In Its Eleventh Edition, This PARALLEL VIENNA Art Fair, Originally Conceived As An Alternative To The "Mainstream" Viennacontemporary Fair, Adheres Faithfully To Its Established Traditions.

Featuring Young Artists, Students From The University Of Applied Arts Vienna, Linz, And The Academy Of Fine Arts, Including Notable Classes Like Daniel Richter's And Lena Jakob Knebel's, The Fair Hosts Approximately 150 Exhibitors Showcasing The Works Of Around 600 Artists Across Three Distinct Pavilions: 16, 22, And 24, Along With Vacant Buildings Designed By The Renowned Art Nouveau Architect, Otto Wagner.

Just As In 2022, This Year, Alongside The Vienna Contemporary And Curated By Gallery Festival, The Fair Marks The Opening Of The Art Season, Providing An Alternative Perspective.

Parallel 2023: Munchies Art Club Magazine Recommends you visit the Parallel Vienna art fair 2023, at the historical Otto Wagner Areal

Spread across three pavilions and a sculpture garden within the clinic's grounds, this event offers a plethora of art to explore.

It is advisable to make multiple visits or plan for an extended stay with refreshments in hand. It's truly an extraordinary experience – a journey through the world of art.

parallel vienna art fair, maximiliano leon
Parallel Vienna: Artist: Maximiliano Leon's Installation

Munchies Art Club Magazine eagerly anticipates this event every year, as it offers a unique opportunity to connect with friends, artists, and gallery owners.

However, time always seems to slip away amidst the abundance of art and artists on-site.

domi gratz artist at parallel vienna art fair, contemporary painting, new works and emberging artists
Parallel Vienna Art Fair: Artist Statement by fresh and emerging Artist Domi Gratz | Munchies Art Club Magazine
domi gratz promising emerging female artist vienna, artist statement parallel vienna
Parallel Vienna: Domi Gratz Installation View | Munchies Art Club magazine


It was an absolute delight to witness the latest creations of artists we have previously featured.

Additionally, it was a pleasure to stumble upon the captivating works of artists we recently encountered, such as the exquisite pieces by Carlos Vergara and Christian Rothwangl.

parallel vienna art fair, artist rade petrasevic, promising painter from vienna
Parallel 2023: Rade Petrasevic for Büro Weltausstellung | Munchies Art Club

Rade Petrasevic has been on our Artist Spotlight list from the start. However, witnessing him on Instagram, immersed in his fantastic painting, is always a treat.

It's akin to observing a puzzle come together in his artistic career, with each year adding a new piece.

rade petrasevic, promising emerging artist, at Parallel Vienna with new paintings
Parallel Vienna: Radepetrasevic with Büro Weltausstellung at the Art Fair | Munchies Art Club Magazine

Seeing this puzzle work unfold in real life at Parallel Vienna adds an even more captivating dimension.

parallel vienna , maximiliano Leon emerging artist shows new paintings and a installation munchies art club magazine
Parallel 2023 -> Maximiliano Leon with his Solo Presentation at Parallel Vienna | Gallery Vienna

Maximiliano Leon was among the first artists we interviewed, captivating us with his stunning contemporary paintings.

Maximiliano Leon emerging and promising Artist on Munchies Art Club Magazine|
Discover the work of promising Artist Maximiliano Leon. Here on Munchies Art Club Magazine an Interview.

Maximiliano Leon -> Munchies Art Club Magazine

At Parallel Vienna, he showcases his new works and installations with a gallery. Our first encounter with him was at the last Parallel Art Fair, held at Semmelweis Klinik.

 parallel vienna, linda berger stunning, colorful painting spotted at this years art fair
Parallel 2023: Promising Artist Linda Berger with her stunning Work | Munchies Art Club Magazine
Linda Berger: Unveiling A World Of Color, Ink, And The Art Of Concealment With Her Mesmerizing Large-Scale Drawings
Linda Berger’s “It Would Be Quiet If Only A Few Birds Sing Their Song” Showcases The Beauty Of Minimalism, As Her Ink-On-Canvas Works Unveil A Serene Cosmos Within Complexity.

Special -> Read more about Linda Bergers Installation -> Munchies Art Club Magazine

 parallel vienna, christian eisenberger build up his wood contemporary minimalistic sculpture for the show curated by stefan bidner
Parallel 2023: Christian Eisenberg with his Sculpture for a curated show by Stefan Bidner | Parallel Vienna 2023

Meeting Christian Eisenberger and engaging with other artists provided a unique perspective into their creative processes and the stories behind their artworks.‍

A sense of community was palpable on the first day at Parallel Vienna.

That was the spirit, at least for that artist, surrounded by familiar faces we've come to know from our online conversations. - Munchies Art Club

Vienna Parallel 2023 not only serves as a platform for art appreciation but also fosters a sense of community among artists, art enthusiasts, and gallery owners.

 parallel vienna, gerhard pichler artist couple zweintopf infront of his work for the gallery zimmerman kratochwill graz
Parallel 2023: Zweintopf ( Eva Pichler and Gerhard Pichler) for Zimmermann Kratochwill Gallery Solo presentation for Parallel Vienna 2023

It's a place where conversations about art flourish, ideas are exchanged, and collaborations are born.

Zweintopf | Artist Couple From Styria Austria
Zweintopf are Eva and Gerhard Pichler an Artist Couple from Styria Austria. Munchies Art Club present an overview about there art practice

Interview with Zweintopf - Interview with Gerhard and Eva Pichler ->

This communal spirit adds a layer of depth to the overall experience, making Vienna Parallel 2023 a memorable event on the art calendar

 parallel vienna, carlos vergara, artist statement of the promising emerging artist munchies art club magazine
Parallel 2023: Carlos Vergara "Room of Seperation" Artist Statement Parallel Vienna 2023
Carlos Vergara Presents Room Of Separation At Parallel Vienna As Artist Statement
Carlos Vergara with a stunning Artist Statement on view at this years Parallel Vienna Art Fair this year at Otto Mauer Areal

More About Carlos Vergara -> Munchies Art Club -> Artist Statement

In conclusion, our visit to Vienna Parallel 2023 was a journey filled with artistic discoveries and immersive experiences.

The event's dedication to showcasing emerging talent and its commitment to transforming historic spaces into contemporary art hubs is truly commendable.

While there are areas where improvement is needed, such as artist identification, the overall impact of the event on the art world and the connections it fosters cannot be underestimated.

Artist Christian Rothwangl With Gallery Krinzinger At Parallel Vienna With A Solo Presentation
Christian Rothwangl promising emerging Artist from Vienna on view with his Gallery Krinzinger at Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2023

Dive Deeper into the Work of Christian Rothwangl ->

Vienna Parallel 2023 is a testament to the power of art in bringing people together and igniting creativity.

We eagerly look forward to future editions and the continued growth of this remarkable art fair.

visit the artist booth at the art fair in vienna by gallery krinzinger with artist christian rothwangl
Parallel 2023: Christian Rothwangl for Gallery Krinzinger
Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2023: Unveiling The Vibrant Contemporary Art Of Vienna
Welcome To The Vibrant World Of Vienna Parallel 2023, Where Historic Buildings at Otto Wagner Areal, Transform Into Temporary Canvases For Contemporary Art.

Read more about the Parallel Art Fair in our Part ONE ->

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