Philipp Kummer: Redefining Boundaries and Materials in Contemporary Art

Artist Name
Philipp Kummer
puplished on
June 14, 2023

Philipp Kummer

Resonance and Perception: Unfolding Narratives in Contemporary Art

Philipp Kummer writes about his work:

While I am sitting in the studio a helicopter passes by my window.

My cat is staring at some birds.

And I think one day I should have a copy paste artist statement at hand for stuff like this.

But I kinda like it personal.

Its the same with painting really.

Its about resonance and being in the moment.

While you are working and also while you are absorbing.

Thats what I am really doing I think. Providing a reason to be aware of what you are looking at.

I like the idea of a narrative that only unfolds in the spectators mind.

The infinite power of our own perception cant be stressed enough and especially art should hold your hand only so far. 

Images and text courtesy the artis

Images on view below:

Caption 1: can I have a feel / 160x150cm / oil and acrylic on canvas 

Caption 2: immer nur schwimmen gehen / 120x110cm / ink and oil on canvas 

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