Munchies Art Club Magazine is delighted to feature this imaginative artist, Niall Campell Strachan, unraveling the narratives woven into his brushstrokes and exploring the vibrant realms of his creative mind.

niall campbell strachan at NCS studio shot jay z art collection new york
Niall Campbell Strachan: NCS studio shot by Alexander Baxter

Niall Strachan showcased his artistry this year through a group exhibition at Gallery Wolfsen in Denmark, a solo exhibition during the summer at VINS Gallery in Taiwan titled "In Rainbow," and at Lorin Gallery with "California Dreaming."

Additionally, his works found a place of honor at Brushes with Greatness in London.

Contemporary Art | Niall Campbell Strachan
Contemporary art by Scottish emerging artist Niall Campbell Strachan.

Niall Strachan | WebsiteN

His pieces grace numerous private collections, notably including Jay-Z's Roc Nation NYC Headquater.

emgering artist on instagram you have to follow is , niall strachan, great contemporary paintings
Artwork by Niall Campell Strachan | Snake charmer 160x160cm 2023 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Niall Campbell Strachan (b.1986) is a Scottish visual artist that paints imagined beings with intuitive brush strokes, summoning playful creatures from his subconscious for the audience to make sense of.

ja z art collection, miall campbell great colorful painting
Artwork by Niall Campbell Strachan entitled "Living the dream" 140x140cm 2023 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍The facial expressions of his unnameable animals, while simple, portray the animals as complex, emotional beings, stumbling through a world much like their human counterparts in a tribally ornate abstraction.

artwork in the making, colorful painting on canvas, by niall strachan
Artwork by Niall Campbell | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍In these painterly gestures, Strachan manages to create dreamy characters with subtle narratives, interacting  with others inside and outside of the frame.

‍Niall makes with cardboard, spray paint, acrylics, and wood, harnessing the naivety of a boy's adventurous wonder to include the audience in the fantasy.


Munchies Art Club Magazine extends gratitude to Niall Strachan for his exceptional artworks and insights.

Niall Campbell Strachan on Instagram: ”‘Supernatural’ group show is now open @maddoxgallery new space on Berkeley St. Runs through first week in March. My new work ‘Survivalism’ is in the show alongside works by @artistgeorgecondo and @jordykerwick , cheers! 🥂 📸 @studio.highlands”
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Niall Strachan on Instagram

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