From Visible Chaos to Harmonious Art: David Rosado Discusses His Unique Artistic Journey

Welcome to our exclusive feature on David Rosado, a visionary contemporary artist whose work captivates and challenges.

In this intimate interview, discover how David Rosado merges street art with modern artistic expressions, creating profound dialogues within his pieces that resonate deeply in today's societal context.

David Rosado in his studio, promising emerging artist portrait
David Rosado -> The Artist in his Studio | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Explore his thoughts on material selection, the impact of technology on art, and his personal anecdotes that shape his creative landscape

Born in 1976 in the historic city of Évora in Portugal, Rosado has carved a niche in the art world with his innovative interplay between street art and contemporary artistic expressions.

David Rosado, installation view, xf gallery
David Rosado: Square one Installation -> XF Gallery | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Currently based in Lisbon, he continues to challenge and redefine the visual narratives of our time.

Current Exhibitions

David Rosado's art is currently showcased at the Rich Art Gallery in Taiwan as part of the group show called "Beautiful Chaos" alongside artists like Zdenek Konvalina, Kebeyo Chen, Fu Ning, Eve Suh, and Eric Stefanski.

關於大雋藝術 大雋藝術是由資深收藏家轉而經營的畫廊,致力於帶進世界級的藝術品。「大雋」意味優秀、才智出眾、雋永深長以及高峻之峰,因此大雋藝術希望能夠站在美學品牌的高峰上,並給於新興藝術家一個可被看見…

Rich Art Gallery Taiwan

This exhibition, curated by Rich Art Gallery, highlights the diverse yet harmonious blend of styles and themes that contemporary art encompasses.

Artistic Journey and Philosophy

Rosado's artistic journey began at the University of Évora, where he earned a degree in painting and multimedia art in 2004.

David Rosado, promising emerging artist, xf gallery exhibition
David Rosado: The X mark the pedwalk in XF gallery | Image Courtesy by the Artist and Gallery

This foundational education not only honed his technical skills but also instilled a deep appreciation for the diverse materials and mediums in art.

His choice of materials is always intentional, tailored to enhance the message and impact of each piece.

elon musk painting by David Rosado
David Rosado:Froggy fresh, 2023 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

His art practice is deeply ingrained in the daily routine, embracing the laborious process of creation with a near-robotic dedication.

His studio work is a dynamic explosion of ideas, where mistakes are as celebrated as successes, contributing to the layers and complexity of his creations.

David Rosado, installation view, sculpture now, promising Portuguese painter
David Rosado: Fresh | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This process, which he describes as producing visible chaos, is fundamental to achieving harmony within his artworks.

Recognition and Impact

David's unique approach and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

He was awarded third place in the prestigious Ariane de Rothschild Prize, an accolade that significantly boosted his recognition across Europe, particularly in Italy and Spain.

His work rigorously engages with each piece, striving for a balance that speaks both to the individual and the collective zeitgeist.

Artistic Themes and Contemporary Relevance

Rosado's works often draw from the vast repository of contemporary society images available on the internet, blending them with street art elements to comment on modern life's complexity and fragmentation.

David Rosado in his studio, working on an multi layered artwork
David Rosado in his Studio | Image Courtesy by the Artist

His art challenges the viewer to consider the boundaries between the digital and the physical, the individual and the collective.

In our contemporary world, where art often intersects with social and environmental issues, Rosado's work is particularly poignant.

It invites viewers to reflect on their relationship with the environment and the built world.

Through his art, Rosado contributes to important discussions about identity, society, and the role of art in contemporary discourse.

Exclusive Interview with David Rosado

In an exclusive interview, David Rosado shares insights into his creative process, inspirations, and the unique challenges he faces in today’s rapidly changing artistic landscape.

new faces in contemporary pop art now 2024, David Rosado
David Rosado : Portrait of an Contemporary pop up Artist | Image Courtesy by the Artist

He discusses how his daily routines, interactions, and online discoveries are interwoven into his artworks, creating a dialogue between his internal creative world and the external realities of contemporary society.

