2024: Parallel Vienna Showcases at Otto Wagner Areal for the second time. Join together with Munchies Art Club this special Art Fair

Parallel Vienna 2024 , the contemporary art fair, takes place at the Otto Wagner Areal Vienna ( 14th district) from 11.09. - 15.09.2024, for the second time, presenting a cross-section of contemporary art as an alternative major event.

Parallel Vienna 2024 will transform vacant Art Nouveau pavilions ash the Otto Wagner Areal into a contemporary art showcase.

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Parallel Vienna 2024: The annual alternative Art Fair as Overview on Munchies Art Club Magazine

This event highlights young, emerging, and established artists, merging Austrian and international art initiatives including galleries, project spaces, and artist collectives.

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For the first time, the fair will feature performances and music in the Otto-Wagner-Areal theater.

A new food truck area will enhance the experience. The fair's unique setting among historic pavilions and nature fosters networking and exchange among artists, curators, collectors, and visitors, while also addressing the site's history during the Nazi era.

Save the date PARALLEL VIENNA awaits you!

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Parallel Vienna 2024: For the Second Time, the Event Takes Place at Otto Wagner Areal, Baumgartner Höhe, Showcasing the Largest Contemporary Art Exhibition in Vienna

The Essence of Parallel Vienna


Parallel Vienna distinguishes itself through its innovative use of distinctive venues, continually repurposing vacant and historical buildings as exhibition spaces.

This approach not only breathes new life into these structures but also provides a unique and dynamic backdrop that goes beyond traditional white-walled galleries, enhancing the experience of viewing contemporary artworks.

Diving Deeper Into Vienna Parallel 2023: Art, Artists, And The Unforgettable Experience
Join Us As We Dive Deeper Into The World Of Contemporary Art And Explore The Creative Minds Behind The PARALLEL VIENNA 2023. Discover Fresh Perspectives And Encounter Both Familiar And Emerging Faces In The Dynamic Realm Of Contemporary Art.

PARALLEL VIENNA at Munchies Art Club Magazine

From the Otto Wagner Areal at Baumgartner Höhe to the Semmelweis Clinic Währing, and Zollamt to various other extraordinary locations, the team at Parallel Vienna utilizes these intriguing spaces to create compelling settings that elevate the artworks.

Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2023: Unveiling The Vibrant Contemporary Art Of Vienna!
Welcome To The Vibrant World Of Vienna Parallel 2023, Where Historic Buildings at Otto Wagner Areal, Transform Into Temporary Canvases For Contemporary Art.

PARALLEL VIENNA 2023 - Every year we visit the PARALLEL VIENNA Art Fair and discover promising Artists

Additionally, Parallel Vienna features noteworthy side projects such as Parallel Sculpture Park and Parallel Editions, further expanding its cultural impact and artistic reach.

white and green dome building parallel vienna, 2024
Otto Wagner Areal -> Parallel Vienna 2024 -> -> Photo by Quentin Schulz / Unsplash

What is Parallel Vienna?

Parallel Vienna is an annual art fair that has revolutionized the art scene in Vienna since its inception in 2013.

This event transforms vacant and unconventional spaces into vibrant art venues, providing a platform for both established and emerging contemporary artists.

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Parallel Vienna 2024: At Otto Wagner Areal, invites you to the dive in contemporary art. Over 600 Artists, Image Courtesy Munchies Art Club Magazine

Parallel Vienna brings together a diverse range of art initiatives, including art associations, galleries, project spaces, off-spaces, and artist spaces, from Austria and around the world.


Stefan Bidner | Artistic Director
Daniel Haider | Managing Partner
Alexander Knechtsberger | Managing Partner
Robert Ramsauer | Managing Partner
Julia Harrauer | Curatorial Assistance
Anna Hajdinyak | Exhibition Assistance
Melanie Röhr | Social Media Assistance
Lena Zotti | Graphic Design Direction

Selection of Artworks, Installations, Project Statements, and Artist Statements from Parallel Vienna Curated Over the Past Few Years

This unique fair aims to connect local artistic creation with international trends, fostering networks and promoting exchange between artists, curators, collectors, and exhibition visitors.

Artists are on location, allowing you to chat with them, discuss their art practice, and dive deeper into the world of tomorrow's artists. You can even purchase directly from these emerging talents.

parallel vienna, 2023
Parallel Vienna: Institutions like Kunsthalle Graz presented Beate Gatschhofer with a Solo Presentation in 2023 | Image Courtesy of Munchies Art Club

Munchies Art Club has featured many of these artists online, offering a platform to discover and revisit their exciting talents. Highlighted are exciting artists who have participated in Parallel Vienna, underscoring the vibrant and emerging art scene.

christian eisenberger
Christian Eisenberger-Sculpture Work 2022 -> PARALLEL VIENNA

This article serves as an evergreen guide to Parallel Vienna, updated annually with the latest highlights and developments.

What to Expect at Parallel Vienna 2024

Venue and Location:

Parallel Vienna 2024 promises to deliver a series of captivating special exhibitions and installations that will engage visitors in new and exciting ways.

Parallel 2023 -> Painting Rade Petrasevic Büro Weltausstellung | Image Courtesy by Munchies Art Club

Concept and Program

The concept of the fair combines galleries, project and artist statements with institutions. An extended range of performative and culinary offerings will be provided, including live acts and performances, such as those in the Art Nouveau Theater at the Otto Wagner site.

These exhibitions are designed to showcase both emerging and established artistic practices, often presented in unconventional spaces, which is a hallmark of the fair.

