Discover Miguel Delie's Colorful Journey Back in Time through contemporary art

Miguel Delie, a visionary artist from Belgium, crafts artworks that bridge the realms of nostalgia and contemporary art through the imaginative use of found objects.

"I try to create illusions within my art. The origins of the found objects are stripped of their context, while memories are released from their emotional weight to become expressions of joy, allowing people to escape daily life and flee into a carefree past." - Miguel Delie

His creations are vivid celebrations of childhood, pulsating with life and color, taking viewers on a journey back to their earliest memories of play and wonder.

miguel delie, contemporary art, promising emerging artist, showcased exhibition, 2024
Miguel Delie's debut show 'Where Rainbows Never Die' installation view at OEVER Gallery, Ostend, Belgium. Image courtesy of the artist.

Miguel Delie's dynamic and creative works are currently showcased in prestigious exhibitions around the globe.

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His exhibit "Fluffy Fluffy Galaxy" at Over the Influence in Bangkok offers a vibrant journey through childhood keepsakes, organized into two thematic collections: Galaxy and Toys.

Meanwhile, in Belgium, Delie's debut solo show "Where Rainbows Never Die" at the OEVER Gallery in Ostend, draws visitors into a colorful, toy-laden universe, stirring fond memories of childhood.

MIGUEL DELIE spent hours in his room as a kid, surrounded by toys, play doh and paint. With this installation, he wants the viewer to be able to escape the hard reality of life and feel like a happy kid again. There will be paintings (Play Doh), toys, and a big sculpture. Welcome to the […]

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Looking forward, Delie is set to captivate even broader audiences with forthcoming displays at the Deji Art Museum in Nanjing, China, and his ongoing presence at leading international art events such as Art Miami and Art Central in Hong Kong.

miguel delie, artist, 2024
Oever Gallery: Miguel Delie Artwork | Image Courtesy by the Artist
miguel delie, exhibition view, over the influence
Over the influence gallery: -> Installation View "Fluffy Fluffy Galaxy" | Image Courtesy by the Artist
miguel delie, artist, 2024, over the influence
Over the Influence Gallery Hong Kong: Artist -> Miguel Delie "Fluffy Fluffy Galaxy" Opening of the Exhibition | Image Courtesy by the Artist and Gallery

Born in 1983 in Torhout, Miguel Delie started his art education at the Art Academy in Bruges.

For the last five years, he has completely focused on his art, creating pieces that have gained international attention.

miguel delie, artist studio, working on a painting
Miguel Delie: in the studio, immersed in the creative process, crafting another masterpiece titled 'Play Doh'. Image courtesy of the artist.

Delie's art invites us to revisit the simple joys and imagination of childhood, while also making us think about the complexities of adult life.

"My work brings together a vivacious cast of cartoon characters that are pulsating with nostalgia and childhood memories."- Miguel Delie

Delie specializes in mixed media, using everyday items to construct scenes that strip found objects of their original context and transform them into expressions of pure joy.

This process not only recaptures the carefree essence of childhood but also invites contemplation of the underlying systems of value that shape our adult lives.

miguel delie, toy sculpture, best of new art now, 2024
Miguel Delie: Captivating Installation View Showcasing His Body of Work 'Toys' | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Colorful Nostalgia: A Joyful Explosion of Childhood Memories in Mixed Media Art by Miguel Delie

This vibrant artwork by Miguel Delie captures a playful and nostalgic scene, densely packed with a myriad of colorful toys and characters from popular culture. The mixed media piece evokes a sense of childhood wonder, featuring familiar figures like Pikachu, SpongeBob, and other whimsical elements arranged in a chaotic yet harmonious composition. The use of bright colors and diverse textures creates an energetic and joyful visual experience, inviting viewers to relive the carefree moments of their youth.

One of his notable techniques involves creating paintings of play dough characterized by transcendent rays of color, mirroring the aura of an individual—described as "a euphoric display of enlightenment."

Miguel Delie's artwork is gaining international attention, featured in significant collections and admired by high-profile figures from the worlds of music, culinary arts, and sports.

His pieces encourage viewers to reconnect with the sense of wonder they had as children and to reflect on how history shapes us, both personally and within the wider community.

Summing up

Miguel Delie continues to stand out in the contemporary art scene, using simple materials to capture deep human emotions and memories.

miguel delie, aritst, over the influence gallery
Manuel Delie at Over the influence gallery with Fluffy Fluffy Galaxy | Image Courtesy by the Artist

His exhibitions transport visitors back to a world of innocence and creativity, providing a peaceful retreat from today's fast-paced life.

over the influence, gallery
Over the Influence: Fluffy Fluffy Galaxy ( Miguel Delie Artist) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

For anyone who appreciates art, collects it, or is simply fascinated by how nostalgia can merge with modern art, Miguel Delie's creations offer a distinctive and meaningful experience that connects with audiences from various backgrounds and across different ages.

Miguel Delie – Welcome to my playroom

Miguel Delie -> Website

Experience the enchanting world of Miguel Delie on Instagram. Engage with his inspiring artwork and be the first to know about his upcoming exhibitions and visionary projects.

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