Art Observatory presents the Young Artist Katya Ovechkina

Delve into the captivating world of Katya Ovechkina, a young visual artist based in Vienna, as she navigates themes of personal experience, intimacy, and trauma through a diverse range of mediums.

katya ovechkina, in her studio, an article of new faces in contemporary art observatory
Katya Ovechkina: Studio View | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Katya Ovechkina is a young Art Student and next on our List from the Class of Prof. Ursula Hübner from the Art University Linz which we invited to showcase her work and give us insights about her developments in Art.

katya ovechkina, emerging art from vienna, linz art scene , promising artist overview
Katya Ovechkina: Studio at her Home | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Katya Ovechkina Artist Statement:

Katya Ovechkina's artistic practice delves into the depths of memory and fear, weaving together personal experiences of loss, abandonment, and grief.

katya ovechkina, Exhibition view, munchies art club, works on paper, Salvadore Vivian curator
Katya Ovechkina: I have some space for you in my feet but it's all mine, watercolor on paper installation view at the group show funny island, Vienna 2024 | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Across various mediums such as painting, ceramics, photography, and installation, she explores the ever-changing nature of daily life and living situations, blurring boundaries and transforming fleeting moments into tangible objects.

katya ovechkina, promising emerging artist currently studying at art university linz, class Ursula hübner
Katya Ovechkina: Work in Progess | Image Courtesy of the Artist
katya ovechkina: artworks, installation view, modern art, works on paper now
Katya Ovechkina:Installation view at the group show OBSESSION/s. 'For Each Treasured, Happy Memory, Like a Sweet Forget-Me-Not': Personal Diaries from 2004 to Present, Ceramics, Stones, Wooden Table, 200 x 80 x 70 cm, 2024 | Image Courtesy of the Artist

With a passion for ceramics and glazing, Katya finds fascination in the unpredictable nature of the process, often experimenting with unconventional materials like cigarette ash.

Photography serves as a means of documentation and storytelling, as she combines personal photos with texts, building new narratives and connections.

katya ovechkina, promising artist, studio view, work practice, malerei Linz
Katya Ovechkina: Studio View | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Through her ongoing diary-keeping practice, Katya offers glimpses into her inner world, encapsulating emotions through watercolor drawings and short notes.

katya ovechkina, promising art student and selection of class Ursula hübner, malerei Linz
Katya Ovechkina: Untitled, oil on cardboard, 70x100cm, 2023 from the series All the creatures I’ve ever lost | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Recently, her diaries spanning from 2004 to 2024 were showcased at the group exhibition "OBSESSION/S," curated by Salvatore Viviano at WHA Gallery in Linz, Austria.

Follow Katya Ovechkina on Instagram , the Class of Ursula Hübner or the Linz Malerei Account on Instagram, too.

We say thanky our to the Team of Class Urusal Huber especially Olga Shcheblykina to organize the collaboration with Munchies Art Club Magazine

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