PARALLEL VIENNA: grow every year and last year the stats art the biggest, a facts overview: and Exhibitors and Artists: + 600 Artists in total + 30 Artist Statements + 50 + Gallery Statements + 50 Project Statements +10 Institutions + 7 Special Shows10 + Interventions + 7 Special Shows + 25 Partners

Artist Statements ( Solo Presentations Emerging and Mid Career Artists:

Maximiliano Leon emerging and promising Artist on Munchies Art Club Magazine|
Discover the work of promising Artist Maximiliano Leon. Here on Munchies Art Club Magazine an Interview.

This is a curated section which includes artist with one room each in the building in every artist expression possible and technic to showcase there work in a solo presentation.

Munchies Art Club Focus on Artist Statements at Parallel every year to discover new Faces in Contemporary Art

Munchies Art Club highlights contemporary artists, featuring works from different years by talents such as Karo Kuchar, Ernst Koslitsch, Zweintopf, Carlos Vergara, Christian Rothwangl, and Maximiliano Leon to name a few.

Carlos Vergara: New Face in Contemporary Art at Parallel
Carlos Vergara, a promising emerging artist based in Vienna, showcased his new installation at Parallel Vienna Art Fair. We took a closer look!
Zweintopf | Artist Couple From Styria Austria
Zweintopf are Eva and Gerhard Pichler an Artist Couple from Styria Austria. Munchies Art Club present an overview about there art practice

Previous Years at Parallel Vienna

Parallel Vienna 2023

Parallel Vienna 2023 -> Sujet and invitation | Image Courtesy the Art Fair

2023 Review: Otto Wagner Areal, Baumgartner Höhe, Vienna

Artist Christian Rothwangl With Gallery Krinzinger At Parallel Vienna With A Solo Presentation
Christian Rothwangl promising emerging Artist from Vienna on view with his Gallery Krinzinger at Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2023

Parallel Vienna 2023 was held at the Otto Wagner Areal, Baumgartner Höhe, providing a unique historical backdrop for contemporary artworks.

Read our full review of Parallel Vienna 2023 here.

Parallel Vienna 2022

2022 Review: At Semmelweis Clink, Währing (Second time)
In 2022, Parallel Vienna took place in the repurposed former women's hospital, featuring diverse artworks and interactive installations.

Parallel Vienna 2021

2021 Review: At Semmelweis Clink, Währing
The 2021 event transformed a historic women's clinic into an art venue, showcasing a blend of modern and historical art. Read our full review of Parallel Vienna 2021 here.

Parallel Vienna | Semmelweis Clinic a must see art fair
Parallel Vienna at Semmelweis Klinik a historic building in Vienna full of Art, Galleries, Institutions: Discover with us the alternative Art Fair

Previous Parallel Vienna Review ( 2021) - Review

Artists and Artworks which we discovered from 2021 and showcased them on Munchies Art Club Magazine:

Karo Kuchar: Expanding Contemporary Painting A Portrait by Munchies Art Club
Karo Kuchar: Discover the innovative art practice of the Vienna-born artist making waves in Paris with her unique blend of installations and contemporary art.

Karo Kuchar - Munchies Art Club

Ernst Koslitsch with his Yellow Universe and the Ideas around Systems of Beliefs
Ernst Koslitsch with his sculpture work “Yellow Universe” and an Interview about Beliefe and creating worlds

Ernst Koslitsch Munchies Art Club

Planning Your Visit

Vienna has an excellent public transport system, making it easy to organize your trip to the fair.

Please note, dogs are not allowed in the area.

parallel vienna
Galerie 3 presents Terese Kasalicky at PARALLEL VIENNA 2023

We recommend buying tickets online directly from the Parallel Vienna website.

Highglights for Visitors:

  • Opening and Closing Parties: Celebrate with artists, collectors, and art lovers at the legendary preview and after-parties.
  • Food and Gastronomy: Enjoy a variety of culinary delights.
  • 2024 Special Features: Performances and theatre productions.
  • Special Events: Exhibitions, installations, and more.

Conclusion: Parallel Vienna: A Must-Visit for Art Enthusiasts

Parallel Vienna offers a unique blend of contemporary art in historic and unconventional settings, making it an essential event for art lovers.

This evergreen article serves as a comprehensive and continually updated resource for anyone interested in Vienna’s vibrant art scene.

Updated annually, it provides the latest information about Parallel Vienna. Check back regularly for new insights, or stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter.

Additional Informations and Art in Vienna 2024

Exploring Vienna:

Take advantage of your visit to explore Vienna’s rich cultural offerings, including museums, galleries, and historical sites.

The Start of the Fall/Winter Art Season:

Parallel Vienna marks the strong beginning of the contemporary art season in fall. Simultaneously, Vienna Contemporary and the Curated by gallery festival take place, enriching the city's art scene.

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Vienna Contemporary Art Fair with Munchies Art Club Magazine: Review

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Curated by Vienna: The Ultimate Guide for the Gallery Festival, An Art Lover’s Paradise
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Open Call 2024:

For the past three years, our team (Munchies Art Club) has visited artists and Galleries, exploring the vibrant world of contemporary art at the Parallel Vienna.

We invite artists for in-depth articles about their work and practice, supporting young and mid-career talents. Our platform highlights galleries, installations, and special artworks that capture our attention on the Parallel Vienna Art Fair.

Open Call: Are you an Artist, Gallery or an Institution and participating in this year's Parallel Vienna art fair? Write to us or join the conversation below in the comments!

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