Art Observatory Series presents: Emil Klosterman

Emil Klostermann is the latest artist featured in our Art Observatory series promising student artists from Art Universities.

Discover the Next Generation: 10 Emerging Artists from the University of Art and Design Linz, Austria, Mentored by Prof. Ursula Hübner
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Department of Painting and Graphics, Mentored by Prof. Ursula Hübner

Klostermann is Currently studying Painting and Graphics under Professor Ursula Hübner at the Art University Linz.

emil klostermann, artist, portrait
Emil Klostermann -> Artist Portrait -> Photo: Agnes Hofinger

Klostermann's work boldly navigates the intersection of socio-political themes and personal narratives.

His latest exhibitions feature impactful displays at the Lentos Museum Linz.

Innovative Exhibitions and Thought-Provoking Works

Klostermann’s recent showcases, such as Die Aneignung at Lentos Museum, underscore his adeptness in merging conceptual depth with aesthetic intrigue.

emil klostermann, queer , art student, 2024
Emil Klostermann -> Cunty Nr. 3 -> Drawing | Image Courtesy by the Artist

One of his standout works, "Cunty" Nr. 3, presented at Bananale V at the Alte Kunstuni Linz, looks into themes of gender, beauty, societal expectations, and identity.

The artwork prompts viewers to reflect on the elusive nature of perfection and the inner turmoil that comes from striving for an unattainable ideal.

lentos museum, linz, austria, oil painting by emil klostermann
Emil Klostermann: Chris Moser -> Oil and charcoal on canvas -> "Die Aneignung" Lentos, Linz | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Another notable piece with "Chris Moser", displayed in the "Die Aneignung" exhibition at Lentos, uses oil and charcoal on canvas to explore everyday challenges and the weariness that comes from defying societal norms.

Die Aneignung" at the LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz features "Paraphrases on the Lentos Art Collection," where 20 students from the Painting & Graphics department of the Kunstuniversität Linz have visited the museum's current collection exhibition. Each student engaged deeply with a selected artwork of their choosing. Link to the Show

This work references the portrait "Miriam" by Marie Louise-Motesicky, highlighting the constant battle against conformity.

The Peach Eater

In his more recent work, "Der Pfirsichfresser," Klosterman blends oil paint, varnish, pigment, lipstick, and a handkerchief on canvas to forge a compelling visual story.

oil painting by emil klostermann, peach eater, queer, art
Emil Klostermann: "Der Pfirsichfresser" -> Ölfarbe, Lack, Pigment, Lippenstift & Taschentuch auf Leinwand | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Exhibited at Bananale IV, this painting is paired with a poem (translated from German) that deepens its emotional impact.

Heavily, coarse fingers pierce the tender, hard shell. Unripe flesh resists in vain. Bulbous limbs wrap around the green peach, attempting to breach its light fur. At last, they crack the hull, yet the core shatters, spoiling the sullen fruit remains. The Peach Eater eagerly devours his juicy fingertips, tearing at the next.

This pairing of image and words invites viewers into a profound exploration of these themes, stirring deep reflections on the nature of longing and the consequences of our pursuits.

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Modern Series and the Challenge of Identity

Klostermann's series "Modern Cruising" features various profiles in oil, acrylic, and charcoal on canvas, displayed at the Cravings Spectacle in Vienna.

The artwork is hung above at eye level with traces of a sexual act depicted below and a noticeable perfumed scent surrounding the pieces.

emil klostermann, installation, art
Emil Klostermann: Modern Cruising | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This series pushes the limits of what is socially acceptable and explores deep-seated desires both physical and emotional.

The piece "Maskerade," a C-print on high gloss Kodak photo paper mounted on Alu-Dibond, is part of an exhibition called "In Relation" at the Hiddenspace in Linz.

emil klostermann, contemporary photography, queer art
Emil Klostermann: "Dramatic" Photography, Exhibited at Perspektivenwechsel, Peuerbach | Image Courtesy by the Artist

It portrays the challenge of identity and acceptance with its use of exaggerated makeup and false lashes, encouraging viewers to appreciate diversity and challenge norms in a society that often values conformity.

Artist's Statement and Vision

Emil Klostermann's art tackles gender roles, beauty standards, and discrimination, using his technical skills and influences from pop culture, film, and theater to deepen its impact.

His work often includes installations and curated elements, designed to spark conversation and encourage viewers to think deeply.

Emil Klostermann: "internalized hatred" -> "internalized hatred" -> create your world Ars Elecronica Festival, Linz & Identitäten Garage Grande, Wien

Emil Klostermann's art boldly addresses gender roles, beauty ideals, and discrimination, blending his technical skills with themes from pop culture, film, and theater to enrich his expression and resonance.

His work extends beyond traditional formats, often incorporating installation and curatorial elements to provoke thought and engage viewers in meaningful dialogue.

emil klostermann, exhibition view, munchies art club magazine review
Emil Klostermann: Installation View | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Through these varied endeavors, Klostermann invites deep reflection on contemporary issues and personal identity, establishing himself as a promising voice in the art scene.

His adept integration of art with critical social dialogues ensures his work remains both relevant and impactful.

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