A Moment of Anti-Climax: The Darkly Humorous Art of Omri Batkilin

Artist Name
Omri Batkilin
puplished on
March 26, 2023
omri batkilin, a moment of anti climax,

Omri Batkilin

Omri Batkilin

Omri Batkilin is a Painter from Tel-Aviv, currently based in Vienna. 

A graduate of the interdisciplinary art’s program in Shenkar Collage and studying for a masters in Social Design at the Universität für angewandte Kunst in Vienna. 

His work is characterised by a dark and humorous perspective on personal experiences, everyday life and political events mixed with fantasies occurring in an urban environment which he dreams about. 

The paintings describe a moment of anti climax within an unusual event, Ghost like creatures mix with confused characters of human beings - drunk, drugged, all taking part in a ceremony of hedonism. 

The streets and spaces where they gather are at times claustrophobic and banal, inspired by different cities, bars and apartments in Israel and Europe. All these try to catch a moment in time, where society ceases to function in what is considered a “normal” way, and go back to its primal deviant instincts: celebrating the disintegration of values as we perceive them in the 21st century, nothing is important and structured, hierarchy does not exist.

Images and text courtesy the artist

1.“Bad Water” | 50x60 | Acrylic on linen | 2022

2.“The Truth and Me” | 60x60 | Acrylic on linen | 2023

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