Exploring the Fusion of Traditional Craft and Contemporary Art with Ndagijimana Alphonse

Ndagijimana Alphonse's art is as rich and colorful as the tapestries he makes.

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Born in 1994 in Rwanda and raised in a large family with 11 siblings, Alphonse was first introduced to craft through his father, a talented tailor.

ndagijimana alphonse, artist, new artist and student form contemporary art rwanda
Ndagijimana Alphonse: Ndagijimana Alphonse in his studio at the Art University Linz (Graphic and Painting class guided by Prof. Ursula Hübner) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This early experience sparked his interest in the arts, leading him to study graphic art at the Nyundo Art School in Rwanda. There, he began developing his unique artistic approach.

Now studying at  Linz Art University in Austria, under the mentorship of Professor Ursula Hübner, Alphonse is perfecting his unique style.

He combines traditional sewing techniques with modern painting and collage to create canvases that are more than just art—they capture key moments of societal change.

ndagijimana alphonse, artwork, munchies art club, art student, observatory
Ndagijimana Alphonse: Two Brothers and on blue line | Image Courtesy by the Artist

His work mixes the lasting traditions of his East African heritage with contemporary influences, showcasing the changing stories of his country and the wider world.

Alphonse's art is deeply involved with the textures and materials he uses. Each piece is a conversation between fabric and paint, weaving together historical and current narratives.

His creations act as a bridge, highlighting the shifts in culture and society over time—a visual reflection on how things change, viewed through the eyes of an artist straddling different cultural identities.

ndagijimana alphonse, new work promising art student from rwanda, now on view
Ndagijimana Alphonse: "Blue Moon" | Image Courtesy by the artist

At Linz Art University, Alphonse has broadened his skills and themes, blending graphic design with textile techniques to challenge traditional art boundaries.

His work argues powerfully for merging age-old crafts with modern art forms.

ndagijimana alphonse, mixed media work, promising emerging artist , rwanda, contemporary art now
Ndagijimana Alphonse | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Alphonse isn’t just making art; he's creating a visual story that speaks to history, culture, and identity, resonating with a wide range of viewers.

As his art continues to grow, it stands out in the world of contemporary art, encouraging audiences to think differently about the stories woven into the fabric and paint he uses.

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