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Samuel Almansa Contemporary Artist you have to follow on Instagram currently on View at Kaplan Projects | Joan Miquel Moyà

In this edition, meet the dynamic Mallorca artist, Samuel Almansa.
Uncover the inner workings of his studio and artistic process as he shares intriguing insights about his highly anticipated show at Kaplan Project Palma.

'From Kitsch To Techno: Samuel Almansa's Artistry Redefines The Collective Imagination"_ Munchies Art Club Magazine

Get ready for an immersive journey into the visionary mind of this young artistic sensation!

Samuel Almansa, born in El Arenal in 1995, is an artist currently residing in Mallorca.

‍He pursued his artistic education at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca, where he delved into various forms of artistic expression such as video, installation, painting, and muralism.


exhibition view with a great spraypaint and airbrush painting monocrome by samuel almansa for kaplan projects
Expo angelito by Samuel Almansa | 116cm x89 cm| Image by SPTNK Studio

‍Beginning with figuration, Almansa captures themes ingrained in our contemporary collective imagination.

Utilizing the airbrush and immersive installations, the artist scrutinizes aesthetic boundaries by exploring trucks, kitschy tourist artifacts, and techno parties.

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These elements serve as a means for him to advocate for the significance of cultures originating in suburban neighborhoods, the very milieu where Almansa grew up and cultivated his visual interests.

racing car , contemporary painting collin, in posing for his car, airbrush , contemporary paintings
Mark Zuckenberg as Colin Mcrae | 200cm x 165cm | Contemporary painting by Samuel Almansa | Image by SPTNK Studio
samuel almansa, new contemporary promising artist mallorca, cars painting airbrush, kaplan gallery
Samuel Almansa: corolla y subi 1x1 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Samuel Almansa's body of work serves as a poignant reflection of present-day popular culture, embodying a neo-folklore that extends into the realms of digital culture, media, and online networks.

Within these virtual spaces, cultures undergo metamorphosis, reinterpretation, and amalgamation.

Almansa perceives degradation as a pervasive force influencing the contemporary milieu, shaping our surroundings and experiences.

girls, spraypaint, drinking, exhibition view, almansa artwork on view kaplan projects palma
Samuel Almansa: BOTELLON 162cm X 130cm | Contemporary Painting by SPTNK Studio

His artistic exploration delves into the construction of reality through information dissemination and subsequent formation of opinions, often detached from truth or individual contemplation.


Delve deeper into the artistic world of Samuel Almansa By Exploring His Captivating Creations On Instagram.

Kaplan Projects on Instagram: “Samuel Almansa We start November with an important date on the calendar. On November 17th, we will be able to see the new solo exhibition “Como un subwoofer en el botellón “ by multidisciplinary artist @samuelalmansa and it promises to be quite a spectacle for the eyes 👀 “Using the airbrush technique, Almansa represents images recovered from his family past, his environment and the elements that made it up. Thus, the beach towels of any souvenir, the tuned cars, the bottles, the trucks or the religious cards configure the imaginary with which different generations could identify. In this way, through his works, Almansa manages to make the personal become collective.” 📸@juanmi_moya ______________ Samuel Almansa Empezamos noviembre con una fecha importante en el calendario. El 17 de noviembre, podremos ver la nueva exposición individual “Como un subwoofer en el botellón “ del artista multidisciplinar @samuelalmansa y promete ser todo un espectáculo para la vista 👀 “Mediante la técnica del aerógrafo, Almansa representa imágenes recuperadas de su pasado familiar, de su entorno y los elementos que lo configuraban. Las toallas de playa de cualquier souvenir, los coches tuneados, los botellones o las estampitas religiosas configuran el imaginario con el que diversas generaciones podrían sentirse identificadas. Así, a través de sus obras, consigue que lo personal se vuelva colectivo.” 📸 @juanmi_moya #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #emergingartist #galleryart #gallerycollectors #airbrush”
344 likes, 20 comments - kaplanprojects on November 1, 2023: “Samuel Almansa We start November with an important date on the calendar. On November 17th, we wi...”

Samuel Almansa -> Instagram

strong ultra contemporary artist from spain, mallorca, samuel almansa exhibition view
Samuel Almansa: Margaritas | Painting by Samuel Almansa | Image by SPTNK Studio
Samuel Almansa | Papa | Contemporary Painting | Image Courtesy by the Artist


‍Curious about Kaplan Projects? It's not just a space; it's an experience.

Kaplan Projects – Because you need art, we sell culture

Kaplan Projects Website

‍Nestled in the heart of Palma Mallorca, they define themselves with a bold statement: 'BECAUSE YOU NEED ART

We sell culture.' Led by the dynamic duo of Mercedes Estarellas, the founder, gallery owner, and chief curator, and Belén Martínez, the gallery and exhibition manager, our powerhouse team is entirely female. Discover more on Kaplans Projects Instagram.‍

Kaplan Projects on Instagram: “Samuel Almansa. Remembering his solo exhibition. You can come and see his works in our space dedicated to various artists and enjoy the best contemporary art on the island. “Como un subwoofer en un botellón” is a reconciliation with artistic practice as an end in itself, without attempting to change the world, only to reflect it and, in this way, demonstrate it. At the same time, the exhibition is presented as a form of insurrection against the artificial, where the authenticity of the ordinary stands against the presumptuous. _____________________ Samuel Almansa. Recordando su exposición individual. Puedes venir a ver sus obras en nuestro espacio dedicado a varios artistas y disfrutar del mejor arte contemporáneo de la isla. Como un subwoofer en un botellón” es una reconciliación con la práctica artística como fin en sí mismo, sin pretender cambiar el mundo, solo reflejarlo y, de esa manera, evidenciarlo. A la vez, la exposición se plantea como un modo de insurrección contra lo artificial, donde la autenticidad de lo corriente se erige frente a lo presuntuoso. #contemporaryart #collector #artcollector #samuelalmansa #galleryart #gallery”
142 likes, 1 comments - kaplanprojects on January 11, 2024: “Samuel Almansa. Remembering his solo exhibition. You can come and see his works in our space ded...”

Kaplan Projects Mallorca -> Instagram

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Images by: Sptnk Studio (Instagram) and Joan Miquel Moyà ( Instagram)

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