New Talent Showcasing 10 Tomorrow Artists: A Collaboration Between Professor Ursula Hübner and Munchies Art Club

Munchies Art Club is excited to have teamed up with Professor Ursula Hübner from the University of Art and Design Linz for our latest Art Observatory series.

10 Artist to discover on Instagram:

1. Emil Klostermann, 2. Ida Jesenberger 3. Karim Hussein 4. Anton Adamer 5. Hendrick Dialer 6. Sarah Mühlbacher 7. Ndagijimana Alphonse 8. Katya Ovechkina 9. Sibel Koschinski 10. Martin Fink

This collaboration spotlights the work of 10 promising art students from the Department of Painting and Graphics, offering a glimpse into the future of contemporary art.

contemporary artists now, artist Karim huessein in best of painting by young artists
Karim Hussein - Promising Contemporary Artist Now in Contemporary Painting from the University of Art and Design Linz (Class of Prof. Ursula Hübner) | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Over the past three weeks, we have featured the diverse and innovative creations of these emerging talents on our platform.

The artistic practices of the selected artists are incredibly diverse.

They range from contemporary paintings and sculptures to mixed media works, photography, objects and installation art. Each artist employs a unique approach, showcasing a wide variety of techniques and styles.

Art Observatory - Munchies Art Club Magazine
Welcome to the Art Observatory, where burgeoning talents from art universities and fresh faces in the art scene converge. They are the new voices shaping the art of tomorrow, igniting the cosmos with boundless creativity and innovation. Join us as we witness their stellar ascent.

Art Students and Artist of Tomorrow

Their unique contributions and creative visions reflect bold explorations of identity and provocative takes on societal norms. 

The quality and variety of their works are a testament to Professor Hübner's dedication to nurturing creativity and innovation in her students.

contemporary artists now, Anton Adamer, showcase his new works, a sculpture like an installation
Anton Adamer: New Contemporary Artist Now in Sculpture (Class of Prof. Ursula Hübner) at the University of Art and Design Linz | Image Courtesy of the Artist

It has been a pleasure working with the students of Professor Hübner, whose commitment to fostering innovation is instrumental in shaping the next generation of contemporary artists.

art university linz, austria, presentation of a student work
Presentation at the University of Art and Design Linz: Exploring a Wallpiece by Contemporary Artist Hendrick Dialer | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Through this initiative, Munchies Art Club remains dedicated to providing a space for artistic expression and dialogue, connecting art lovers and collectors with new and influential voices in the art community. 

Join us in celebrating these artists and their contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.

10 Art Students from Art University Linz, Austria to discover:

  1. Emil Klostermann

Emil Klosterman provocative work, recently featured in exhibitions like Die Aneignung and Intervention at the Lentos Museum Linz, explores themes of identity, societal norms, and the pursuit of perfection.

emil klostermann, new promising artist, munchies art club introduce students from art university linz, ursula hübner,
Emil Klostermann - Work Presented at the Lentos Museum Linz in Collaboration with Art Students and the Class of Ursula Hübner | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Noteworthy pieces include Cunty nr. 3 and Chris Moser, which delve into gender roles and societal expectations, and Der Pfirsichfresser, a vivid portrayal of desire and destruction.

Klosterman’s art, characterized by its deep engagement with social issues and personal narratives, challenges viewers to reflect on the complexities of contemporary life.

Emil Klostermann: A Convergence of Art and Identity
Art Observatory Series presents: Emil Klosterman Emil Klostermann is the latest artist featured in our Art Observatory series promising student artists from Art Universities. Klostermann is Currently studying Painting and Graphics under Professor Ursula Hübner at the Art University Linz. Klostermann’s work boldly navigates the intersection of socio-political themes and

Emil Klostermann on Instagram

  1. Ida Jesenberger: Portrait of Emotions

Ida Jesenberger´s work captures a deep emotional resonance, inviting viewers to explore her use of color and form that vividly express human experiences.

Ida Jesenberger: A Portrait of Emotion and Experience
Explore Ida Jesenberger’s art with Munchies Art Club, where emotions meet reality in captivating paintings.

Her art, prominently featured in Munchies Art Club's recent series, invites deep reflection, making her a notable presence in contemporary art circles.

