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Who is Titania Seidl? The young austrian female artist portrait in Munchies Art Club Magazine . Represented by Gallery Raum mit Licht, current exhibition
DOMINO is a series of solo and duo shows, a growing group show, adding new artists every week.
We present the contemporary artist Aliki Braine. Aliki presents her work in a duo show with the artist Georgia Creimer at the Gallery Raum mit Licht.
Group Show with Walter Angerer-Niketa and Ray Malone at ZS Art Gallery Vienna
We share with you the exhibition "Forever young" presenting the contemporary artist Katharina Arndt's solo show at the Uxval Gochez gallery in Barcelona, Spain. The amazing exhibition and site specific installation opens September 15th at 19:00 within the framework of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend.
Installation Work by austrian artist Alfred Barsuglia at Gentzgasse , Währing, Vienna called The wonder.
Hans Gallery takes part in the NADA - New Art Dealers Alliance Chicago Gallery Open presenting its group show Collage. Discover the exhibition .
Siggi Hofer exhibition in our Viewing Room Feature ! At ARt Club Vesch Vienna. Discover his Show, Gift Basket online.
Participating artists: Nevin Aladağ, Christian Henkel, Anton Henning, Anne Neukamp, Susan Philipsz
The contemporary artist Karin Fisslthaler presents her work at the gallery Raum mit Licht's growing group exhibition Domino.
We are proud to present Roman Pfeffers Exhibition: Helix Simulator at Munchies Art Club.
Munchies Art Club share with you the exhibition Window Shopping with Eva Berendes and Alexandra Leykauf at Kunstverein Siegen
Curated by festival Vienna presents " Hybrid". Curator: Heidrun Rosenberg. A Groupshow at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna
The international exhibition project Antroporary responds to anthropocentric and anthropological tendencies, motifs and elements in the works of the current young generation of artists and art groups in the domestic and international environment.
The Austrian gallery Raum mit Licht and the Munchies Art Club presents the exhibition DOMINO a series of solo and duo shows, growing, adding new artists weekly. The artists present new artworks and work in progress on location. The third Duo Show of 11 presents the artists Olena Newkryta and Titania Seidl.
Markus Saile presents new paintings at NAK | Neuer Aachener Kunstverein
Timur Lukas presents new Paintings at NAK-Neuer Aachener Kunstverein.
The Austrian gallery Raum mit Licht Gallery presents the exhibition DOMINO.The exhibition takes place at the Gallery space in the Kaiserstr. 32 in the 7th district. The Exhibition can be seen online and analog at the Gallery.
Chris Murzek and Emanuel Ehgartner in Conversation at Desiderio Gallery and curated by Farshido Larimian
The Uxval Gochez gallery in Barcelona presents international emerging artists in a group show curated by the female artist Katharina Arndt and Paul Pretzer
Munchies Art Club share with you the exhibition of contemporary artists Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod presenting their artworks at the Viennese Gallery AAAA. If you have the chance and are in Vienna, take the time to visit the exceptional space in the 20th district.
Roman Pfeffer presents his work at the gallery Raum mit Licht Domino Exhibition in Vienna.
Peter De Meyer presents his conceptual piece ILL COMMUNICATION at the gallery Raum mit Licht Domino Exhibition in Vienna.
Artist Duo Irena Eden and Stijn Lernout presenting there new work Somewhere in the Mediterranean at Kunstverein Konstanz
Ernst Koslitsch presents a new work, called "the first 5000 years" at Gallery Raum mit Licht´s Group Show Domino.
Sofia Goscinski with Believer at Unttld Contemporary Vienna
Ernst Koslitsch with "We have to move the island" at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna
Munchies Art Club share with you the exhibition at Gallery Raum mit Licht called DOMINO. This week Bernd Hosa with collages and works on paper.
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