David Rosado, contemporary painting
David Rosado:He bought a horse named Diamond | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Your work combines street art with contemporary expressions and draws from daily routines and 'visible chaos'.

Can you discuss how you balance these elements in your art?

How do routine and online inspirations shape your themes and creative choices?

Living art as an integral part of everyday life is the essence of my creation.

Every detail, every interaction, even the most mundane ones, are inputs for my artistic expression.
I am driven by unwavering discipline and an obsession with extracting meaning even from the most trivial.

My creative journey is a constant balancing act between what I experience, communicate, and absorb, filtering each element to incorporate it into my work.

Whether it's politics, random information, or personal experiences, everything is validated and transformed into layers of expression in my paintings and sculptures.

However, I acknowledge the challenge posed by new technologies and social media, which accelerate consumption and question the artistic validity.

David Rosado, new contemporary emerging artist from Portugal
David Rosado: Artwork " Wrinkle Joe" | Image Courtesy by the Artist

The speed and ephemerality of these platforms seem to question everything I have learned and valued in the past, as if a bridge between the past and the present is being destroyed.

We are in an era of adaptation, where appreciation for what is historical and artistic is often left behind in favor of immediacy.

Amidst this whirlwind, my obsessive routine of seeking something deeper in art assumes a crucial role.

David Rosado, new faces in contemporary art now
David Rosado: Artwork | Image Courtesy by the Artist

While the public may hesitate to recognize certain forms of expression as legitimate art, my mission is to take art beyond expectations, challenging conventions and expanding the boundaries of what is considered artistic.

It is a challenging journey, but essential to ensure that art remains relevant and meaningful in a world of constant change and adaptation.

You select materials based on their relevance to each piece. Can you discuss how you choose specific materials for your projects and how they enhance the message of your art?"

Selecting the right materials is crucial for each piece, a decision that goes beyond mere choice of physical elements.

David Rosado, artist
David Rosado:O Caçador | Image Courtesy by the Artist

In my studio, I see this as a selective thought exercise, where every technical or creative challenge is an opportunity to explore solutions.

David Rosado, textile artwork
David Rosado: Textile Artwork | Image Courtesy by the Artist

At times, I question everything, from the materials to the very fundamentals of things.

Painting isn't confined to just paint and paper or canvas; it's a world that stems from the initial impulse of painting, whether in street art or academic painting.

Many new artists prioritize the message before the foundations, but my approach is different. To me, having well-defined foundations is essential to create something objective.

david rosado, artist , contemporary artwork, baleia
David Rosado: Baleia | Image Courtesy by the Artist

It’s almost like getting to know ourselves throughout life; the more time passes, the better we know what we want.

The same applies to art. I don’t blame young painters, but rather the art schools that neglect applied teaching.

Exploration of Individuality and Historical Layers:
"Your work delves into the individual markings of human beings and their interactions with both history and the environment.

How do you use these elements to construct narratives in your art, and what message do you hope to convey about the human condition through these stories?

The unique marks each person carries shape our lives and interactions. In my artistic endeavors, I delve into these marks, observing how they reflect my choices and experiences.

David Rosado in his studio, Portugal
David Rosado: in his Studio working on a painting | Image Courtesy by the Artist

One experience that profoundly influenced my work was when I decided to participate in a porn casting.

This choice stemmed from my constant quest for new perspectives and experiences that could infuse a sense of playfulness into my artistic expression.

By venturing into this unfamiliar environment, I encountered challenges and opportunities for personal growth, which, ironically, became a source of inspiration for my creations.

I saw a casting ad in the newspaper and, in a mix of curiosity and a desire for fun, I decided to sign up.

When I got there, I found a line of men lined up, all ready to act out a cheesy movie scene: a girl lost in her aunt and uncle's house.

wallpiepe and scultpre, painting, David Rosado
David Rosado: Art Practice with Artwork | Image courtesy by the Artist

Despite the strange atmosphere, I joined the game.

I was lying on a red bed with matching curtains when the action started.