Ida Jesenberger on Instagram

  1. Karim Hussein: Exploring Identity and Nostalgia

Meet Karim Hussein (1995) , a promising artist from Linz, Austria. His distinctive style, marked by cloudy, vibrant colors, explores themes of cultural identity and nostalgia.

Karim’s work ranges from still lifes to self-portraits, each piece imbued with a mix of humor and melancholy.

More about his work and his new developments on Instagram.

Anton Adamer: Exploring the Intersection of Material and Method in Modern Art

Anton Adamer is an emerging artist from Graz, Austria.

His artistic practice spans various media, including photography, printmaking, and abstract painting, with recent explorations in materials like concrete and metal.

installation art now 2024, anton adamer
Anton Adamer - Promising Artist in Mixed Media, Sculpture, and Installation Art (University of Art and Design Linz) | Image Courtesy of the Artist
new sculptor in contemporary art, material work with neon color, Wallpiece
Minimalist Neon Color Wallpiece in Detail by Anton Adamer, a Young Promising Sculptor from the University of Art and Design Linz | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Anton's work is characterized by an experimental approach that places the material itself at the forefront, challenging traditional perceptions and techniques.

His innovative methods and dynamic use of different media make him a distinctive voice in the contemporary art scene.

Anton Adamer: Exploring the Intersection of Material and Method in Modern Art
Discover the artist Anton Adamer as he challenges traditional norms by using unusual materials to craft his distinctive artworks.

Anton Adamer -> Read more

For more details on Anton's work and artistic journey, visit Anton Adamer´s Instagram profile.

  1. Hendrick Dialer: Art Beyond Borders as Global Dialogue

Hendrick Dialer is an innovative artist based in Linz, Austria.

Dialer's work is notable for its exploration of themes related to national identities and international relations, often depicted through the use of flags and vibrant colors.

contemporary artists now, hendrick dialer, art student
Hendrick Dialer: Contemporary Artist's Work "Mica" on View | Image Courtesy of the Artist

His project "Embassy" reflects on the visual language of diplomacy, using symbols and color palettes to convey complex narratives about identity and communication.

Hendrick Dialer: Art Beyond Borders as Global Dialogue
Explore the vibrant world of artist Hendrick Dialer in this captivating spotlight, delving into his unique vision and thought-provoking creations

Dialer's unique blend of mediums, including unconventional materials like wood and aluminum, challenges traditional artistic norms and offers fresh perspectives on contemporary issues.

art now, working in the studio, promising artist, art university linz, hendrick dialer
Munchies Art Club Magazine Team Loves the Art Practice and Developments of Artist Hendrick Dialer Working on His Sculpture | Image Courtesy of the Artist

For more about his work and artistic journey, visit Hendrick Dialer Instagram.

  1. Sarah Mühlbacher: Capturing Life's Quiet Corners with Vivid Strokes

Sarah Mühlbacher, an emerging artist from Linz, is known for her layered oil and watercolor depictions of everyday life.

She recently finished her studies in Linz, receiving her diploma in fine art in early 2024.

The scenes she portrays in her works—whether a tranquil living room or a silent street at night—are imbued with a sense of the familiar, disrupted by startling elements.

Sarah Mühlbacher: Capturing Life’s Quiet Corners with Vivid Strokes
Explore the captivating world of Sarah Mühlbacher, an emerging artist from Linz, known for her layered oil and watercolor depictions of everyday life

Sarah’s artistic statement reveals her deep engagement with the quotidian yet intimate spectacles of daily life.

Sarah Mühlbacher on Instagram

  1. Ndagijimana Alphonse: Weaving Threads of History into Modern Canvases

Ndagijimana Alphonse is a talented artist currently studying at the University of Art and Design Linz.

new faces in contemporary art, ghana, ndagijimana alphonse
Ndagijimana Alphonse: Weaving Threads of History into Modern Canvases | Image Courtesy by the Artist
culture influence, memory in contemporary art now, promising artist ndagijimana alphonse
Ndagijimana Alphonse: Themes like identity and memory emerge in his art practice | Image Courtesy by the Artist

His artistic practice explores themes of identity, memory, and socio-political issues, often incorporating mixed media and vibrant colors to convey deep emotional narratives.

