Parallel Vienna: Hotspot in Währing at Semmelweiss Klinik
Parallel Vienna: Semmelweis Clink Vienna now a hot spot in contemporary Art


The ninth Parallel Art Fair takes place this year in the historical Women’s maternity clinic Semmelweis, in the 18th district of Vienna.

Parallel Vienna: The Annual Convergence of Contemporary Art Fair in Austria
Parallel Vienna (2024): Visit the Art Fair between Datum at the Otto Mauer Areal, Baumgartner Höhe with a shitloud full of contemporary art

Discover Parallel Vienna 2024 Sneak peak for the upcoming fair

The fair presents Austrian and international contemporary art in this amazing and abandoned space.

It’s uncanny how the Parallel team always finds these incredible spaces, turning these forsaken buildings back to life breathing and exuding art into old forgotten rooms, endless hallways  once again filled with energy.

Parallel Vienna: Artist Philip Müller promising contemporary Artist at Parallel Vienna with Art Car
Parallel Vienna Artist : Philip MuellerTIBE RACING , 2021 | Jaguar XJS Grand tourer (S) Front engine, rear wheel-drive 3.6 L, Jaguar AJ6I6, 4 speed ZF Automatic

The curated and by invitation only emerging and established artists, coming from Austria and beyond are invited to interact with the building. The result as always invigorating!

Parallel Vienna contemporary art now at Semmelweis Klinik
Group show | Old canteen in the Semmelweisklinik

PARALLEL VIENNA is a wonderful mix of art fair, exhibition platform and artist studio. GALLERY STATEMENTS, PROJECT STATEMENTS, ARTIST STATEMENTS and artistic INTERVENTIONS offering a wide range of contemporary art. Exhibitor occupy rooms of the building.

These site-specific artworks and interventions are the trademark of the PARALLEL VIENNA and make the fair a one of a kind exhibition format. As a curated art fair participation is only possible if invited by the art fairs curatorial team.

parallel vienna, artist Group show, statement opening event
Group show | Old canteen in the Semmelweisklinik


An amazing space
Over 600 artistic positions
Delicious food and drinks.
Color! a lot of color.
Contemporary art at its best!
Great weather!
The perfect place to connect, support and discover the contemporary arts!

My expectations (and they were high) were met when I explored room for room, floor for floor of this years Parallel.  


parallel Vienna,domi gratz, painting, canvas, original art work, feminine art, artsy, young art to collect
Parallel Vienna: Domi Gratz | Academy of Fine arts | Christian Schwarzwald class | Haus B - Room 104

Domi Gratz is our personal favorite and one of the first artists we featured, we believe in her, she’s extremely gifted and a very promising artist.

ernst koslitsch, contemporary artist to collect, sculpture, paintings, yellow universe, emerging artist, 2022, top art to collect
Ernst Koslitsch | Artist statement | Yellow Universe | House B - Room 203

The contemporary visual artist Ernst Koslitsch is presenting new sculptural works from yellow wood panels used on building sites.

The wood used here was collected from the surrounding of the Semmelweisklinik.

Parallel vienna, ernst lima, artist
Ernst Lima, winner of this years PARALLEL VIENNA

We congratulate the artist Ernst Lima, winner of this years PARALLEL VIENNA | Bildrecht YOUNG ARTIST Award 2021.

The talented contemporary artist was selected by an expert jury and rightly so, wonderful work and great presentation!

adrian hazi, elektrohalle rhomberg, gallery statement, germany, parallel art fair
Adrian Hazi | Elektrohalle Rhomberg | Gallery Statements | House B - Room 004

Go see the spectacular large artworks from another of our favorite artists, the very talented Adrian Hazi, represented by the Elektrohalle Rhomberg.

parallel vienna art fair with artist katharina spielmann, charim gallery, vienna, painting, female art, art to collect
Parallel Vienna: Charim gallery | Artist -> Katharina Spielmann | House A - Room 101

We discovered and love the art on view from the artist Katharina Spielmann represented by the Viennese Charim Gallery.

karo kuchar, installation, parallel vienna
Karo Kuchar | Artists statement | Parallel 2021 | House B - Room 202

Our wonderful neighbor the wonderfully talented artist Karo Kuchar, go check out her room and let her tell you the truly cool way she created her artworks.

helmuts art club, thomas weidhofer, paul hoffmann, installation, lights, neon
Helmuts art club | Paul Hoffmann | Thomas Waidhofer | House B - Room 217

We loved the room from Helmuts art club, and Paul Hoffmann, its truly worth checking out!

parallel vienna, artist statement, painting, figurative, Maximiliano Leon
Parallel Vienna: Maximiliano León | Artists statement | House B - Room 301

Our lovely and very talented featured artist Maximiliano Leon welcomes you into a room deliciously smelling of oil paint from the wonderful work he presents.

parallel vienna discover jasmin edelbrunner, promising artist, art installation, now
Parallel Vienna: Jasmin Edelbrunner | Artist statement | House B - Room 201

Another lovely neighbor, the incredible artist Jasmin Edelbrunner whose work is awesome! I am in love with these green velvet hanging boobs.

parallel vienna
Parallel Vienna: Gallery Sophie Vonier | Dominik Lauda and Anne-Clara Stahl | House A - Room 123

The gallery Sophie Vonier is in a large light filled room, there the gallery presents the artists Dominik Lauda and Anne-Clara Stahl.

parallel vienna, land steiermark, group show, photography, art, modern, visual, support, house
Parallel Vienna: Institutions Section: Land Steiermark | House A - Room 102 + 103

The serenity I felt in the room of the Land Steiermark, let me experience for a moment how it must have been in these elegant offices, in the early days.

gpl contemporary gallery, stefan weibel, light installation, ants, blue, awesome art booth 
GPL Contemporary | Stefan Weibel | House B - Room 220

Amazing light installation from the contemporary artist Stefan Weibel, presented by the GPL Contemporary in the old abandoned E.R of the Semmelweisklinik.

pottery, sculpture, contemporary installations, fun, buy art online, collect young artists
Atelier 10 | Project statement | Franz Nigl.

These really cool little sculptures had a kind of spooky realness to them.

parallel vienna anne glasser, artist statement profile now
Parallel Vienna: Anne Glassner | Periscope | House A - Room 118

The luckiest girl at the fair is Anne Glassner, in bed all day all cozy, as the rest of the exhibitors stood for hours or sat on uncomfortable chairs.

studio 3, parallel, group show, young talent, artists to watch, best booth art fair, 2021
Studio III | Parallel | House B - Room 212

I get to pass this room a lot, and every time I do I love to look inside the amazing Studio III space.

parallel vienna , disocver art, galleries and the art fair
Gallery Tassilo Unser | Philip Mentzingen | House B - Room 209 +210

My husband and I fell in love with the wonderful works from the painter Philip Mentzingen, represented by the Tassili Unser gallery.

martin markeli, work in progress, light installation, bling bling, color, electric car racing
Martin Markeli | The Stash | House A - Room 022

Last but not least the amazing ever growing electric car racing track including miniature figures, and light installations from artist Martin Markeli.

I go to race, but my timing was terrible! FUN! FUN! FUN!

parallel vienna, art scene austria, best art fair
Image courtesy Parallel Press | 2021

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