Munchies Art Club Magazine is thrilled to introduce a new Instagram series, "Expand Your Bubble - New Faces in Contemporary Art on Instagram."

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Welcome to our first juicy edition of the Munchies Art Club’s Top Finds & Discoveries Weekly! From the accounts we religiously follow to those we’ve bookmarked for rainy days, and the ones that inspire us to break our “no more screen time” rule, our series “Expand Your Bubble - Accounts We Like on Instagram” is your backstage pass to the influencers and creators turning the social media landscape into a vibrant canvas of creativity.

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Every Sunday, we'll spotlight a selection of emerging artists in contemporary painting, you won't want to miss.

Our First Roundup:

  1. Yuma Radne
  2. Martin Paaskesen
  3. Camille Theodet

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  1. Yuma Radne: Dreamscapes and Mythical Worlds

Yuma Radne (b. 2001, Buryatia) is a London-based painter who held her first solo show at the National Museum of Buryatia in 2018.

"In my work, I often paint things I see in my dreams, blending the real and fantastical inspired by the mythology of my homeland, Buryatia, North Mongolia."

After studying monumental painting in Saint Petersburg and Vienna, she has exhibited in France and Los Angeles.

Radne was recently featured in Artsy’s “10 Emerging Painters Born in the 2000s to Watch Now.”

Yuma Radne: Contemporary Painting and mesmerizing Artworks
Discover Yuma Radne, a rising contemporary artist blending Buryat heritage, mythical elements, and vibrant colors in mesmerizing surrealistic artworks.

Yuma Radne -> Read more about her work

Follow Yuma Radne on Instagram and her journey and explore her enchanting art.

  1. Martin Paaskesen: Expressionistic Narratives and Chaos

Martin Paaskesen (b. 1987, Denmark) is a painter widely recognized as one of Denmark's most promising contemporary artists and painter.

Martin paaskesen, promising emerging artist and painter, in his studio, instagram artist you have to follow
Martin Paaskesen: Promising and talented artist and painter from Danmark in our new series " Up and coming Artist - Expand you Bubble on Instagram | Image Courtesy by the artist

His style is described as expressionistic and narrative, capturing the raw and spontaneous energy of his subjects.

Paaskesen has held several solo exhibitions in Denmark and internationally, including notable shows at Valerius Gallery in Copenhagen.

His works have also been featured at prominent art fairs such as Luxembourg Art Week and Dijon Art Fair.

Martin Paaskesen | valeriusgallery

Valerius Art Gallery -> Martin Paaskesen

Follow Martin Paaskesen´s journey to witness the evolution of his dynamic and thought-provoking art.

Munchies Art Club will present new works accompanied by an interview in June.

Martin Paaskesen Studio on Instagram: “A Victory represents an ending to something - usually a positive ending (to the winner). It indicates a process from A to B. But was the cost-benefit good enough to actually call it a victory? #victory #patchpainting #costbenefit #martinpaaskesen”
martinpaaskesen on February 12, 2024: “A Victory represents an ending to something - usually a positive ending (to the winner). It indicates a process from A to B. But was t...”.

Martin Paaskesen -> Instagram

martin paaskesen, new faces in contemporary art, painting now, 2024
Martin Paaskesen: Danish promising Artist and contemporary painter a preview for the upcoming in depth article on Munchies Art Club Magazine | Image Courtesy by the Artist

  1. Camille Theodet: Satirical Revitalization of Classic Art

Camille Theodet: is a French artist renowned for his satirical and provocative reinterpretations of classic Christian paintings.

camille theodet, artist, promising artist on spray paint, painting now, 2024
Camille Theodet: Studio portrait | Image Courtesy by the Artist

By deeply studying art history, Theodet revolutionizes these traditional works with his unique style, blending humor and critique to create thought-provoking pieces.

Camille Theodet: Unveiling Hidden Desires In A Bold Dark Paintings
Discover the provocative and emotionally charged world of Camille Theodet, where sacred meets profane and animal instincts intertwine with human desires.

Read more about Camille Theodet ->

His innovative approach not only challenges conventional perspectives but also revitalizes historical art for contemporary audiences.

Follow his journey to experience the bold and transformative world of Camille Theodet.

Camille Theodet on Instagram: ”- La rencontre - 70x50cm, acrylic on canvas, 2024. . . . . . @delphiangallery #delphianopencall #painter #painting #artcontemporain #art #artist #artcollection #artcollector #artcurator #artwork #artgallery #arte #curator #contemporarypainting #contemporary #contemporaryart #modernart #figurativeart #fineart #figurativepainting #berlinartist #berlinart #beautifulbizarre #berlin #berlinkunst #Kunst #kunstgalerie #künstler #kunstberlin”
865 likes, 34 comments - on February 26, 2024: ”- La rencontre - 70x50cm, acrylic on canvas, 2024. . . . . . @delphiangallery #delphianopencall #painter #painting #artcontemporain #art ...”.

Camille Theodet -> On Instagram

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