Dive into the World of Pop Surrealism by Artist Elize Sokolova

Artist Name
Elize Sokolova
puplished on
June 5, 2023
elize sokolova, multitasking french artist

Elize Sokolova

Multitasking Magic: A Fusion of Surrealism, Pop Art, and Contemporary Expression

About the artist: 

Elize Sokolova is a multitasking french artist based in Brussels, Belgium.

From her dreams and unconscious, her universe features surrealism in pop and intense colors.

Having started with photography and then graphic design, she now devotes herself to painting.

Recently, she has started practicing ceramics, video, and creating installations in order to bring her universe to life across multiple mediums. 

Images and text courtesy the artist:

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Falling window / Digital painting 

Caption 2: Dimension parallèle / 70x100cm / Oil on canvas 

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