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In this edition of the Art Observatory series, we spotlight Martin Fink, a promising art student and contemporary painter from the Department of Ursula Hübner at the University of Art and Design Linz.

martin fink

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Fink's journey into the art world brings a refreshing blend of innocence and wit, marking him as a noteworthy emerging artist.

martin fink, emerging promising artist now, austria
Martin Fink: “Letztes jahr kindergeld”, 2023 | Image Courtesy by the artist

Martin Fink, a promising art student, is beginning to make his mark, with his work being featured in several respected venues.

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This exposure underscores his potential as an emerging talent in the art world.

His significant exhibitions include "Die Aneignung" at the LENTOS Kunstmuseum in Linz, a solo exhibit "Objecting Objects and Other Curiosities" at Alte Stickerei in Fußach, "Bananale" at the Altes Unigebäude in Linz, and "Soaring and Falling" at Hauptplatz23 in Linz.

Martin fink, contemporary painting now, forrest, green
Martin Fink: “(ich bin ein) Wälder" , 2023

Furthermore, Fink is set to further establish his reputation as an up-and-coming artist through his involvement in the much-anticipated group exhibition "Display Displaced This Place," taking place on May 10th at St. Bartlmä in Innsbruck.

Born in 1998 in Dornbirn, Austria, Martin Fink has since relocated to Linz, where he is currently completing his diploma in Painting & Graphic Arts.

lentos museum, exhibition, martin fink, painting, apples, new and now
Lentos Museum Linz: Martin Fink on View with “von blinden köpfen und früchten”, 2022-23 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Under the tutelage of the esteemed department led by Ursula Hübner, Fink has honed a distinctive artistic voice that bridges traditional techniques with contemporary narratives.

Fink’s artistry is characterized by what might first appear as naivety, yet upon closer inspection, reveals a clever layering of humor and critique.

His style is infused with a unique visual language that captures the viewer's attention, inviting them to explore deeper meanings and narratives woven into his works.

Personal and autobiographical elements are a constant in Fink's paintings, offering a glimpse into the artist's life and thoughts.

Martin Fink draws significant inspiration from historical art movements, especially Dutch and Flemish painting.

martin fink, emerging contemporary artist, painting now
Martin Fink: “DAS HAB ICH ALLES NICHT SO GEMEINT”, 2023 | Contemporary painting | Image Courtesy by the Artist

His deep fascination with symbolism is skillfully woven into his contemporary pieces, allowing him to reinterpret these traditional elements in a modern context.

This blend of history and innovation adds a rich depth and enduring appeal to his work, engaging a broad spectrum of viewers.

Martin Fink's approach to art masterfully combines introspection with engagement, creating a vibrant space for dialogue.

His works invite viewers to explore familiar themes with fresh perspectives, fostering a rich interplay between personal reflection and communal interaction.

This seamless integration of internal and external elements gives his art a compelling depth that captivates a broad audience.

Martin Fink embodies the exciting potential of new artists from the University of Art and Design Linz.

His skillful combination of historical art influences and contemporary experiences brings a fresh relevance to his work.

As he continues to evolve and refine his style, the art community is keenly watching, anticipating the future achievements of this promising painter.

martin fink, artist, contemporary painting,  class ursula hübner, art university linz, now
Martin Fink: “letztes jahr kindergeld (vorbei)”, 2023-24

Keep an eye out for more updates on Martin Fink's progress and adventures in graphic and contemporary painting.

Follow Martin Fink on Instagram for more artworks, projects and upcoming Shows.

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