredictable ways.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Artworks on view in order of appearance:

Caption 1: Ghost from past summoned raw, 2023, felt-tip pen, acrylic paint marker, graphite, pigment stick and oil stick on paper, 40x30cm

Caption 2: raging spirit / the new collaborator, 2023, pigment stick, oil crayon, conté, graphite and colour pencil on paper, 40x30cm

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