Deloar's Unique Blend Of Vibrant Colors And Imaginative Reconstructions Offers A Fresh Perspective On Urban Structures, Making Him An Essential Artist To Follow On Instagram.

In the contemporary art world, where the boundaries of expression are constantly being pushed, André Deloar stands out as a Contemporary Painter who redefines the portrayal of architecture in art.

andre deloar in new contemporary painting now at munchies art club focus on abstraction and architecture
Andre Deloar Studio Portrait | Image Courtesy by the Artist | Photo: Raisa Durandi

In the contemporary art world, where the boundaries of expression are constantly being pushed, André Deloar stands out as a Contemporary Painter who redefines the portrayal of architecture in art.

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Born in 1975 in Freiberg, Germany, and now working out of Zürich, Deloar's journey has led him to a unique niche where he transforms architectural elements into compelling abstract canvases.

ANDRÉ DELOAR : Questioning Abstraction and Architectural Structures in Contemporary painting

Over the last three years, André Deloar has broadened his artistic focus to include new, familiar, and well-known architectural fragments.

andre deloar artist, contempoary painting now
The Black Tent_v1 by André Deloar | Image Courtesy by the Aritst

At the heart of his artistic investigation is the perception of volume within space, a concept he explores through the integration of supportive, disruptive, or occasionally 'misleading' elements.

By using this method, he continues to emphasize the deep contemplation and scrutiny that are key to his art.

contemporary painting now
The Cut_v1 | André Deloar | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍In The Past Year André Deloar Has Been Honored With The Prix Maud Mottier 2023 For Painting And Has Published A Book Titled "Reminded Views: Paintings From 2015-2023.

His Solo Exhibition "Restricted Views" At Josef Filipp Gallery,Spinnerei, Leipzig, Was A Significant Milestone, Offering An In-Depth Look Into His Evolving Style.


In today's dynamic art scene, André Deloar emerges as an innovative force, reshaping how we perceive and interact with architectural themes in the realm of painting.

His birth in Freiberg, Saxony, in 1975, set the stage for a journey that would see him evolve into a talented artist, now creating from his Zurich studio.

andre Deloar exhibition view contemporary new paintings 2024
Andre Deloar: The Cut v1 | Installation View | Galerie Schilling by Contemporary painter André Deloar |Image Courtesy by the artist

‍Deloar's artistic path has been marked by a deep engagement with the essence of architectural forms, a pursuit that has led him to masterfully convert the rigid lines and structures of urban landscapes into mesmerizing abstract art pieces.

This unique fusion of architecture and canvas places Deloar at the forefront of contemporary artistic innovation, challenging and expanding the traditional boundaries of fine art.

andre deloar and his art practice working on a new contemporary painting now
Andre Deloar art practice | Studio View | Zurich Switzerland | Image Courtesy by the Artist
andre deloar architecture abstract paintings munchies art club
André Deloar in his Studio Zürich, Switzerland | Photo : Jenny Jey Heinick


andre deloar exhibition andre deloar hdk zurich
Andre Deloar: Exhibition View :The Gap at ZHdK | André Deloar | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Notable shows include a Solo exhibition at Collection N. Schilling, Banque CIC, Neuchâtel, in 2023, "The Plateau" at Kunstzeughaus, "The Fridge v1" at Kommunalka Leipzig, and "Architektur" in Neuchâtel, each offering a unique glimpse into his exploration of architectural forms​​​​​​​​​​​​.


Deloar's approach to painting is deeply rooted in his fascination with architectural forms.

This interest is not just limited to the visible aspects of buildings but extends into the realm of speculative reconstruction.

Deloar Works From Real Life... The Paintings Are Created In This Subjunctive Manner, Which Emphasizes Individual Elements Of Complex Architectural Structures, Or Reduces Buildings To Simple Torsos. 
Quote From A Text For "Restricted Views" By. Dr. Phil. Tina Simon (Author)

Starting with a drawing or a photograph of a particular view, he meticulously reconstructs it into a three-dimensional model using materials like wood or cardboard.

This process involves not only capturing the existing elements of the structure but also imaginatively completing the non-visible parts.

‍The result is a painting that either accentuates specific architectural details or distills buildings down to their fundamental forms.

His art captures the essence of architecture, stripped of its functional context and reimagined as pure, sculptural forms​​.

Deloar's distinctive use of color is what differentiates his work. In his paintings, color surpasses its usual function and turns into an essential component, akin to a building material.

andre deloar zurich artist studio, with a hugh oil painting
Artist Andre Deloar in his Studio | Image Courtesy By The Artis

Through powerful strokes and careful application, colors form structures on the canvas – walls, columns, edges – imbuing the paintings with a sense of depth and dynamism.‍

andre deloar emerging artists from switzerland and zurich now, 2024
Andre Deloar: Displace Installation View at ZHdK Kunst Raum | Image Courtesy By The Artist

‍The use of vibrant hues – light green, red, or yellow – further adds to the architectural quality of his work, creating singular structures that seem to convey the statics and dynamics of real buildings​​.

andre deloar contemporary artist installation view at stadt haller suhl, exhibition ,
Andre Deloar: Stadthalle Suhl Exhibition view | Image Courtesy By The Artist

‍André Deloar's work is more than just a representation of architecture; it is an exploration of form, color, and perspective that challenges the viewer to see the built environment in a new light.

‍His paintings invite us to contemplate the aesthetic essence of structures we often take for granted, revealing the beauty hidden within the lines, shapes, and colors that compose our urban landscapes.

andre deloar kunstzeughaus exhibition, contemporary painting, architecure abstract art
Andre Deloar: Installation View : The Plateau at Kunstzeughaus | Artist Andre Deloar | Image Courtesy By The Artist

As he continues to evolve and exhibit, Deloar is undoubtedly a name to follow for those interested in the intersection of architecture and fine art.

André Deloar's Instagram offers more to explore. Follow this promising artist on Instagram to delve deeper into his world, get studio views, and learn about upcoming projects.

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