Unlocking the Abstract Narratives of Joana Bernd's Intuitive Art

Artist Name
Joana Bernd
puplished on
July 30, 2023
joana bernd, female abstract painter, young art collectors

Joana Bernd

From Grief to Celebration: Exploring the Emotional Spectrum in Abstract Art

About the artist:

My name is Joana Bernd and I live and work in Hamburg/Berlin/Cologne/Trier (I am not even kidding) and Conil de la Frontera.

Born and raised in the countryside, I have always felt a strong interest in nature and its constant cycles.

As I have grown from child to woman, I have learned to understand these phases of change in another way; one dies more than one death during a lifetime.

Like the trees that die once a year, human beings also shed their skin once in a while, moving forward with a new skin, gradually growing into someone/something new and different - marked with the scars and insights of the experiences they have had before.

In my interdisciplinary works I explore the stages of transformation that mark the end of something and the longing for the new beginning that has not yet taken place.

Each of my works tells a story of change or empowerment of its own.

Varying in mood, the works tell stories of farewell, grief, and nostalgia or of forgiveness, celebration and victory.

Sometimes beings appear in my work, in other cases I create seemingly spaceless landscapes.

While differing at first sight, each work tries to capture a return to a place of endless possibility that precedes transformation; the transformative stage that holds the capacity for people to grow into something beyond themselves.

Only if we explore this place once in a while (or dare go there), will we learn something beyond the ordinary.

This place lies in all of us, and my work wants to guide you there.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below:

Caption 1. Two-handed stranger | A4

Caption 2: In starry nights the forests sing | A4

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