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jan christoph wagner, power introspection, surrealistic artistic journey
Dresden Academy of Fine Arts Class Prof. Helen Verhoeven
The Power of Introspection: Jan Christoph Wagner's Surrealistic Artistic Journey
daria shoshani, artist, exploring intimacy, fantasy
Rome University of Fine Arts Class of Davide Dormino
Daria Shoshani: Exploring Intimacy and Fantasy in Contemporary Art
ashley stokols, transformative, art evoking, bittersweet nostalgia, self-portraits
School of the Art Institute of Chicago class of 2025
Ashley Stokols: Transformative Art Evoking Bittersweet Nostalgia in Self-Portraits
olga shcheblykina, redefining expressionism, abstraction, fine art
University Of Arts Linz, Painting class of Ursula Hübner
Olga Shcheblykina: An Artist Redefining Expressionism and Abstraction in Fine Art
luzie bommert, contemporary artist, visualizing hidden sensations, emotions
University of Applied Arts Vienna | Painting and Animation | Class of Judith Eisler
The Art of Visualizing Hidden Sensations and Emotions: Luzie Bommert's Work
baixuan chen, chanting beauty, artistic universe
Academy of the Fine Arts, Munich in the class of Pamela Rosenkranz
Exploring the Haunting Beauty of Baixuan Chen's Artistic Universe
masa sallai, breaking boundaries in art, an analysis, contemporary artist
University of Applied Arts Vienna Class of Judith Eisler
Breaking Boundaries in Art: An Analysis of Masa Sallai's Paintings
ariel shefi, contemporary artist, art student academy of fine arts, analyzing self through art
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna | Daniel Richter class
Analyzing the Self Through the Art of Ariel Shefi
emma kling, wooden object paintings, university of applied arts, vienna, die angewandte
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Class of Judith Eisler
Unveiling Emma Kling's Wooden Object Paintings: A Unique Blend of Form and Function
leo hasslinger, mythology, fantasy, paintings, munchies art club
University of Applied Arts | Judith Eisler class
Exploring mythology and fantasy in Leo Hasslinger's paintings
donya aalipour, artistic vision merging reality, fantasy
Academy of Fine Arts | Class of Daniel Richter
Donya Aalipour's Artistic Vision Merging Reality and Fantasy
stephan wiesinger, austrian artist,
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna | Class Martin Guttmann
Stephan Wiesinger: Exploring Finiteness and Self-Reflection
magdalena herzog, artist, student, university of arts in linz, professor ursula hübner
University of Arts in Linz | Ursula Hübner Class
Colorful Portrayals of Intimacy: The Art of Magdalena Herzog
laura weiss, creating world of mischievous mischwesen
Art University Linz
Laura Weiss: Creating a World of Mischievous Mischwesen
artist sarah neumann for munchies art club magazine in collaboration with art observatory new ink painting from munich academy of fine arts
Academy of Fine Arts | Munich
Sarah Neumann inky dreamy atmosphere
amanda jahn rising art student from the academy of fine arts with a contemporary figurative horse painting on munchies art club magazine
Academy of fine Arts, Vienna
Artist Amanda Jahn on Color and DADA!
liva jo artist with an contemporary mythological painting, from the academy of fine arts vienna on munchies art club magazine
Academy of Fine arts Vienna
Artist Liva Jo on figurative mythological painting
seeing yeon jung, emerging artist and student of academy of Fine arts Vienna shows ceramics, paintings and performative arts at munchies art club magazine talents
Academy of Fine arts Vienna
Seung Yeon Jung | Contemporary Ceramics and Painting

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