Exploring Identity and Nostalgia: The Artistic Journey of Karim Hussein

In collaboration with the class Ursula Hübner, an art Professor of painting and graphic arts at the University of Art in Linz, Munchies Art Club Magazine proudly presents "Art Observatory," a series that sheds light on the early stages of emerging artists' careers, offering insight into their creative journeys and showcasing a selection of their work.

Our inaugural spotlight falls on Karim Hussein.

Kalium hussein, art student, discovery and profile art observatory, promising emerging contemporary art kunstuni linz
Karim Hussein: In front of his paintings | Class of Prof. Hübner -> Professor of painting and graphic arts at the University of Art in Linz | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Artist Statement: Karim Hussein

Karim Hussein, born in 1995 in Linz, currently resides and creates in the vibrant cities of Berlin and Vienna.

Karim Hussein: Presentation Open House -Rundgang an der Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Since the winter of 2018, he has been immersed in the study of painting at the University of Art and Design Linz.

Guided by the mentorship of Ursula Hübner at the Kunstuni Linz and later by Friederike Feldmann at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin, Karim has cultivated a distinct artistic style characterized by its cloudy, color-intensive application of paint.

karim hussein, artwork, oil painting, new faces in contemporary art and painting now
Karim Hussein: Artwork from his self portrait series | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This unique technique serves as his visual language, through which he explores the dualities of humor and melancholy present within his work.

Yet, amidst the depths of melancholy, there exists an unwavering thread of optimism woven into his canvases.

Karim hussein, artist , oil painting artwork with a horse
Karim Hussein: Powerful Painting from an promising Artist -> Artwork: "Thank you" -> oil on canvas 145×135cm | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Karim's paintings traverse a spectrum of subjects, from poignant still lifes to introspective self-portraits and everyday objects imbued with personal significance.

Through his art, he embarks on a voyage of introspection, delving into themes of cultural identity and nostalgia.

Karim hussein, oil painting, promising artist and contemporary painter from austria
Karim Hussein: genie in a bottle -> 150×140cm -> oil on canvas -> 2023 | Image courtesy by the Artist

As he approaches the culmination of his graduate studies, Karim aims to push the boundaries of his artistic exploration further, delving deeper into the thematic veins that course through his work, and continuing to evolve as a dynamic force within the contemporary art scene.

karim hussein, new and fresh art from kunstuni linz art university in contemporary painting
Karim Hussein: Selbstporträt im hohen Gras -> 135×125cm -> oil on canvas | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Follow Karim Hussein on Instagram and follow his journey and his developments for upcoming projects and exhibitions and new works. Also Follow the Class of Prof. Ursula Hübner: Linz Malerei on Instagram and discover a new generation of artists in the making.

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