Linda Berger's "It Would Be Quiet If Only A Few Birds Sing Their Song" Showcases The Beauty Of Minimalism, As Her Ink-On-Canvas Works Unveil A Serene Cosmos Within Complexity.

We Were Instantly Enchanted By Linda Berger Artist Statement At This Years Parallel Art Fair In Vienna. Explore The Artistic Realm Of The Artist, Where The Symphony Of Silence Takes Center Stage.

'It Would Be Quiet If Only A Few Birds Sing Their Song,' Linda's Captivating Ink-On-Canvas Masterpieces Redefine Minimalism, Transcending The Ordinary To Unveil The Extraordinary.

linda berger, feature, art magazine
Linda Anna Berger | Promising Emerging Artist with her Statement on this years Parallel Art Fair at Otto Wagner Areal | Munchies Art Club Magazine

Amidst the chaos of modern life, artist Linda Berger has carved out a serene haven within her creations.

Her latest exhibition, "It Would Be Quiet If Only A Few Birds Sing Their Song," serves as a mesmerizing portal into a world where the essence of simplicity mingles with the depth of complexity.

Each of her meticulously crafted ink-on-canvas pieces, measuring an impressive 212 x 320 cm, transports the viewer to a place of profound tranquility.

linda berger, contemporary art, emerging artist
Detail of Linda Berger's Landscape that become soulscape

‍Linda's art stands as a testament to the remarkable power of minimalism.

She masterfully wields short, often vertical lines with ink and a fine pen, allowing gravity to guide her strokes.

While her works may seem to consist solely of lines and strokes, they conceal an enigmatic, concrete presence beneath the surface.

It's not just the lines themselves that play a pivotal role; the strength, direction, and layering of these lines, along with the interplay of color and omission, create an intricate tapestry where blank spaces hold as much significance as inked ones artist statement parallel art fair.


linda berger, contemporary art, emerging artist at parallel vienna
Parallel Vienna Detail of the work "It Would Be Quiet If Only A Few Birds Sing Their Song" from the Artist: Linda Berger | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Linda's artistic journey begins without a predetermined concept or reference.

She pours her emotions and physical experiences onto the canvas, using the simplicity of a pen to connect directly with her audience.

promsing artist Linda Berger and the work in progress for her exhibition at parallel vienna art fair
Promising Artist Linda Berger and the work in progress and working on a big piece of paper for Parallel Vienna Art Fair

Within her drawings, references exist, but they are not prerequisites for comprehension. Her creations are both familiar and foreign, appearing deceptively simple yet revealing hidden layers of complexity.

With each repetition of her strokes, Linda fashions a cosmos of her own, one that she finds simultaneously beautiful and overwhelming.

linda berger, feature, art magazine
Intricate Ink-on-Canvas: Discover the Subtle Details in Linda Berger's Masterpiece.

In the process of her artistic alchemy, Linda weaves together her impressions, memories, and feelings, giving birth to a unique state of existence within each artwork.‍

"In Linda's Art, Simplicity And Complexity Dance In Harmony, Where Every Stroke Tells A Story, And Blank Spaces Echo Profound Truths."

‍As the layers of ink accumulate, sometimes driven by the artist's sense of inadequacy, her drawings evolve into something that transcends the ordinary.

In her quest to capture time, Linda's drawings unveil serenity amid life's rush, making time nearly tangible.

linda berger, contemporary art daily parallel vienna art fair
Detail of Linda Bergers great drawing | Ink on Paper | Parallel Vienna Art Fair | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Her art doesn't rely on motifs; it draws from thoughts.

‍From these thoughts emerges a landscape that defies replication, encouraging viewers to appreciate the beauty within simplicity and to embark on the challenging yet rewarding journey of truly seeing what is.

Linda Berger's work invites us to savor the profound depth concealed within the strokes of a pen.‍


linda berger, contemporary emerging female artist
The artist Linda Berger in front of "It Would Be Quiet If Only A Few Birds Sing Their Song"

Born in Aalen in 1980, Linda Berger's artistic journey is a testament to her diverse background.

Following her diploma studies in fashion design at HfG Pforzheim, she worked as a fashion design assistant at Bogner Jeans in Künzelsau.

However, her passion for art led her to pursue a degree in graphic design and printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna from 2008 to 2014.

ink and canvas abstract colorful creations by linda berger

In 2015, she gained recognition as an Artist in Residence at the Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin, and her dedication to art was further acknowledged in 2018 when she received a nomination for the Strabag Artaward.


Linda Berger: Discover more Works on her Website

In her work, Linda Berger is dedicated to exploring the nuances of revelation and concealment, weaving together a captivating narrative through her artistry.

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