Explore Yuma Radne's Mythical Worlds in Contemporary Painting

Yuma Radne is a promising artist in contemporary Painting, born in 2001 in Ulaan Ude, Buryatia-Mongolia.

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Yuma Radne: An Artist Portrait and Spotlight on a Promising Emerging Artist Celebrating Her Heritage in Contemporary Painting | Photo: Ruben Binnendijk

Known for her unique artistic style, Radne draws inspiration from her heritage as a descendant of the Buryats, an indigenous Mongol people. Currently on view at Candid House Projects .

Her artwork often features mythical and surrealistic elements, incorporating vibrant colors and symbolic references to her Mongolian roots.

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Yuma Radne: Artwork (Painting) - "Evolution" | Image Courtesy of the Artist

With exhibitions in various locations, including a recent showcase at the Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angeles, Radne is quickly gaining recognition in the art world.

Yuma Radne | Steve Turner
Steve Turner is pleased to present I Am Angry, a solo exhibition by Yuma Radne, an artist of Buryat heritage, born and raised in Ulaan Ude, a city in Siberian Russia just north of Mongolia. The exhibition features paintings that are inspired by life in her homeland, a place of complicated identity, a hub on

Yuma Radne at Steve Turner L.A

A Blend of Heritage and Modernity

Radne's artwork is deeply rooted in her heritage.

Growing up in Ulaan Ude, Buryatia, her paintings often feature mythical and surrealistic elements that draw inspiration from the people, places, and traditions of her life.

yuma radne, contemporary painting, 2024
Yuma Radne: Promising new face in contemporary art with fantastic, mythological painting. About the Artwork: The composition features a spritely creature riding a fantastical fish. The creature, with its elongated limbs and whimsical form, embodies a sense of movement and fluidity, blending seamlessly with the aquatic environment. This integration of the figure with its surroundings blurs the boundaries between the natural and the mythical, a hallmark of Radne's work. The intricate details, from the texture of the fish's scales to the delicate folds of the creature's clothing, demonstrate Radne's meticulous attention to detail and her skill in creating an immersive narrative. This piece, much like her other works, intertwines her personal heritage with universal themes, making her a compelling figure in contemporary art. | Image courtesy of the artist

This blend of heritage and modernity creates a distinctive visual language that captivates and engages viewers, allowing them a deeper understanding and immersive insight into her cultural and artistic narrative.

Color plays a significant role in Radne's work, serving both as a formal consideration and a symbolic one.

For example, her use of blue references a Mongolian saying, "Under the great blue sky, there are blue Mongol people."

The intense contrasts in her paintings, such as the vivid ochre sky in "Dance, Dance to My Song Hypnotique" (2023), heighten the surrealistic atmosphere of her work.

yuma radne, highlight contemporary painting, steve turner gallery, blue color, Los Angeles
Yuma Radne: Artwork - "The Weight of Water", 175x275 cm - Contemporary Painting - Steve Turner Los Angeles | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Recent Exhibitions and Recognition

In her recent exhibition at the Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angeles, titled "The Weight of Water," Yuma Radne depicted nude, spritely creatures within sprawling landscapes and socially nuanced aquatic scenes. 

These paintings showcase her unique style, incorporating vibrant colors and symbolic references to her Mongolian roots.

yuma radne, unterwater, painting now, 2024, munchies art club magazine
Yuma Radne: "Underwater Lullaby," 130x170 cm, 2023 - Painting | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Radne's Buryat heritage significantly shapes the themes and symbolism in her artwork. 

As a descendant of the Buryats, an indigenous Mongol people native to Buryatia, Siberia, her art celebrates her cultural roots and traditions. 

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Buryatia Mongolia | Image courtesy of the artist

Through her sensitive and poetic figurative paintings, she honors the ancient practices of her people while challenging orientalist misinterpretations.

mongolia kid, playing on ice sea,
Yuma Radne - Mongolia | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Her work serves as a platform to depict the origins, histories, and contemporary lives of the Buryat people, offering a glimpse into their cultural experiences and ethnic identity. 

yuma radne, studio view daily, 2024
Yuma Radne - Artist Studio | Image Courtesy of the artist

Radne's paintings, characterized by a unique symbolic lexicon, reflect the vulnerability and empowerment of her heritage, creating a visual narrative that intertwines personal experiences with cultural history.

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Yuma Radne: "Painting dumplings" - Contemporary Painting | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Inspired by the rich cultural tapestry of the Buryat people, Radne uses vibrant colors and mythical elements in her art. 

This fusion of traditional heritage and contemporary expression emphasizes the importance of cultural identity in her work. 

By weaving elements from her Buryat heritage into her art, Radne bridges the past and the present.

Yuma Radne is celebrated for her unique blend of mythical and surrealistic elements rooted in her Buryat heritage. 

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Yuma Radne: Portrait | Photo: Ruben Binnendijk

Her vibrant use of color and rich symbolic references create a captivating visual language that brings her paintings to life. 

Angry Girl - newcube.
A small size painting by London-based artist Yuma Radne, Angry Girl may be interpreted as an emotional self-portrait. One of the first works from Radne’s Angry People series dedicated to ethnic minorities in Siberia who suffer a silent genocide. With a furrowed brow, a woman is depicted in colorful, thick brushstrokes.

Available Artwork -> Yuma Radne

By merging traditional cultural elements with modern artistic expression, she stands out as an exceptional artist. 

Yuma Radné on Instagram: “I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!”
yumaradne on December 11, 2023: “I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!”.

Yuma Radne on Instagram -

As Radne continues to gain international recognition, her work offers a profound exploration of cultural identity and heritage, making her creative journey one to watch for future contributions to contemporary art.

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