Kunstverein Schattendorf new Exhibition "The Wall"

Welcome To Kunstverein Schattendorf! We're Excited To Introduce You To "The Wall" – A Fantastic Group Exhibition !

Participating Artist "The Wall" Exhibition:

Iris Andraschek Arnold Berger Frauke Dannert Jörg Reissner Christiane Reiter Annett Stolarski

Special Guest Artist: Leo Lunger
Text: Etienne Thierry
Photo: Michael Strasser

Curated by Siggi Hofer

Plus, You'll Get To Dive Into The Thoughts Of Etienne Thierry, Who Adds Depth To The Art With Some Insightful Words. 

kunstverein schattendorf, exhibition view the wall image by michael strasser
Kunstverein (Art Association) Schattendorf Installation View | Image by Michael Strasser
kunstverein schattendorf installation view, the wall, curated by siggi hofer with contemporary art
Installation view Kunstverein Schattendorf | Curated by Siggi Hofer | Exhibiton The Wall | Image by Michael Strasser

The Whole Thing Is Beautifully Put Together By The One And Only Siggi Hofer.

To Make This Even Cooler, The Visuals Are Generously Provided By Michael Strasser.

What is Kunstverein Stattendorf?

Kunstverein Schattendorf, located near the Hungarian border in Burgenland, is an art space known for its changing contemporary exhibitions. 

Established in 2010 by Amer Abbas, it later came under the leadership of Katharina Fink and Siggi Hofer in 2017. 

They organize two exhibitions each year, often curated by Siggi Hofer, occasionally with guest curators. 

The program and direction of the Kunstverein are determined by its leadership team.

artist christiane reiter, wallpiece, a installation for kunstverein schattendorf
Christiane Reiter, from the series THIS IS SO ME, colored pencil on paper, Work Imaximum external dimensions 156 x 240 cm, 2017, Work VI maximum external dimensions


Hello. Is there anybody out there? Hello. An echo. Hello! Just nod if you can see me. Ok, those who are too late will be punished by life. 

The old man always said to me. But it is like that. Listen. I am here instead of another person. I am supposed to tell you. About it. But how do you tell about something that has always been there. Simply is here. Silent. 

Yet, screamingly raucous. Something that every person knows, always sees, but never notices, and still cannot miss, something to which we lean on and still don’t feel anything except coldness.

Is it ignorance, idleness or fear?

Iris Andraschek, concrete stones installation, at the art club
Iris Andraschek, concrete stones, 200 x 165 x 25 cm, 2023; C-Print on aluminum, 130 x130 cm, from the series Leben am Hof, 2005 | Image by Michael Strasser

‍Nobody wants to have anything to do with it. Until, well, until people do something like ... Hanging up. 

Taking down. Painting. Papering. Plastering. Tearing down. Breaking through. With sound. Or light. Protecting themselves.

Pointing out boundaries. Setting them. And then, foolishly forget to remove them. 

Perhaps due to lack of money. Or deliberately. 

But always in a hurry. Damn. And to tell everything of what is going on voices are needed, voices that carry weight, but also gentle ones, from people who are genuine and brave, who are a rebellious and kind, from human beings with soul. 

And they don’t exist without pain. Can you show me where it hurts?

Hey you. Don’t leave me now. It was once upon a time, after all. There, that particular wall. It has been here for a long time. Close to the border. It is the frontier. 

A great many of shadows. A shower room. And three shots. Or more. Into the air. Or where to? No organised force, nor a German band. 

Until the roof was on fire. Exactly here, but not there, it is. This particular wall. It endured a lot. But didn’t we all. 

We could pity ourselves. Take us into your arms! Yet, if it could narrate. Perish the thought! Others will raise their voice for it. Precisely, the persons mentioned above. They are like poets. 

Exhibition View Art Association Kunstverein Schattendorf | Image by Michael Strasser

joerg reissner artist with schattenwald a wall installation at schattendorf
Jörg Reissner, Schattenwand (object I & II), acrylic & lacquer on cotton on felt, sewingthread, eyelets, dimensions variable, 2023 | Image by MIchael Strasser

They paint us pictures in our head. With paper and tiles and directly on it and then again from another perspective, the fourth is broken like in cinema or in a torture chamber, small format, totally big, ephemeral, yet tangible, and in any case, everything is atmospheric and very often political, but typical, however, not necessarily innocuous, as evil also resides in us, unfortunately, it lies anyway in the beholding eye, you know that, but always, and I’ll repeat myself in a moment, and it doesn’t matter whether on it, in it, or in the middle of the room, there are bricks, always. 

Kunstverein schattendorf arnold berger artist, greent painting with trees, schattendorf
Kunstverein Schattendorf: Artist Arnold Berger, untitled, oil on wood, 30 x 40 cm, 2022

‍But to whom am I telling that?

Is there anybody? Out there. A brick. And another brick. And another brick in the wall. All I see are bricks. Hello. Can you hear it? The song. In a strict disco time. No! The screams. 

Kunstverein Schattendorf, Burgenland. Künstlerische Leitung Katharina Fink und Siggi Hofer
Der Kunstverein Schattendorf befindet sich in einem ehemaligen Gasthaus in Schattendorf, Burgenland. Künstlerische Leitung Katharina Fink und Siggi Hofer.

Kunstverein Schattendorf Website

From outside. Or in the head. For Vera. And of Marlen. Not pink, and not her who’s leaning on a wall. Like Suzanne meant. Isn’t Vega also a star? I am talking about a different one. This particular wall is erected. Made of glass. 

For protection. With a stray dog, a cat and a cow in calf. And suddenly, that person is the only survivor. Shit happens. How lonely. Or soothing. Isolation. 

kunstverein schattendorf current exhibition at munchies art club magazine
Kunstverein Schattendorf Installation View | Image by Michael Strasser

Too late anyway for the whisperers in the movie and youth against fascism. Soon they are marching again. The hammers on boots.

So, make a run for it, like hell! From whom? From ourselves. 

‍Or from the others? The violent ones. No, we are defending us! We won’t stand for it! Not again. That other wall is torn down. For freedom. Equality. I’m laughing. Sisterhood is missed. Always. 

And east has become west and the walls have simply been shifted a little further. To the right. They remained in the heads. It is the end. It was the end of a cold era. 

group show view, installation wall, curated by siggi hofer
Kunstverein Schattendorf Installation view "The Wall" | Image by Michael Strasser

And the beginning of what? For a short time, everything was colourful, in neon colours, and dazzling and full of techno and bad taste. In retrospect, we look back nostalgically. 

I feel comfortably numb. Dazed. Dull. The pain wore off. How are you?

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Duration: 25 October – 12 November 2023Opening Hours: Saturdays 10 am – 8 pm, Sundays 10 am – 6 pm 

Instagram: Kunstverein Schattendorf

Special Info: Kunstverein Schattendorf is easily accessible by train, with a short 20-minute walk from the station. The train journey takes about 60 minutes. For exhibition openings, there's a shuttle bus service that takes visitors directly from Vienna to the Kunstverein and back.

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