Sibel Koschinski: Sensitivity, Fragility and Identity

In our ongoing series, Art Observatory "Art Students - New Faces in Contemporary Art," we at Munchies Art Club explore the work of art student Sibel Koschinski.

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She is currently studying under Prof. Ursula Hübner at the Art University Linz.

Exploration of Identity and Sensory Perceptions

Sibel Koschinski's artistic journey revolves around the visual exploration of themes such as identity and sensory perceptions.

Using mainly natural pigments and materials, Koschinski crafts a diverse artistic repertoire spanning sculptures, paintings, and room installations.

Immersive Installations: Inviting Viewers to Reflect on Sensitivity and Fragility

Koschinski's installations aim to create a space that provides a sense of freedom for viewers to experience and reflect on their own emotions and perceptions of their surroundings. She describes her creative process this way:

"Sometimes creating for me is an act of relief and at the same time a valve to communicate how I perceive and feel experiences that happen in life. This body of work is about sensitivity and fragility - my own and those of others."

About the Installation:

Her recent body of work explores sensitivity and fragility, drawing from her own personal experiences:

"Due to my health last winter, I was faced with my own fragility, and at the same time, observing the people around me was one of the only things left I was able to do.

Noticing the duality within this topic - on the one side the strength and gentleness within sensitivity to see and walk through the world cautiously and with eyes more open and on the other side more intense feelings of pain and the struggle that comes with it.

While the inner installation made of small ceramic sculptures aims to immerse the viewer to reflect on their own perception, the outer layer of paintings is dedicated to the influence the surrounding has on us how it leaves it’s traces.

sibel koschinski, painting now, promising new art from austria, 2024
Sibel Koschinski: ‘gente touch of summer rain’ / natural pigments (Austria) on canvas (27x20cm) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

'gentle touch of summer rain':

A depiction of soft touches of water on the body, leaving tender traces barely noticeable, made in the rain.

sibel koschinsky, contemporary painting now and promsing emerging artist
Sibel Koschinski: ’we fell asleep underneath the mulberry tree’ natural pigments (southern Anatolia/Turkey) on canvas (210x140cm) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‘we fell asleep underneath the mulberry tree’:

Explores the connection between identity and self-perception to one's roots, painted during a stay with nomadic relatives in southern Anatolia as part of the series ‘Yörük’.

'a soft breeze carries me home no. 01 / 02':

Crafted with the intention to translate sound into a visual language, using natural pigments from the Canary Islands in Spain.

In conclusion:

Sibel Koschinski's art encourages viewers to pause and connect with their own feelings.

Her installations and paintings thoughtfully blend strength and vulnerability.

As she explores human emotions, Koschinski is ready to engage and inspire art enthusiasts, collectors, and curators around the world.

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