Painting the Human Condition

Ida Jesenberger is an emerging artist who is refining her skills at the University of Art in Linz, where she studies under the guidance of Professor Ursula Hübner.

ida jesenberger in front of her paintings, spotlight artists, now
Ida Jesenberger: In front of her Paintings | Image Courtesy of the Artist

At just 20 years old, Ida splits her time between Linz and Vienna, drawing on the rich cultural tapestry of both cities to inspire and shape her artworks.

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ida jesenberger, spotlight special, art university linz, art observatory featured artist
Ida Jesenberger:  Untitled, gouache on canvas, 80 x 40 cm

Ida explores the depths of human emotions and the nuances of personal relationships through her art.

Her preferred mediums, oil paints and gouache, are carefully applied to canvases and wooden panels, resulting in artworks that convey both intimacy and a sense of expansiveness.

ida jesenberger, contemporary painting now austria, promising artist spotlight, figurative and blurry
Ida Jesenberger: Sleep, oil on canvas, 160 x 110 cm | Image Courtesy of the Artist

The Essence of Portraiture

Central to Ida's work are portraits.

Unlike traditional portraiture focused on precise physical likenesses, Ida strives to capture the essence of emotion and mood.

The subjects of her paintings—often those from her immediate surroundings or herself—are portrayed lost in thought, seemingly unaware of the viewer's gaze.

This introspective approach invites audiences to contemplate the emotional landscapes that Ida so vividly renders.

Themes of Distance and Connection

Recurring themes in her work include distance and connection, elements that resonate deeply in today's world.

ida jesenberger, painting, figurative, new talents and spotlight artist
Ida Jesenberger: 3:15 am, oil on wood panel, 100 x 80 cm | Image courtesy of the Artist

Ida explores these concepts through her paintings, reflecting on her personal experiences and relationships.

Her artworks serve as a canvas for discussing the delicate dance of intimacy and isolation in todays human interactions.

Blurring Realities

Ida's technique involves a creative play of colors and forms, where body parts are multiplied and extended beyond their natural boundaries.

This method helps blur the lines between the internal psyche and external reality, creating a dynamic interplay that challenges viewers to decipher the seen from the unseen.

Photographs often serve as a reference in her creative process, allowing her to capture and immortalize fleeting moments that are later transformed into elements of her paintings.

An Invitation to Explore

Ida Jesenberger's work is a profound exploration of the human spirit, painted across a backdrop of personal narrative and broad artistic inquiry.

As she continues her studies and refines her skills, the art world eagerly anticipates the evolving portfolio of this promising young artist.

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