Deconstructing Emotions: Camille Theodet's Art Practice in Focus

Camille Theodet, a French artist based in Berlin, skillfully integrates elements of classic religious art, eroticism, and underground fetish scenes.

"I am looking for a primal atmosphere, drawing upon the inherent sensuality in animal behaviour and its interplay with human tendencies." Camille Theodet

Renowned for his provocative work, he uses contemporary techniques like airbrush and spray paint to reinterpret traditional imagery.

Theodet's art vividly juxtaposes sacred and profane themes, fostering a unique dialogue that challenges conventional perceptions.

His creative process delves into deep human emotions and primal instincts, often incorporating animalistic themes and sensuality.

camille theodet, new faces in contemporary art, French
Camille Theodet: Coup de foudre, 70x50m, acrylic on canvas, 2024

Through complex visual allegories, Theodet continuously explores existential matters, capturing fleeting moments and nuanced emotions.

Camille Theodet: Artist Statement

I am working on different compositions, mixing genres and ideas, to create a fragmented picture that can be read as a whole narration.

My work is an attempt to deconstruct a feeling, an action, by confronting subjects, focusing on a single moment.

My creative process involves intertwining disparate images with different concepts, to construct visual allegories.

I am aiming to create analogies that deliberately maintain a certain ambiguity between subjects and genres. 

camille-theodet, airbrush in contemporary art, figurative, black and white
Camille Theodet: Artwork Incendie de la chambre froide 3, 70x50m, acrylic on canvas, 2024 | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Animals are an important part of my work, as I want to depict strong impressions and raw feelings, violence, and passion.

I am looking for a primal atmosphere, drawing upon the inherent sensuality in the animal behaviour and its interplay with human tendencies.

camile theodet, emerging artist to watch, munchies art club spotlight
Camille Theodet: L’arme ignorée du vice, 70x50m, acrylic on canvas, 2024 | Image Courtesy of the Artist

I am mostly interested in the hunter/hunted play, the chase, the prey, as well as the form of affection, as well as courtship rituals. 

 Having an interest in erotism, the human and its body, its desires and feelings held deep within, I focus a lot of my work on those senses.

I like to repurpose images from our world or closeup pictures found in gay pornography and change its aesthetic, by playing with its contrast, soften it, to bring it to a more photographic quality.

Camille theodet, unveiling hidden desires in a bold dark paintings
Camille Theodet: La rencontre 2, 70x50m, acrylic on canvas, 2024

I am looking for a deconnection from the violence found in the sex industry and the Berlin scene and bring out deep human emotions.

I blur the borders between the genres, to create allegories of ideas that I can not express in just one image. 

camille theodet, fresh new faces in contemporary painting, unveiling darkness
Camille Theodet: Ca brûle et ça monte à la tête, 70x50m, acrylic on canvas, 2024

My work is a constant show of personal existential matters and concerns, and each picture is an attempt to capture the essence of an emotion, an action, a fleeting moment imbued with subtle nuances.

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