Ndagijimana Alphonse: Weaving Threads of History into Modern Canvases
From our Art Observatory series, discover Ndagijimana Alphonse, a Linz Art University student revolutionizing art with his unique blend of sewing, painting, and collage. Explore his journey and impactful creations today.

Alphonse's work is marked by a unique blend of personal and cultural reflections, making his pieces both introspective and universally relatable.

Ndagijimana Alphonse on Instagram

  1. Katya Ovechkina: Exploring Intimacy and Trauma

katya ovechkina, contemporary painting now, works on paper, in her studio at art university linz
Katya Ovechkina in Her Studio at the University of Art and Design Linz | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Katya Ovechkina is an emerging artist currently studying at the University of Art and Design Linz.

Her artistic work encompasses various mediums, with a strong focus on digital art, painting, and surface design.

Exploring Intimacy and Trauma: The Artistic Journey of Katya Ovechkina
Katya Ovechkina is the second Artist we feature from the Class of Ursula Hübner, Department Graphic and Painting from Linz. It’s about Intimacy and trauma.

Read more about Katya Ovechkina on Munchies Art Club

Katya's pieces often reflect her love for nature, color, and light, drawing inspiration from floral and natural elements to create vivid and emotive artworks.

Katya Ovechkina on Instagram.

  1. Sibel Koschinski: Exploring the Artistic Realm

Sibel Koschinski´s work explores themes of identity, sensory perception, and natural elements, utilizing natural pigments and materials to create a diverse array of sculptures, paintings, and room installations.

Born in Germany, she has lived and worked in various countries, enriching her artistic perspective.

One of her notable projects is "Yörük," inspired by her time in the southern Anatolian Taurus Mountains.

New Faces in Contemporary Art: Exploring the Artistic Realm of Sibel Koschinski
Explore the immersive world of Sibel Koschinski’s artistry, where sensitivity and fragility converge in captivating installations and evocative paintings

Dive deeper and explore in detail the work of Sibel Koschinski

This series reflects her exploration of her nomadic roots, using pigments collected from the paths her family historically traveled.

Sibel Koschinski on Instagram

  1. Martin Fink: Vibrant Paintings and Apples

Martin Fink is an emerging artist from the University of Art and Design Linz.

His work primarily focuses on painting, with a particular interest in the subject of apples.

Fink’s paintings are known for their detailed and vibrant depiction of this everyday object, transforming it into a subject of deep artistic exploration.

contemporary new emerging artist, martin fink,  in contemporary painting
Discover the Contemporary Painting by Martin Fink, a Promising Artist from the University of Art and Design Linz | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Fink has showcased his talent at notable venues, including the Lentos Art Museum, where his work has been recognized for its unique approach and execution.

Martin Fink: Emerging Talent from the University of Art and Design Linz
Discover Martin Fink, Austria’s emerging art talent from the University of Art and Design Linz, captivating audiences with his unique contemporary style

Read more about Martin Fink on Munchies Art Club

His paintings not only capture the visual appeal of apples but also invite viewers to appreciate the subtleties and complexities within a simple form.

Instagram Martin Fink

Additional Informations:

Follow "Malerei. Linz," the Instagram channel of Prof. Ursula Hübner's class.

You will have the chance to see upcoming and current projects, individual artworks, and various activities from this vibrant and diverse class.

Kunstuniversität Linz: Malerei & Grafik

Department Painting and Graphic -> Prof. Ursula Hübner -> Website

Who is Ursula Hübner:

Ursula Hübner is an acclaimed artist whose practice spans painting, drawing, installation, and performance.

Her work is characterized by its exploration of identity, memory, and the subconscious, often delving into themes of transformation and the human experience.

Ursula Hübner
Eine persönliche Website von Ursula Hübner, einer Künstlerin und Professorin für Malerei und Grafik.

Ursula Hübner -> Website

Hübner's paintings are known for their vivid colors, dynamic compositions, and a dreamlike quality that invites viewers into her imaginative world.

Special thanks to Olga Shcheblykina for gathering information from the students, resharing it, and helping us create a stunning workflow with the art students and Prof. Ursula Hübner.

Olga Shcheblykina

Olga Shcheblykina

Your efforts have been invaluable to our collaboration. Thank you!
Here is Olga Shcheblykina on Instagram.

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