Visualizing the Bonds that Unite Us: Meta Roller's Artistic Vision

Artist Name
Meta Roller
puplished on
March 26, 2023
meta roller, contemporary art, painting, artistic vision

Meta Roller

Meta Roller

There is nothing unique to tell.

I paint what I think about us, what I think I see in you and me.

A whole new story, it does not matter if it is true.

People and animals, their things and their relationship to each other, that's what i deal with.

And I also love just muddling around with paint.

That's all. "

Images and text courtesy the artist

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1.That was when she left me for that fucking activist in rubber boots, Acrylics and coloured pencil on paper

2.It is absolutely not more unsophisticated to drink from a can than from a long-handled glass. It just depends on the music you listen to while drinking.

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