Erik Sommer |  Check out his 5 top instagram art accounts

ERIK SOMMER SHARES HIS FAVORITE ARTSY INSTA ACCOUNTS TO EXPLORE AND DISCOVER! Erik works and lives in New York as an artist, curator and founder of the Mott Projects.

Top Instagram Accounts you have to follow

Erik Sommer |  Check out his 5 top instagram art accounts

November 3, 2021
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Erik Sommer shares his selection of 5 top Instagram art accounts to follow!

Erik Sommer is an American contemporary artist who lives and works in New York. We asked the extraordinary artist and founder of the Mott projects to share his Top and favorite Instagram accounts with the Munchies art club Magazine. Eric Sommers favorites are Alessandro Stein, Art Handler Mag , Daily lazy, Post-vandalism curated by Stafano Bardsley, and Jason Gringler.

The Munchies Art Club connects with people from the art world, asking them to share their favorite Insta arty accounts, allowing us to connect with and share a fresh selection of Insta accounts that need to be checked out!

Every time we receive a list of often new to us artists, galleries, associations, projects, magazines and others moving in the spheres of the art world we are thrilled to explore and share them here with you.

Just when you think you have seen the best, a whole new range of incredible, innovative, impressive Instagram accounts are discovered.

about the website, mott projects, with artist interviews, hunter potter, felix schramm and martin lukac and many more
About Mott projects | Inspiring and informative Website from artist and curator Erik Sommer

What is Mott Projects? Mott projects is Contemporary online Art Project Space, featuring exhibitions and interviews with contemporary artists from all over the world. Mostly friends of the artist. For example exceptional artists like Gabriele Graessle, Cincy Phoenix, Tyrrell Winston, Taylor Anton White and Martin Lukac to name a few.

A selection by Erik Sommer | His 5 top Insta accounts he selected:

1.Who is Alessandro Stein from @alessandro_stein_diary on Instagram?

Alessandro Stein, is a contemporary advisor and art collector who lives and works between Milan and New York.

The collector promotes on his instagram account young emerging talent, primarily from Italian background, through his CANVVAS PROJECT. Hashtags to watch #ASD #ASDteam

When you visit the Insta page you will notice that he and his team always shares three works in a row from on artist. Mostly Contemporary Painting but also, exhibition or details of an Artwork.

This account is run by my friend and collector Alessandro. One of his other projects worth checking out is the CANVAS PROJECT, which promotes and supports emerging international artists.- Quote Erik Sommer

2. What is and who stands behind the Art Handler Mag on Instagram?

Art Handler is an online art magazine. Their Insta account shares engaging and often hilarious content about the invisible people working behind the scene.

Art Handler was founded by Clynton Lowry who is an artist, art handler, editor, and also the founder of The magazine is the first publication to make the behind-the-scenes of the art world its focus, by introducing who and disclosing how things work behind the scenes.

The Art Handler Magazine website is an informative site about art handling in the broadest sense from those who organize to those who assist, especially interesting since many artists work as assistants for other artists.

We enjoyed the interview on Art handler from Daniel Smyth where Tony Matelli talks about his time as an assistant to Jeff Koons.
But there is a great selection of reading material for everyone's taste, so be sure to check it out!

3. What is the Daily_Lazy @daily_lazy

Daily Lazy is an artists' collective and independently run blog that formed in 2011 in Athens, Greece.

With a complete focus on the artist and their work, Daily Lazy is an alternative platform that showcases new art through presentations of exhibitions, artworks and documentations of studios from around the world. The plus: You can submit your exhibition on the daily lazy website .

A great resource for exhibition news, reviews and interviews.

4. What is Post_Vandalism @post_vandalism on Instagram?

The Instagram account Post Vandalism is dedicated to contemporary artworks linked with the aesthetics and concepts of graffiti.

The account is Curated by @stefano.bardsley

Who is Stefano Bardsley?

He is the Irish artist Stephen Burke and curates not only for post vandalism but also has another side project called @pigeon_park . Bardsley works with urban space, graffiti, and graffiti removals, having co-written a book and co-directed a documentary on the subject called "Buff". He also paints and sculpts. You can find available work on Artsy.

Another site run by a friend of mine. Stefano is interested in "artworks linked with the aesthetics and concepts of graffiti."

5. Who is Jason Gringler and what is Work 2 day on Instagram?

Jason Gringler, is the person behind the Work2day Instagram page, he is a Canadian who now lives and works in Berlin. Gringler is a conceptual artist working within the medium of sculpture and painting.

“I’m always digesting and assembling different parts of art history or contemporary art. I like to know what’s going on, and I like to let that affect the work and let the work take shape over time, which is why it’s always changing.”- quote Jason Gringler via Artsy.

His work is an unorthodox reflection on the brutal, consuming nature of the cities we dwell in.

The artist has a second account about the mirror or mirroring : @m1rroring

A very popular site, Jason and I have similar interests when it comes to rough, industrial work.

We thank Erik Sommer for sharing with us, we also thank the people behind the Alessandro Stein diary, Art Handler, Daily_Lazy, Post_Vandalism, and Work2day, for so kindly permitting us to share their Insta accounts with you!

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