Hereafter at Art Club Schattendorf

Currently on view (from 25. May to - 23. June 2024) is the new exhibition "Hereafter" at Art Club Schattendorf. Like in his previous Exhibition "The Wall" Siggi Hofer once again curates a group of artists for his current Exhibition.

"Hereafter" showcases various works from installations, to paintings, drawings wall pieces and sculptures by the artists Linda Berger, Catrin Bolt Maria Bussmann, Raphael Pohl, Sven Sachsalber, Letizia Werth and Marit Wolters.

The show is accompanied by text written by the Curator and is translated by Etienne Thierry.

kunstverein schattendorf
Kunstverein Schattendorf: Installation view Photo by Michael Strasser
kunstverein schattendorf with works by raphael pohl an installation contemporary art
Kunstverein Schattendorf: Raphael Pohl; bright day, dark sky, people floating, stars up high; 33 plastic pools, one ventilator, one extension cable, 40 liters of water, two glasses, one plastic bag; various dimensions; 2024 | Photo by Michael Strasser


Now, the bus is sliding on the frozen lake, breaking through the ice, drowning.

It dwindles forever with all the hope and confidence out of our collective field of vision.

sven sachsalber contemporary drawing from the artist
Kunstverein Schattendorf: Sven Sachsalber 1987 - 2020; Self-Portrait with dinosaurs; coloured pencil on paper, 30 x 22 cm; 2012 | Photo by Michael Strasser

An event that henceforth weighs on the souls like a stone and covers the place forever in melancholy. It is hardly avoidable, yet, to no avail, to moan about destiny which, from our perspective, isn’t just nor fair.

letizia werth presents a textile artwork at kunstverein schattendorf
Kunstverein Schattendorf: Artwork by Letizia Werth; graphite pencil, ink, acrylic on tablecloth; 110 x 110 cm; 2024 | Photo by Michael Strasser

That’s why we are climbing further and further up. It ceaselessly snows and storms, and it seems as if there were cries permeating towards us through the mist and the whirling dance of the flakes.

We agree not to answer in order not to lose ourselves too much in the uncertainty that we deem full of malice and deceit.

Eventually, when the mist clears away and the days resemble each other in the light so that they are not to distinguish anymore, some kind of peace appears, and people very slowly start to trust and to draw hope again.

Their gait is upright, the gaze almost fearless, even the one towards the distance.

hereafter exhibition view at kunstverein schattendorf curated by siggi hofer
Kunstverein Schattendorf: Installation View "Hereafter" 2024 | Photo by Michael Strasser

After a time, long bygone, when people sit together, and the evenings are mellow, when they eat and drink together, and when during the day every thought, every step is easy again, luck is sinking down to earth almost vertically.

To enjoy every touch, every noise, every flickering of light, and the countless little shadows, without interpreting all that, suddenly seems to be oddly easy.

High above it is very warm in the sun, however, in the shade it is very cold. This coldness gets even harsher in the night.

It seizes every water, even the kind that runs over the hillsides, and eventually hardens every drop in its fall.

People retire to their dwellings, stick like children on the window panes, and from a dry, warm and bright place they watch, fearfully and curiously at the same time, the things that didn’t exist before.

Under a big black sky full of white stars a blue brightness pierces through all things.

Everything that is gone and lost derives from this deep intense black, almost real, and one wants to run towards it, touch it and hold on to it forever.

linda berger showcase a new drawing from her art practice which we showcased on munchies art club magazine
Kunstverein Schattendorf: Linda Berger; Soul Mining; ink on canvas; 305 x 210 cm; 2024 | Photo by Michael Strasser

Perhaps, without being watched, one succeeds to justify, rectify, or twist a thing or another a little bit.

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However, as one is aware of the illusion and the mistakes that could occur in too much haste, one lets things pass and leaves everything behind.

With determination, one turns the back against all that and recollects the things that are close and direct, and those things that are contrived by hand or expressed with words.

catrin bolt artist and her  work a wallpiece made for the exhibition
Kunstverein Schattendorf: Catrin Bolt; (interview Rosemary Nakayingo), coffee; 2024(inspired by interviews with small scale farmers in Uganda with descriptions of their formerareas under cultivation which have been expropriated for a coffee plantation) | Photo by Michael Strasser

One gets things done step by step. In the process, time falls forward and then swings back again.

The sky changes every minute and coerces everyone into reactions quick as a flash.

Every thing, every object has to be inserted precisely into a place where it is protected and, at the same time, where it protects.

In oder to know the right moment and not to miss it, the eyes are unswervingly directed towards the sky, and all the materials and all the tools are ready at hand in this case/ in the case of a fall.

Siggi Hofer (translation: Etienne Thierry)

About Kunstverein Schattendorf:

Kunstverein Schattendorf is an art space located in Schattendorf, Burgenland, near the Hungarian border.

hereafter, Linda Berger, Catrin Bolt, Maria Bussmann, Raphael Pohl, Sven Sachsalber, Letizia Werth, Marit Wolters
Kunstverein Schattendorf, hereafter, Linda Berger, Catrin Bolt, Maria Bussmann, Raphael Pohl, Sven Sachsalber, Letizia Werth, Marit Wolters

Website Kunstverein Schattendorf with all further informations

It is known for its exhibitions and events featuring contemporary art. The art space is led by Katharina Fink and Siggi Hofer, who are responsible for the artistic direction.

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