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Joana Bernd (1994) was raised in the vicinity of Trier, amid a rural landscape framed by vineyards, forests, and meadows.

joana bernd, promising artist land art side specific and video still, profile of the artist
Joana Bernd: Untitled work from the ongoing 'Blending In' series, October 2022, El Palmar | Image Courtesy by the artist

‍‍Stories lurked among the trees, inscribed in books, echoing through generations.

Joana Bernd focuses on exploring the shared essence of ideas and dreams in her art.

joana bernd, landart project, side specific, stone carvings
JOANA BERND: Detail of the work 'The Stones Are Bleeding for the Women Are, Too' from the series 'Il Patriarcato è Finito', undated, Conil de la Frontera| Image Courtesy by the Artist

She carefully examines this essence, aiming to uncover its complexities and encourage reflection on the connection between conceptual thoughts and imaginative aspirations.

joana bernd contemporary female artist from Germany with works on paper
JOANA BERND: Works on Paper | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Since 2022, she has been immersed in the ongoing development of five series: “Signs of Softness”, “il patriarcato e finito”, “Learning how to long for things, Blending in”, and “The Feelings are transitory”.

‍You can purchase available works, such as limited art prints, through Kunst 100, and you can reach out to her representation, Immemory Magazine.


‍The theme of childhood consistently plays a central role in Bernd's works.

Joana Bernd: 'A Heart Growing from Young to Mature' from the series 'Signs of Softness', October 2023, Conil de la Frontera | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Manifesting in installations and objects, her work frequently alludes to biographical anecdotes, pays homage to family narratives, and expresses a yearning for a time when magic was not merely an idea but a tangible experience—a time characterized by gentleness, delicacy, and softness.

I Used To Believe That Time Was Like A Line: Linear, Logical, And Consistent. A String To Hold On To Or An Arrow Whose Tip Pointed To The Core Of Something Beyond Myself. Time. Then I Learned That Time Feels Like Layers Of Very, Very Thin Paper—Fragile. Each Moment Is One Of These Small Paper Snippets, And Moment Follows Moment Follows Moment, A Steadily Growing Monument. In Rain And Tears, The Thin Papers Become One, Turning Into A Transparent Lump Through Which I Can See Something I Thought I Had Long Forgotten: Time. 

From Joana Bernd´S Artist Statement


joana bernd photo collage from her land art projects
Joana Bernd: Being Twenty-Eight,' a digital collage of a year of touching things (and thoughts) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Her creative output spans various mediums, including painting, photography, installation, and objects, organized into series.

But Really, I Believe That My Mind Can Never Fully Grasp Time And Yet Will Not Tire Of Seeking New Metaphors, New Likenesses To The Familiar, New Explanations, And New Boundaries That I Will Tear Down When A New Understanding Is Awakened. Like A Spiral, Inside And Outside Of Which I Am, Depending On Where I Look. Time. For Now, All I Can Say With Certainty Is: It Passes. It Dissolves. It Remembers. It Is. Like Me. And Some Days, I Turn Into These Thin Papers, And On Some Other Days, I Tear Down, Only To Turn Into This Lump, This Transparent Lump, Through Which You Shall See

- From Joana Bernd´S Artist Statement About Fluidity And Complexity Of Time
joana bernd works on paper, art now on view
Joana Bernd: Works on paper with text ( Descriptive) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This serial approach allows her to engage with different themes concurrently, providing a playful and light means of making the complex more digestible. Occasionally, series intersect, while in other instances, they remain distinct entities.

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Joana Bernd: Film still from 'A Heart Growing from Young to Mature' from the series 'Signs of Softness,' October 2023, Conil de la Frontera | Image Courtesy by the Artist
Joana Bernd: Works on Paper (Description in photo) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

For Bernd, the highest priority is not the accuracy of representation or the correct application of materials, but the depiction of a feeling and the conveyance of an idea.

It is primarily about portraying the silhouette, using both simple and complex means, so that each person can fill in the resulting outlines themselves.

‍What unites people is the capacity of feelings, but the path to those feelings is different for each individual.

‍Bernd's works aim to provide as much freedom as possible, allowing each person to find their own path to the depicted emotion or sensation.

Joana Bernd: The Beauty of Progress: paper figures of the work 'A Heart Growing from Young to Mature' from the series 'Signs of Softness,' October 2023, Conil de la Frontera | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Revisiting the opening quote, Bernd's artistic work can be compared to a dissection of the paper lump, meticulously isolating its components—paper from paper, memory from memory, and dream from dream.

joana bernd, promsising artist with works on paper munchies art club magazine
Joana Bernd To Be a Visitor on Earth: the Realm of Inspiration, photos from Pinterest | Joana Bernd | Image Courtesy of the Artist

‍What emerges and endures are works that resemble the mosaic of a life, telling a story shaped by individual yet universal experiences.


‍In summary, Joana Bernd's Instagram account offers a treasure trove of content for art enthusiasts and followers.

joana bernd promising young emerging artist form Germany
Joana Bernd: The Forever Friend: notebook of the artist | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍By following Joana Bernd´S Instagram Account, you can gain access to a variety of engaging material, including updates on her upcoming projects, new artworks, and deeper insights into her art practice.

‍This platform provides a unique opportunity to stay connected with Bernd's evolving artistic journey and to discover more about her creative world.

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