Titania Seidl | Contemporary Painting

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Represented and provided by Gallery Raum mit Licht Oil on board Unique piece 24cm x 18cm
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Titania Seidl (*1988 in Vienna, Austria) is concerned with the construction of the female self and the narrative strategies that feed into this construction. An avid reader of all kinds of fiction, Seidl is interested in both the auctorial voice (How do male narrators describe female characters? How do female authors describe their characters?) and the corruption of that voice by appropriative techniques (the re-writing happening in the translation of texts into different languages, e.g.).

Represented by Gallery Raum mit Licht, Vienna.


abstract contemporary painting, on view, spotlight, viewing room, alexandra feusi
Untitled #5 | Alexandra Feusi | 2019
portrait of the artist
Reto | Alexandra Feusi | 2020