Our Brand New Feature, Where We Delve Into The Mesmerizing Artistry Of Dimitris Gketsis, An Artist Whose Journey Unfolds Through Prestigious Exhibitions Like "Love After Love" And "Suddenly Last Summer", Showing At The Prestigious Breeder Gallery As Well As The Esteemed Rebecca Camhi Gallery (Both In Athens). Join Us On A Visual Exploration Of Gketsis' Unique Blend Of Classical Aesthetics And Contemporary Vision.

Dimitris Gketsis in his Artist Studio in Athens in front of his stunning sculpture work | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Born in Athens, Greece, in 1993, Dimitris Gketsis is a visionary sculptor whose journey through the world of fine arts is nothing short of extraordinary. 


‍Graduating from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2016 marked the inception of his artistic exploration. 

dimitris gketsis resin sculpture, modern mythological touch greece and roman empire
Dimitris Gketsis at Breeder Gallery Athens: The Fault in our Stars | Image Courtesy by the Artist And Gallery

In September 2017, he furthered his studies by embarking on the MA Sculpture Programme at the prestigious Royal College of Arts (RCA) in London.

‍In 2014, amidst his studies at ASFA, Gketsis seized a unique opportunity to study under the tutelage of Klasse Olaf Nicolai at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Munich. 

‍This experience broadened his artistic horizons and set the stage for his remarkable career. His artistic journey includes active participation in various group projects, both within Greece and internationally, including a residency program at Art Motile in Madrid. 

Notably, Gketsis collaborated with Sergio Zevallos for documenta 14, a testament to his growing influence in the contemporary art scene

In the Studio with a work in progress by athen based emerging artist : Dimtiris Gketsis

Exhibition View | The Breeder Gallery Athens | Dimitris Gketsis with "The fault in our Stars" | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Gketsis' artistry finds its voice in resin sculptures that echo the essence of marble reliefs found on ancient Roman and Greek monuments. 

A seamless fusion of classical aesthetics with a modern touch defines his distinctive style. 

His creative narrative is brought to life with the presence of female figures, hybrid entities, and animals, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of mythology.

Deeply reflective, Gketsis delves into the impact of post-colonial and patriarchal contexts on our current societal landscape. His creations serve as a visual exploration of how historical forces have shaped the contemporary era. 

breeder gallery, best gallery in athens, showcased his talented and emerging artist dimitris gketsis
Dimitris Gketsis in his artist Studio Athens. A sculpture in the making 

Departing from the conventional portrayal of the white, male Man of Reason prevalent in classical art, Gketsis introduces a visionary perspective. 

‍His cyborgian creations depict hybrid, diverse beings, suggesting alternative hierarchies and subjectivities. 

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Within his works, traditional boundaries between male and female, black and white, human and animal seamlessly dissolve.

The Breeder Gallery Athens Greece, Dimitris Gketsis with "The fault in our Stars" Cooper Wallpieces installation view | Image Courtesy by the Artist and Gallery
Insight the Breeder Gallery with Dimitris Gketsis Scultpur | Image Courtesy by the Artist and Gallery

Gketsis' protagonists defy the constraints of fixed, coherent identities, offering a liberated sense of self rich with possibilities. 

His critique of societal norms and advocacy for a new politics of identity are conveyed with a touch of satire and humor. 

Dimitris Gketsis_The fault in our stars | THE BREEDER

The Breeder Gallery Website

Infused with influences from pop Greek culture, fashion, and music, his sculptures inspired by antiquity incorporate contemporary references. 

Pieces like "Woman Warrior" and "Social Visibility" seamlessly integrate elements from the latest Balenciaga campaigns and the iconic Schiaparelli corset, presenting hybrid androgynous representations of the female figure.


One of Gketsis' significant solo exhibitions took place at the renowned Breeder Gallery Athens.

dimitris gketsis breeder gallery athens , the very best of art galleries in greece now on view munchies art club magazine
Dimitris Gketsis, The Fault in our Stars, 2022, exhibition view, The Breeder Feeder, Athens

In collaboration with the gallery, the artist provides a curated selection of images and impressions, offering a unique insight into his art practice and showcasing some installation shots exclusively for Munchies Art Club Magazine.

Dimitris Gketsis
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Dimitris Gketsis -> Website

Munchies Art Club Magazine expresses gratitude for the enlightening studio insights, exhibition views from the Breeder Gallery, and the delightful collaborative work with Dimitris Gketsis.

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