David Rosado, contemporary painting and artwork
David Rosado:Lets Fucking Speed It Up | Image Courtesy by the Artist

The girl began the scene, touching my leg, when suddenly, to my surprise and amusement, an almost centenarian man entered, attached to a life support system.

That was too much even for me, so I ran out, forgetting my shoes behind. I had to come back to retrieve them, and, to my surprise, they threw the shoes at my head.

Amidst all this confusion, I ended up chatting with some people and getting to know different realities.

These bizarre situations are what keep us alive at work and change our perspectives.

You've highlighted the profound connection between art and everyday reality, particularly how everyday objects can evoke deep memories and emotions.

Could you share how you select and transform these ordinary objects in your work to evoke such personal and collective memories, and why this aspect is important to your artistic expression?

For the gathering human, contemporary art is more than just aesthetics; it's a way to give voice to forgotten objects, to reclaim their dignity and meaning.

It's a testimony to human creativity and the ability to find beauty even in the most unexpected places.

“My work is a continuous process, permeated by errors, challenges, and experimentation, but eventually becomes rewarding due to the coherent line of thought I always maintain.

These errors often lead me to discover new paths, guiding me to the true essence of what I wish to create.

David Rosado: Artwork | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Sometimes, I start a piece with an idea in mind, only to see everything unfold in unexpected directions.

It’s like an ongoing sketch that evolves daily. There’s no deliberate selection of materials; everything fits and unfolds naturally, driven by persistence and the creative journey.

Furthermore, with each series I develop, I consider the dialogue between the pieces.

David Rosado, installation view, promising emerging artist
David Rosado: Baleia 2 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

If I incorporate a specific element, such as a mosquito net instead of canvas, I strive to associate this element in other pieces to harmonize and unify the idea. Everything serves a purpose and contributes to the integrity of my work.

It’s something I feel happens unconsciously, but in the end, everything comes together and reflects who I am as an artist.”

Recognition and Awards:
"Having placed third in the Ariane de Rothschild Prize, how has this recognition impacted your career, particularly in international circles like Italy and Spain?

"I received a small monetary prize, but on the same day, I lost the gallery I was working with (🤣).

The only thing that was worth it was the money, as I had bills to pay. I believe that sometimes the art system is cruel and does not recognize the sacrifices artists make to stay afloat."

Societal Impact and Future Directions:
"Your art reflects on contemporary issues and incorporates historical insights.

What role do you see for art in sparking discussions on societal topics? Looking forward, what new themes or techniques are you eager to explore?

“When I look to the future, I perceive a certain uncertainty hanging in the air, but this is not uncommon during periods of transition in art history.

We are experiencing a phase of profound changes that affect not only the world around us but also people themselves.

I would like you to see my work as something that began with a simple idea and has evolved over time, maintaining its essence.

Despite changes in materials and approaches, it’s important to highlight the element of evolutionary freshness present in my works.

There is meticulous study behind every detail, even seemingly simple elements, like a stone with eyes 👀, as portrayed in the piece ‘Buddha Smile’.

David Rosado installation view, pop art now
David Rosado: Installation view | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This work not only reflects contemporary reality but also addresses issues such as the exacerbated narcissism driven by social media and the negative consequences of excessive exposure, often overlooked, such as mental illnesses.

Additionally, I have increasingly incorporated natural elements into my work, seeking to relate the meaning of the artistic object to aesthetic and spatial reconfiguration.

This brings the lightness of natural elements into a constructed environment, creating a connection between nature and art.”

Perhaps this is how I would like my work to be analyzed 🤠.

Additonal Infos:

As we continue to delve into David Rosado's art and its implications for contemporary art practice, we anticipate a rich dialogue about the role of creativity and innovation in addressing some of today's most pressing issues.

David Rosado: Fresh | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Rosado's work exemplifies the power of art to not only reflect but also shape our understanding of the world.

This feature is a must-read for art lovers, collectors, and fellow artists eager to understand the intricate layers and vibrant chaos that define Rosado’s art.

Plataforma de Arte contemporânea.

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David Rosado, studio view now
David Rosado in his Studio
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