Artist Spotlight on Laura Weiss: Promising Artist In Textile, Works on paper and Painting in Contemporary Art

Discover The Enchanting World Of Laura Weiss, A Promising Young Artist Born In Vienna In 1999.

She Has Been Captivating Audiences Since We At The Munchies Art Club Magazine First Encountered Her Work.

Currently Residing In Linz, Austria, Laura's Artistic Exploration Persists, Seamlessly Weaving Together Elements Of Fantasy And The Tangible World.

Laura Weiss already familiar to our team at Munchies Art Club, stands out as one of the Promising Emerging Talents we're excitedly following. 

contemporary painting now, promising emerging artist laura weiss
Promising Artist Laura Weiss with her solo exhibition: " Haben Sie diesen Hund gesehen?" (Have you seen this dog)" at Kunst im Bad, Linz Austria | 2023 | Image courtesy of the artist

Known for her distinct art practice and contemporary flair, Laura stands out as a promising artist of her generation.

laura weiss artist profil on Munchies Art Club Magazine
Laura Weiss with Artworks in her Studio | Photo: Max Niederer

‍Her unique perspective and artistic prowess were showcased in Munchies Art Club open Call and our summer project "Creating A World Of Mischievous Mischwesen" last year, and ever since she continues to amaze us with her inventive approach to art.

laura weiss Soroptimist prize salzamt Linz, emerging artist austria 2024
Soroptimist Prize Salzamt Linz with a Group-show of the winners: (right the Pink artwork of Laura Weiss), Linda Luse, Beate Gatschelhofer, Lydia Waldhör und Sarah Braid | 2023 | Image Courtesy Salzsamt and Soroptimist Prize

In 2023, Laura celebrated a year filled with notable accomplishments, Including the 2nd prize for the Soroptimist Künstlerinnen-Preis at the Salzamt Linz and a nomination for the Simacek Art Award in Vienna.

This was complemented by her participation in the group exhibition "(Ich, immer)" (I, Always) at Kunstoffizin Linz alongside Leo Neuhauser.

Laura weiss, kunstoffizin linz, group show, current,
Laura Weiss: Auf "(ich, immer)" | Group Show with Leo Neuhauser | Kunstoffizin Linz, Austria | 2023 | Photo: Jana Ehls

‍Her exhibition at Frisiersalon Linz ( the concept is a window shopper exhibition) ,  entitled "Hunzi&Benzi" and the Solo Show, whimsically titled "Haben Sie Diesen Hund Gesehen (Have you seen this dog?)," was a standout event at Kunst im Bad Linz.

laura weiss artist painting now
Laura Weiss: Kunst Bad Linz, Exhibition "Have you seen this dog" Solo Show | 2023 | Image courtesy the artist


Laura's art practice is a colorful tapestry of media and techniques, spanning stunning paintings, intricate drawings, textile works, and sculptures. 

Her large-scale installations, reminiscent of toylike dollhouses and plasticine figurative settings, are a testament to her imaginative prowess. 

In her art, animals frequently serve as substitutes for humans, or she explores the complex relationships between animals and humans in a manner that is both characterful and socio-politically charged.

laura weiss contemporary painting now, promising emerging
Laura Weiss -> Der lange Mensch, der Lange Hund, Benzi | Contemporary Painting | Image Courtesy by the Artist
textile art, emerging artist laura weiss with a sculpture flamingo
Laura Weiss -> Schwimmflamingo | Wool, fabric, latex, paper | approx. 120x100x40cm | 2022-23 | Images Courtesy

‍Her works create an enchanting universe where extended limbs, anthropomorphic creatures, and surreal scenarios converge. 

This unique blend invites viewers into a world where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and the line between reality and fantasy blurs. 

new contemporary painting now, female artist laura weiss
Laura Weiss: Flamingo Ingo | Oil on Canvas | 95cm x95cm | 2021 | Image Courtesy of the Artist

installation view detail, plastilin , promising emerging artist austria 2024
Laura Weiss: From her Solo Exhibition at : Come closer, adore me, don't touch DOM Gallery, Riga (LV) 2022 | Image courtesy the artist

Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, and her humorous yet insightful observations of everyday life, Laura's art resonates with authenticity and depth. 

Laura Weiss painting of a cat in pink, emerging art from Austria
Above: Laura Weiss: Kittycat | Acrylic and spray paint on Canvas | 140cm x 200cm | Images Courtesy by the Artist

Laura Weiss is celebrated for her art, which combines a distinctive, playful, and thought-provoking approach that resonates with audiences. 

laura weiss frisier salon artist exhibition modern art new faces in contemporary art Austria
Laura Weiss: Benzi&Hunzi | Solo Exhibition at Frisiersalon Linz Austria | 2023 | Photo: Julia Tasler-Rager

‍Her ability to challenge artistic norms has made her a respected figure in the art world, where she constantly pushes boundaries and sparks inspiration. 

Laura's work is a testament to her innovative spirit, leaving a lasting impression on the contemporary art scene.

emerging artist laura weiss, dom gallery exhibition view riga
Laura Weiss Installation View from her solo show at DOM Gallery Riga | 2022 | Image Courtesy of the Artist

We encourage you to explore Laura Weiss's Work On Instagram, show your support by following her, and stay tuned for upcoming projects, shows, and exciting new adventures.

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