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Open Calls for Artists

URL: munchiesartclub.com/open-calls-for-contemporary-artists

Open Calls for Contemporary Artists

Step into the spotlight with our exclusive open calls tailored for contemporary artists.

Showcase your studio, highlight your artworks on Contemporary Artworks Daily, and participate in special open calls for artists and galleries.

Apply now to enhance your visibility, connect with art enthusiasts, and elevate your artistic career.

Press Room for Galleries, Institutions, Art Fairs, and Exhibitions (soon)

URL: munchiesartclub.com/press-room

Headline: Press Room: Opportunities for Galleries, Art Fairs, and Exhibitions

Welcome to our Press Room, a dedicated space for galleries, art fairs, projects, exhibitions, and curators.

Showcase your events, share your projects, and connect with a vibrant community of arts professionals. Elevate your profile and gain visibility in the contemporary art world.

Contributor Opportunities for Curators, Writers and Art Professionals

URL: munchiesartclub.com/contributors

Become a Contributor: Showcase Your Expertise

This is a special call for curators, art writers, podcasters, and social media managers in the gallery sphere.

We celebrate the artsy individuals who often work behind the scenes.

Now is your time to shine—showcase your work, share your expertise, post your projects, and present your ideas and interviews with emerging artists and the broader art industry.

Join us and let your voice be heard in the contemporary art world.

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